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Up close and candid with the investment genius; Jason Halpern

It is not easy to get a hold of a businessman who is as busy as Jason Halpern usually is. Of late, he has been accumulating frequent flyer miles traveling between Miami and New York. He started out his real estate investment company with very limited capital, but by 2007, he had accumulated $500 million in net worth from the real estate projects he had successfully completed. JMH Company made collaboration with the Madden Real Estate Ventures in the creation of the Aloft South Beach Miami project. This was completed a little over one year ago.

Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern

The latest from the businessman is a deal that he has struck to convert what was the Wild Turkey Bourbon Warehouse and make condominiums. The business arrangement was made between JMH, the Rockpoint companies and Kushner. This is not the first of the deals, a few years ago, and the company made another deal where another warehouse was converted into 338 rental units. These and many more are the deals that have been made by the investor. Another deal that is brewing for him is the conversion of Brooklyn Heights Cinema into Condos.


Yet, the road has not been always easy or smooth for Jason Halpern. There was a time sometime back when a deal that he was trying to bring together fell apart miserably and cost him a huge loss when it was scrapped. He however managed to get over the loss, make better investment choices and cover for the mistakes.


Jason’s Father was also a real estate developer. He worked for a very long time with his father’s company before he left to start off on his own. He has a son from another marriage and enjoys accompanying him to games, racing and other recreational activities. One thing that he takes after his father is the liking of race cars. He was actually interested in participating in the races at a professional level, but life has been a little bit too busy for him. The one thing that is sure about Jason is that he is here to stay in the business and success will get even sweeter for him.


Sam Boraie New Jersey

Real estate is a great way to impact the lives of others. There are a lot of people who are interested in how they can invest in others. Sam Boraie has a real estate development company that is based in New Brunswick. Over the long term, he has developed a great company that is making an impact in that area of the country. Learning from him is a great way for young people to get started in the business. With all of the experience that he has, he is the perfect person to take your business to a new level. According to, a lot of people today are excited about the changes that are taking place in this area. Not only can you start to invest for the future, but you can build monthly cash flow to help now as well.

Sam Boraie

There are a lot of people who have high levels of success in real estate. However, few people succeed on the level of Sam Boraie( He has done a great job with his development group. Not only does he have a lot of projects that he is working on, but he is making a positive impact in the lives of others as well. If you want to learn how to do this in your own life, you need to make sure you understand the tactics that he uses. Although he has a huge real estate empire, he really does not carry a lot of debt. This is something that young investors should learn from.

Growth of His Company

When the company was first started, it was just a small real estate business in New Jersey. Although it was slow at first, Sam Boraie has been able to help a lot of people during the process of building up his business. A lot of people are excited about all of the changes that he is making to his business. With all of the great things that he is doing, New Jersey is now better off for it. He has been instrumental in a lot of the great development projects that he is working on to make the state better. A lot of people are excited about the new implementation projects that he is working on like the State Theatre New Jersey. With all of the changes that are taking place in the economy, working with Sam Boraie is one of the best things that anyone can do.


A Look Back at the Life of CCMP’S Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray was the CEO of CCMP Capital until February of 2015. A month after stepping down, he passed away from illness. Today, we look at back at the professional life of a man who helped raise many billions for private equity firms, dating back to 1989.

Stephen Murray joined Manufacturer’s Hanover Corporation in 1984, which would go through a series of mergers over the next 10 years or so. In 1991, the firm he was working at was purchased by Chemical Bank which led to the forming of Chemical Venture Partners, a division of Chemical Bank. Chemical Bank would eventually merge with Chase Manhattan Corporation in 1996 and this would lead to Chemical Venture Partners being re-branded as Chase Capital Partners. Later on, the equity firm would once again be renamed to JP Morgan Partners due to the merger of Chase Manhattan Bank with JP Morgan. Finally, JP Morgan Partners would end up spinning off of JP Morgan and becoming its own company named CCMP Capital.

While all of this was happening, Stephen Murray was working his way up and raising millions and eventually billions along the way. He became Head of Buyout Business at JP Morgan Partners in 2005. In 2006, JP Morgan Partners spun off of parent company JP Morgan and he became Founder and CEO of the resulting CCMP Capital. During his time at CCMP, Mr. Murray was able to successfully raise many billions for the private equity firm.

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After, almost 10 years at CCMP Capital, Steve Murray turned in his resignation. A month later, he would unfortunately pass away due to illness. Chairman and replacing CEO, Greg Greg Brenneman, remarked that Mr. Murray was a “terrific investor and deal maker.” Mr. Brenneman also offered his deepest condolences on behalf of CCMP Capital.

Private equity isn’t the only thing Mr. Murray is being remembered for. He was also a dedicated philanthropist who donated to several charitable organizations including Make-A-Wish and local Food Banks. He left an impact on not only the financial industry but also humanity as a whole.

Stephen Murray is survived by his wife and sons among other family members. Stephen Murray has left a legacy of success behind and left a blueprint for future firms to raise private equity. He wasn’t able to do this once, but was able to replicate his success over and over.

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Josh Verne And The Importance Of A New Mindset

One thing that could be said about success as an entrepreneur and business owner is that the mindset of the business owner is a lot different than the mindset of an employee. The mind of an employee may focus on getting enough of the work done so that he does not have to worry about any consequence. Meanwhile, the business owner has to think about ways to bring more people to his business and bring in more profits. This includes thinking about the products one has to offer as well as the services. However, there is one thing that the business owner has to think about. This is the employee.


A lot of business owners are going to have an employee, unless their business is very small. This is one of the reasons that people need a lot of great leadership skills, especially in this changing society. The old economy had a lot of room for bosses that just tell people what to do and just walk around and do whatever. One interesting thing to point out is that these types of people never really had that much respect compared to the leader. However, there is someone who can take the time to tell people how to lead.


One person who knows about the importance of leading and the new mindset for business is Josh Verne. He is someone who has experienced a lot of different phases of business. Among the lessons that he has learned in running a business is the difference between being a boss and a leader. He has learned the importance of actually going out there and being an example to follow for people. After all, when people don’t see how things are done but only hear about it, then they are going to have a hard time following the way of the business.


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