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Aloha Construction: A Better Way For Home Improvement

Home Improvement has come a long way throughout the years. This fascinating field of work is very diverse in its capabilities. This general-contracting company is located in the Lake Zurich region of Illinois, but it provides services throughout Illinois as well as Southern Wisconsin. It would be very hard trying to find another general contractor that will travel such far distances. Aloha Construction has been active since 2008. The company benefits from the great leadership of founder Dave Farbaky. Farbaky is well-known throughout the local industry, and he has done a wonderful job of serving his community.

Aloha Construction does it all when it comes to the field of work. The company’s stats is a direct reflection of its success. This company has completed up to 10,000 jobs/projects since its inception. “So, what are some of the services that Aloha Construction offers?” This company specializes in a wide variety of renovation services such as waterproofing, stucco installation, roof installation, roof repair, bathroom repair, soffit installation, kitchen design, window fascia repair, door installation, flashing, roof cleaning and others. Whatever home-improvement task that needs to be professionally handled, this is the company of choice for thousands of people. Since the company covers such a large statistical area, it has launched a secondary office in Bloomington, Illinois. The municipalities of service includes Peoria, Washington, Round Lake, Lake Villa, Round Lake Beach, Vernon Hills, Hoffman Estates, Tazewell, Chicago and many others. The options are nearly endless to some degree.

Aloha Construction use to be a family-owned type of business, but it has progressively grown into an enterprise in a sense. This powerhouse of a company is an actual team of talented installers, inspectors, field supervisors and claim specialists. All in all, Aloha Construction is definitely the perfect example of 21st century home renovations.

Highland Capital Management Moves Into South Korean Healthcare Investments

The focus of the Dallas-based private equity and investment company, Highland Capital Management has largely been placed on the healthcare industry in the U.S. and has now been joined by a recent decision to begin its first investment in an international healthcare fund. After opening an office in South Korea, Highland Capital is joining forces with the Korean National Pension Service to develop a dedicated private equity fund to invest in healthcare-focused opportunities in the nation. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.

Highland Capital Management will head the private equity fund which has been assessed as assembling a fund with an estimated $147 million to invest in healthcare across South Korea; the National Pension Service is reported to have an estimated value of almost $500 billion and hopes to build a brighter future for the healthcare industries of South Korea, China, and the U.S. Although in the U.S. Highland Capital has been focusing much of its energies n developing the healthcare industry with increased access for all but has yet to make a major impact on the Asian healthcare sector prior to this first major private equity investment. Read more at

Always looking to impact the world in a positive way as they also build a profitable future for their customers, Highland Capital Management’s team of investment experts have looked at the evolving state of healthcare in Asia and the U.S. before deciding to develop their partnership with the National Pension Service. Highland Capital Management has revealed the aging populations of Asia and North America has been a major reason for the decision to invest in Asian healthcare and the company believes will create a more expansive health care system model which will be used by nations around the world.


The National Steel Car Under Gregory James Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is a household name within Hamilton, Ontario region, having been born, educated, and later becoming a popular businessman in the region. Gregory James Aziz, commonly known as Greg Aziz or Gregory. J .Aziz aged 68, is an innovative and value-driven individual, who has held the highest position at the National Steel Car, from 1994, as the President, and the CEO. This company is the leading railroad freight and tank car manufacturing company in North America.

With a strong education background of Ridley College and University of Western Ontario, provides a foundation for Greg’s leadership at the National Steel Car. It’s his leadership that has propelled this company to the level it is. In addition, his family background of entrepreneurship (wholesale food business) has equipped him with adequate skills on how to run a business.

Success is a journey that James Aziz clearly understands, and like many successful investors, he has worked in other firms that laid a foundation for his career. He has served in the corporate world and acquired skills that help in the transformation of the leading railroad manufacturer in North America, such as team building. As a result, under his watchful eyes, the company has created employment to more than 4,000workers, and the production capacity has risen to about 14,000 rail cars per year.

Being a leader of National Steel Car is an indication that James Aziz is dedicated to success. This is why under his leadership the company has scooped several awards, like the TTX SECO award. In addition, it has gained trust from other companies like Canpotex, that prefer its services, with a recent tender to manufacture 700 railcars, worth $70 million.

Greg Aziz is passionate about serving and giving back to the Hamilton, Ontario community that is his home backyard. He is associated with sponsoring the Theater Aquarius, The United Way, Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, and the Hamilton Opera. Additionally, every year, Greg Aziz and the family organize a party for all their present and past employees and their families called the National Steel Car Christmas Party. This is an indication of how Greg values team work and above all his appreciation to his workforce, whom he sees as the cornerstone of his company. This is one recipe why the company has led in the manufacturing industry for decades. The other cause he supports is the employment of the residents of Hamilton, Ontario in his company, which demonstrates his passion in growing together with his community. Click Here for more information.

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Gregory James Aziz: the Man behind National Steel Car’s Success Trajectory

Gregory James Aziz is an economist by profession and a business administrator by experience and passion. A graduate of the well-known University of Western Ontario and the Ridley College, Gregory has been in the business world for a cumulative period of not less than 47 years. He is the current occupant of the CEO office at National Steel Car Inc. He also triples up as the board chairman of the company as well as to the National Industries, Inc.


National Steel Car


This firm is based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada along 602 Kenilworth Ave N. The company has been manufacturing cars for the last 105, having been incepted in 1912. The company has managed to build a good reputation and established long-term customer relations over the years. Another thing that the company has managed to do perfectly well is to evolve with the evolving world and thus maintaining its position at the top competitive level. Today, the company is seen as the best car manufacturer in terms of quality and efficiency.


Greg at National Steel Car


Greg J Aziz organized for the purchase of the firm in 1994. As the CEO, he has been at the forefront in steering it to the top of the North American railroad freight car industry. Under his leadership, National Steel Car has won prestigious awards back to back for over a decade now. The TTX SECO award 13 is one such award.


Sitting pretty and basking in past glory derails the future growth of any company, something that the management at National Steel Car understands perfectly well. Greg Aziz provides the necessary leadership to his team so that they can push together towards a common goal of future excellence. He understands that in order to excel, the company must invest heavily in the customer care department to ensure that it maintains its customer base while at the same time attracting new ones. James Aziz manages over 2000 employees.


National Steel Car is among the few firms that operate within the railroad freight car industry to receive ISO certification. In fact, it was the first and still is the only one in North America. This leading manufacturer is certified under ISO 9001:2008. James Aziz takes pride in the certification since it happened during his reign.


More about Greg


Now in his late 60s, Gregory J. Aziz recounts on his highly successful business career. As a young man, he worked for Affiliated Foods, his family food business and later in the banking industry. He now dedicates part of his resources to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair an agricultural fair in Canada.


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Equities First – Importance of Finance and Its Role within Business

The indispensable use of financial instruments, for instance, loans and investments, is basic for growth of every business. Financial trends also portray the state of the economy on global level, empowering national banks to properly get ready for financial policies. With the present financial emergency, it is basic for organizations to look for alternative loaning solutions. A giant in the sector is Equities First Holdings; a company that was started in 2002 and so far it has given services for 15 years by supporting new businesses and people. The leader in loaning services has kept on giving solutions and quick stock-based loans where traditional services could not apply. Finance is all about the process of establishing, shifting and using money while ensuring the cash flow within the organization in the same manner it facilitates world cash flow. It is the forces of sales that brings about the money – when the company trades its merchandise or services. Received money is then utilized in production and applied to obtain more products for sale. What does that mean? Without money, there is no business! Click Here to Read More .

Thus, any company that runs out of cash, its trade operations get affected. By comprehending the centrality of your business finances, Equities First Holdings is an extraordinary organization that intervenes your crisis when your small business is at that critical stage. All the world monetary facets depend on the systematic advance of finances. Capital markets offer money to bolster ventures while organizations give the cash in supporting people. Equities is hyper-centered permitting the association to work on the arrangement by arrangement premise. Subsequent to applying the loan, the loan procedure is novel being transparent, secure and straightforward. For borrowers, the initial step is to contact the group of experts concerning the measure of funding and the suggested collateral. In today’s world, Equities First has made a significant effect. for more .


Thor Halvorssen-A Businessmn with a Passion

Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza, is a passionate Venezuelan human rights advocate. Halvorssen is also an active advocate for public interest, public policy, pro-democracy, individual rights, and civil liberties. Halvorssen is also a strong advocate against slave labor. Since 2009, he has been the founder of an annual gathering known as the Oslo Freedom Forum-a spectacular festival for human rights.

He is also a film producer and is currently producing The Moon is a Harsh Mistress-a film adaption of Robert A. Heinlein’s science fiction novel. He has co-produced Freedom’s Fury which was executive produced by Quentin Tarantino, Andrew Vajna, and Lucy Liu. He has executive produced many documentaries and has co-produced Freedom’s Fury, as well as many other movies.

Halvorssen is the president of the Human Rights Foundation, which is an organization committed to freedom as well as global human rights. He bought the Ny Tid, a leftist Norwegian news magazine in May 2010.

In 1999, Halvorssen became the chief executive officer and first executive director of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, or FIRE-a United States civil liberties organization. In this position, he formed coalitions that formed the libertarian advocacy and conservative advocacy organizations. Halvorssen has been defending those on the left as well as the right of the political spectrum.

In October 2010, Halvorssen was a speaker at TEDx at the university OF Pennsylvania. Halvorssen has also served as President and CEO of CANTV-a Venezuelan state-owned telephone company. He later served as a Special Commissioner for International Narcotic Affairs under President Carlos Andres Perez’s administration. He held the rank of Ambassador in this position. Halvorssen has also received the Sol Feinstone Award in recognition of his fight for protecting student speech.

Keith Mann-Uncovering Talent

Dynamic Search Partners has partnered with Uncommon Schools in New York and on September 13, Keith Mann and other executive recruiters from Dynamics Search Partners met with a senior class for building resumes at the Crown Charter high school. They held two workshops that resulted in the students gaining resumes that will be useful for college applications beginning in the fall.

The relationship of the companies is helping create a meaningful platform for Dynamics Search Partners to help students learn practical skills in order to help them come more successful in college and beyond. Dynamics Search Partners has contributed 10,000 to the school.

Dynamic Search Partners is working with Uncommon Schools on many projects and the resume review workshop at Uncommon Charter High School with the senior class will now be an annual event.

Keith Mann has been a part of the executive search industry for over 15 years and is knowledgeable in hedge fund compensation, hiring and staffing strategy. He used to be Managing Director at Dynamics Executive Search where he was in charge of recruiting for global financial service firms. In 2002 he founded the Alternative Investment Practice within Dynamics Executive Search after realizing that the hedge fund industry market growing at such a rapid rate that it was underserved by the search community. Mann is now the CEO of DSP and oversees the daily management of the firm. DSP works with firms across the United States as well as internationally and fills over 200 client mandates yearly.

Improve Your Wealth with Jim Hunt and VTA Publications!

UPDATE 10/21/2016
Jim Hunt was interviewed by Ideamensch. In the interview, Jim talks about his motivation for becoming an investor, as well as where he draws his expertise from. It’s a very interesting expose, and really explores what makes Jim Hunt tick as a person, beyond just the investor that we already know. Check out that interview here:

Jim Hunt of VTA Publications has issued a public challenge via his website, Hunt, previous proclaimed to be the “whistle-blower who helps the little guy beat the big banks”, has stated that he plans to make his mother a tax-free millionaire in ten steps, each of which he will post on Youtube. This challenge, designed to showcase the simplicity of Hunt’s stock-trading system, is said by Hunt to be “Not as ambitious as one might believe”, working via the “power of compounding.”

As an example, he points out that starting with one-thousand pounds and doubling it ten times results in one million pounds, which he claims he can help people to do using his system, designed to hunt down unassuming stocks being bought up by larger trading entities and allowing them to increase steadily. He claims that this method is so simple that even novice traders should be able to carefully select stocks that are obviously increasing steadily, and use that certainty to slowly and carefully accumulate wealth.

Hunt’s company, VTA Publications, provides content designed to educate clients remotely, particularly regarding specialized fields of information like economics and finance. Operating as both a content provider and a booking agent, the company seeks out experts in the field of interest that best serve their clients and works to bring them together through remote video products.

The company, established in 2012, has provided products such as Biblical Wealth Secrets, which provides a monthly money-making course from Michael White, which he claims will create an eighty-two point four percent chance of increasing the money put into your investments, or Wealth Wave by Hunt himself, a method of profiting from drops in the stock market which Hunt claims can make you wealthy with a single trade. Using these and other products, VTA Publications and Jim Hunt seek to provide simple methods to educate their clients in such a way that they can become masters of their own financial future.

Michael Zomber Purchases John Brown’s Knife

In the days leading up to the Civil War, John Brown was one of the most decisive figures in the attempt to stop Americans from owning slaves. John is most famous for the great American folk song “John Brown’s Body.” John Brown has been described by historians as one of the greatest liberators of all time, a demented dreamer and a muddled, pugnacious, bumbling, and homicidal madman. Others say that his actions were more decisive in starting the Civil War than the Lincoln-Douglas debates. While people’s views of John Brown may differ, there is no doubt that his actions changed the course of American history for all time.

Very few items belonging to John Brown have survived over history. Most of the surviving items are in history museums. That is why Michael Zomber is so thrilled to have purchased a John Brown knife recently at a Sotheby’s auction. This knife was first obtained by John Brown when he was just starting his uprising on the Kansas plains. Colonel Thomas Buford planned to use the knife to kill John Brown. Had he succeeded, the course of history might have been changed forever. Brown then gave the knife to George Luther Stearns for helping finance his invasion at Harpers Valley, Virginia (now, West Virginia).

Colonel Thomas Buford then gave the knife to Clay Pate who was defeated at the famous Black-Jack insurgence where Brown killed Pate who was holding Brown’s two sons as hostages. The knife eventually made its way into the collection of prominent New York philanthropists Mamdouha and Elmer Holmes Bobsts before being offered at auction by Sotheby’s. Michael Zomber is proud to have purchased this knife that went for a premium price.

Michael Zomber is best known as an expert on Japanese weapons. He has appeared on the History Channel and has served as their weapons expert on several series. He is also the author of several books. Two of them feature Civil War themes. While Michael Zomber refused comment on rather the knife would inspire him to write another Civil War novel, he says it definitely has the creative juices flowing.  Considering how many novels he has already written, that’s definitely saying something.  Be sure to keep abreast of Michael Zomber news on his Facebook feed, and watch his IMDb page to see if this knife inspires any new projects.

Brad Reifler Is Loaded With Investment Tips

As the economy continues to recover more people need to start focusing on their investments. Investing properly is a vital way to save for retirement, education, or just building your wealth. Many people want to jump in right away, but they should seriously consider their actions before they start investments. Brad Reifler is one of the leading investment experts in the country, and he has seen numerous amateur investors make crucial mistakes that have actually destroyed their wealth. Brad does not enjoy watching people lose wealth, so recently issued several major tips for those that are investing. These tips will help people grow their wealth while avoiding major pitfalls.

Brad Reifler’s first tip is a little counterintuitive for those that see investing as just about owning enough stock. Brad believes that people should avoid putting all their money in the stock market. The stock market offers major returns for smart investors, but it also presents the potential for major losses for investors. You should always think about the safety of your money when you make investments. By focusing on the safety of your money you can protect yourself from major losses.

Brad Reifler also highly recommends putting some of your money in a fund. Funds typically outperform the market because they are managed by experts that closely watch every market move and react accordingly. You should put your money in a fund, but Brad Reifler believes you should get to know your fund manager. They are handling your money and you have to trust them to see success.

Brad Reifler knows that most people invest for a particular reason. You might be saving for retirement, a new home, or your child’s education. Brad Reifler believes that you must have an objective and you must keep it in mind. If you reach your goal, then you can set most of your money aside so you’ll always have it.

Reifler has seen many investors many major returns by putting his tips to work. He wants to see more people put these tips into action so that their families can know financial peace and security.  Check out Brad’s official site, or even follow him on Twitter for more finance talk.