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The Presence of Dr. Caly Siegall & How He’s Reshaping Cancer Research

Have you ever noticed that the most intelligent individuals on the planet doesn’t seem to get the credit they deserve. It seems that only the famous entertainers and professional athletes receive all of the credit even though they haven’t done too much of anything to better society. This is the world we live in unfortunately, but this article is written to honor a guy who has made a huge impact on society from his brilliant way of thinking. Dr. Clay Siegall is his name and saving lives is his game. Dr. Siegall is one of the most important individuals in cancer research and his organization Seattle Genetics has reshaped the industry’s landscape.


Seattle Genetics is the leader in cancer research hands down. The Bothell, Washington based organization has been around since 1998 and has grown into a powerhouse thanks to it’s ability to development some of the best cancer fighting drugs. Much of the success comes from the advancements in medicine as (ADCs) have taken over the game. Antibody Drug Conjugates are some of the most innovative therapies on the market today. These drugs attack cancerous cells within the body then deliver a killing shot straight into the cancerous cells without harming any of the body’s good cells. Dr. Siegall has implemented a successful way of developing such advanced drugs as he firmly believes in rigorous research, scientific innovation, and drug development. The organization has multiple strategic license deals with high profile names such as Pfizer, Genentech, and GlaxoSmithKlien thanks to Dr. Siegall. These deals have made the use of these valuable drugs available to over 65 countries worldwide.


HeraldNet News reported that Seattle Genetics will be introducing at least four or five new drugs to the market in the coming years and that the organization will adding up to 200 more employees to the roster. Overall, Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics are the epitome of success and are changing the status quo in an ever changing industry.


Seattle Genetics’ Plan of addressing the Unmet Needs of Cancer Management

Seattle Genetics has been amongst the leading drug development companies that are dedicated to addressing the unmet needs of cancer management. Following from their exemplary records in the health field, the Vice President Joe Biden visited the company to honor them for their dedicated effort.

Seattle Genetics’ success can be linked to the efforts of Clay Siegall, the firm’s founder and CEO. Clay Siegall has a wealth of medicinal knowledge having worked in numerous pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Seattle Genetics’ ambitious plan for 12 more drugs, 100 more employees

From Siegall’s leadership, Seattle Genetics is amongst the fastest growing cancer drug development companies. The Company’s expansion strategy includes a strong dedication to widening its market of Adcetrics. For that reason, the CEO announced that it was seeking to employee 100 more employees in US and 20 others in Switzerland.

The Company’s first commercialized drug, branded Adcetrics, has been released to its third phase of trials. Adcetrics is being developed to be used in treating Lymphoma. From the 70 trials that have been carried out, the drug has shown a promising efficacy in the management of new lymphoma cases.

Speaking in CHI’s 5th annual Antibody- Drug Conference, Clay Siegall asserted that Adcetrics had already been used in the treatment of more than 15,000 cases worldwide. Seattle Genetics is now carrying out an advanced clinical trial using Adcetrics as the initial treatment for patients with a newly diagnosed lymphoma.

Due to Adcetrics’ clinical efficacy, Seattle Genetics was planning to increase revenues collected from its sale from $226 million recorded in 2015 to $275 million later this year. As a result, the firm has partnered with Takeda Pharmaceuticals to expand the sales of its products to countries outside Canada and US.

Alongside Adcetrics, the company is developing other medicinal products designed to help with the management of various types of cancer. One drug branded as 33A is about to be released to its third phase of clinical trials. The drug will be used in the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia. Seattle Genetics’ research experts are also carrying out extensive research on other drugs that could be used to treat breast cancer, bladder cancer, and other types of cancer.

Seattle Genetics Is A Wonderful Research Lab

The Seattle Genetics lab was started by Clay Siegall to help other medical companies with their own work. It takes a lot to get a drug to market, and there are many tests that have to be done before a drug can go on sale. That means that most people who are seeing the drug on sale for the first time are getting the product of thousands of hours of work. A lot of work like that is done at Seattle Genetics, and Clay Siegall has many contracts with larger companies to help with their testing.

His lab has been distinguished as a place where people can get instant results for their drugs, and they can stay in communication with Seattle Genetics about how they plan to test their new products. Every product has to be tested a lot, and the only way to do that is to be in contact with a place like Seattle Genetics and Clay Siegall. He has set up a company that helps get some of the most popular medications in the world to market, and he knows that he is doing the best work in the industry because of his commitment to the lab.

There are a lot of people who respect Seattle Genetics, and they have gotten to know Dr. Siegall over the years because he is such a big figure in medical testing. Seattle Genetics wants to be on the front line of innovation, and they are creating tests for new drugs that help to keep every drug company in line with new regulations. It helps to be in touch with this lab when there is a new for testing, and they are the perfect company to help bring about a new drug that is tied to one of their partners. Clay Siegall has proven to be the best leader and a solid scientist in his own right.