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Market America Miami Unfranchise Conference

Every year Market America hosts a conference to introduce new product lines and to integrate new marketing strategies. Market America Miami based conferences are held at the american airlines arena and typically draw in thousands. The 2017 Market America Miami conference was held February 9th. The first day of the Market America Miami conference Lauren Ridinger started the conference with an inspiring speach to the Market America Family. Lauren and her husband JD founded Market America in 1992. Later they integrated Market America into an online shopping mega store They purchased the domain from microsoft and are able to sell of their products in one well designed web based store.

Veteran conferences attendees gave speeches through out the conference on the first day of the Market America Miami Conference. One to one marketing strategies was discussed by Dennis Franks, Lala Anthony explained all of the wonderful up and coming advancements with Motives and NBA star Scottie Pippen took the stage and discussed the benefits of Isotonix and the prime joint support formula.

Over twenty thousand of the Market America “unfranchise” owners were in attendence for the 2017 Market America Miami conference. Motives cosmetic line launched a new collection at the Market America Miami conference and Certified Training programs were also offered for unfranchise owners. The Spring/Summer line of Motives was launched on day two and they introduced the new liquid pout plumpers lip line as well. Skin care techniques covering 3 to 13 steps was also introduced.

Patty Rocklage’s life as Psychotherapist

Patty Rocklage is a graduate of the University of Southern California. She is a qualified family and marriage psychotherapist. In this line of job she has more than 20 years in practice. Her objective is to help families and couples to manage their difficulties in life. She is from Sudbury, Massachusetts.

Apart from being a psychotherapist, she also works as a teacher, coach, participates in team building and public speaking. Patty Rocklage and her husband Scott Rocklage worked towards Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). They contributed funds to the reconstruction of nanotechnology and nanochemistry lab. Their work I the institute was put in the faculty of Chemistry.

Patty and her husband were showed around by Lester Wolfe Professor of Chemistry and Moungi Bawandeni on the advancement of the lab. A panel for the good work of Patty Rocklage and Scott Rocklage was laid.

Currently Patty Rocklage and her husband Scott Rocklage are going on with the renovation of their house. They were not aware of The Sudbury Companies and Ed Freedlender the best in this job. Freedlender is best in initiating exceptional renovations at a friendly cost and as for the Sudbury Company is good in saving possessions, energy and time.

The Rocklages were working mostly on their kitchen and their front façade. Ed Freedlender gave them the best options on which they decide to renovate them. Their project was first to be permitted by the town conservation commission since the Sudbury town are firm when it comes to environmental upkeep rules. The arrangement was clear ad Freedlender knew exactly how he will do his work on especially on the trees and the driveway.

Eventually the reconstruction was successfully accomplished by the two professionals, Patty and her husband were happy with the whole renovation. The kitchen was good as they wanted as well as the farmer’s place. Patty endorses both Ed and the Sudbury Company for the excellent work they accomplished.

Patty Rocklage is a successful professional, she is kind and a sincere communicator to her customers, she is honored to have the opportunity of helping different families and couples to get better in life.

Joining the Traveling Vineyard as a Means to Make an Extra Buck

Are you a stay at home who loves the delicate taste of wines, loves entertaining guests and would like to make an extra buck at the side, then you should consider joining The Traveling Vineyard. This is a multilevel marketing wine company that targets home parties. It was established by Geerlings and Wade Company, a premier wine-company in the year 2002.

Traveling Vineyard’s Business Model

Becoming a wine guide for the Traveling Vineyard requires that you purchase a starter kit. This is the ticket to the wine- selling incentive. It is allowed 31 states. During the first 70 days, the guides are allowed to earn back $100 of their money paid for the starter kit. Being a Traveling Vineyard wine guide requires that you identify a home, in any one of the 31 states, which is holding a party. Then the company provides you with five of their best wine bottles and information to teach the guests.

Each wine guide is paid individually, based on the amount of wines sold. Wine guides get a commission from the sales. Therefore, the higher your sales, the more money you make. You can employ people to help you achieve more sales.

Benefits of Joining Traveling Vineyard

Financial Gain – Joining the Traveling Vineyard is one way to make an extra buck. The money obtained from this venture can be used to lower the economic burden.

Entertaining – The Traveling Vineyard is more than just business. It is also a form of entertainment. You get to attend and host wine tasting parties, and taste a plethora of award-winning wines. You also get to meet more people and socialize, meaning that your life will never be boring.

Networking – The Traveling Vineyard gives you an opportunity to meet people and expand. This provides you with an opportunity to find out about more profitable ventures. It also increases your wine sales leads.

For more information, connect with Traveling Vineyard on LinkedIn.