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Omar Boraie Pledges $1.5 Million For The ’18 Chair Challenge’

Omar Boraie is known for his involvement in different charity initiatives. With the establishment of the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science, Omar is ready to provide his donation. This is part of the “18 Chair Challenge,” which was launched by the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New York. According to NJ Biz, the challenge aims at raising 3 million dollars that will be used to enhance groundbreaking research in the field of precision medicine. Omar Boraie’s family has pledged to donate $1.5 million to the “18 Chair Challenge.” An anonymous donor has provided the same amount.

Genomic science and precision medicine has revolutionized experts’ approach to cancer diagnosis and treatment. The new field approaches the analysis and treatment of cancer from a genetic perspective. With the technology, the oncologists will be able to provide patients with personalized therapies. Such treatments will be more effective than the current standardized cancer therapies. The growing developments in this field saw the launch of Precision Medicine Initiative by the former United States President Barrack Obama during his term in office.

Despite many cancer centers joining the field, Rutgers Cancer Institute is still the only that has remained committed with technology. The Institute was also the first in the country to explore the field. Their therapies are developed through genomic sequencing. These treatments are especially important in treating rare cancers. They are also used in cases where standard treatments have been rendered ineffective. This information was originally reported NewsWise as provided in this link

Boraie praised the cancer research efforts made by Rutgers Cancer Institute. He noted the importance of their efforts towards providing therapies to individuals who have non-responsive types of cancer. Omar believes that with adequate funding, the institute will be able to enhance the technology so that it can be used to treat all cancer patients. Boraie is encouraging more people to come forward and donate towards the course. The real estate developer has a background in chemistry.

Robert S. DiPaola, the director of Rutgers Cancer Institute, praised Mr. Boraie for donating and supporting the institute. He noted that the developer has been an ardent supporter of the efforts made towards establishing New Brunswick as a ‘Healthcare City.” Boraie has also been involved in supporting other cancer centers within and outside the city. Robert thanked the researchers working at the facility for their ability to deliver effective cancer therapies.

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