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Thor Halvorssen-A Businessmn with a Passion

Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza, is a passionate Venezuelan human rights advocate. Halvorssen is also an active advocate for public interest, public policy, pro-democracy, individual rights, and civil liberties. Halvorssen is also a strong advocate against slave labor. Since 2009, he has been the founder of an annual gathering known as the Oslo Freedom Forum-a spectacular festival for human rights.

He is also a film producer and is currently producing The Moon is a Harsh Mistress-a film adaption of Robert A. Heinlein’s science fiction novel. He has co-produced Freedom’s Fury which was executive produced by Quentin Tarantino, Andrew Vajna, and Lucy Liu. He has executive produced many documentaries and has co-produced Freedom’s Fury, as well as many other movies.

Halvorssen is the president of the Human Rights Foundation, which is an organization committed to freedom as well as global human rights. He bought the Ny Tid, a leftist Norwegian news magazine in May 2010.

In 1999, Halvorssen became the chief executive officer and first executive director of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, or FIRE-a United States civil liberties organization. In this position, he formed coalitions that formed the libertarian advocacy and conservative advocacy organizations. Halvorssen has been defending those on the left as well as the right of the political spectrum.

In October 2010, Halvorssen was a speaker at TEDx at the university OF Pennsylvania. Halvorssen has also served as President and CEO of CANTV-a Venezuelan state-owned telephone company. He later served as a Special Commissioner for International Narcotic Affairs under President Carlos Andres Perez’s administration. He held the rank of Ambassador in this position. Halvorssen has also received the Sol Feinstone Award in recognition of his fight for protecting student speech.

Keith Mann-Uncovering Talent

Dynamic Search Partners has partnered with Uncommon Schools in New York and on September 13, Keith Mann and other executive recruiters from Dynamics Search Partners met with a senior class for building resumes at the Crown Charter high school. They held two workshops that resulted in the students gaining resumes that will be useful for college applications beginning in the fall.

The relationship of the companies is helping create a meaningful platform for Dynamics Search Partners to help students learn practical skills in order to help them come more successful in college and beyond. Dynamics Search Partners has contributed 10,000 to the school.

Dynamic Search Partners is working with Uncommon Schools on many projects and the resume review workshop at Uncommon Charter High School with the senior class will now be an annual event.

Keith Mann has been a part of the executive search industry for over 15 years and is knowledgeable in hedge fund compensation, hiring and staffing strategy. He used to be Managing Director at Dynamics Executive Search where he was in charge of recruiting for global financial service firms. In 2002 he founded the Alternative Investment Practice within Dynamics Executive Search after realizing that the hedge fund industry market growing at such a rapid rate that it was underserved by the search community. Mann is now the CEO of DSP and oversees the daily management of the firm. DSP works with firms across the United States as well as internationally and fills over 200 client mandates yearly.

Improve Your Wealth with Jim Hunt and VTA Publications!

UPDATE 10/21/2016
Jim Hunt was interviewed by Ideamensch. In the interview, Jim talks about his motivation for becoming an investor, as well as where he draws his expertise from. It’s a very interesting expose, and really explores what makes Jim Hunt tick as a person, beyond just the investor that we already know. Check out that interview here:

Jim Hunt of VTA Publications has issued a public challenge via his website, Hunt, previous proclaimed to be the “whistle-blower who helps the little guy beat the big banks”, has stated that he plans to make his mother a tax-free millionaire in ten steps, each of which he will post on Youtube. This challenge, designed to showcase the simplicity of Hunt’s stock-trading system, is said by Hunt to be “Not as ambitious as one might believe”, working via the “power of compounding.”

As an example, he points out that starting with one-thousand pounds and doubling it ten times results in one million pounds, which he claims he can help people to do using his system, designed to hunt down unassuming stocks being bought up by larger trading entities and allowing them to increase steadily. He claims that this method is so simple that even novice traders should be able to carefully select stocks that are obviously increasing steadily, and use that certainty to slowly and carefully accumulate wealth.

Hunt’s company, VTA Publications, provides content designed to educate clients remotely, particularly regarding specialized fields of information like economics and finance. Operating as both a content provider and a booking agent, the company seeks out experts in the field of interest that best serve their clients and works to bring them together through remote video products.

The company, established in 2012, has provided products such as Biblical Wealth Secrets, which provides a monthly money-making course from Michael White, which he claims will create an eighty-two point four percent chance of increasing the money put into your investments, or Wealth Wave by Hunt himself, a method of profiting from drops in the stock market which Hunt claims can make you wealthy with a single trade. Using these and other products, VTA Publications and Jim Hunt seek to provide simple methods to educate their clients in such a way that they can become masters of their own financial future.

Michael Zomber Purchases John Brown’s Knife

In the days leading up to the Civil War, John Brown was one of the most decisive figures in the attempt to stop Americans from owning slaves. John is most famous for the great American folk song “John Brown’s Body.” John Brown has been described by historians as one of the greatest liberators of all time, a demented dreamer and a muddled, pugnacious, bumbling, and homicidal madman. Others say that his actions were more decisive in starting the Civil War than the Lincoln-Douglas debates. While people’s views of John Brown may differ, there is no doubt that his actions changed the course of American history for all time.

Very few items belonging to John Brown have survived over history. Most of the surviving items are in history museums. That is why Michael Zomber is so thrilled to have purchased a John Brown knife recently at a Sotheby’s auction. This knife was first obtained by John Brown when he was just starting his uprising on the Kansas plains. Colonel Thomas Buford planned to use the knife to kill John Brown. Had he succeeded, the course of history might have been changed forever. Brown then gave the knife to George Luther Stearns for helping finance his invasion at Harpers Valley, Virginia (now, West Virginia).

Colonel Thomas Buford then gave the knife to Clay Pate who was defeated at the famous Black-Jack insurgence where Brown killed Pate who was holding Brown’s two sons as hostages. The knife eventually made its way into the collection of prominent New York philanthropists Mamdouha and Elmer Holmes Bobsts before being offered at auction by Sotheby’s. Michael Zomber is proud to have purchased this knife that went for a premium price.

Michael Zomber is best known as an expert on Japanese weapons. He has appeared on the History Channel and has served as their weapons expert on several series. He is also the author of several books. Two of them feature Civil War themes. While Michael Zomber refused comment on rather the knife would inspire him to write another Civil War novel, he says it definitely has the creative juices flowing.  Considering how many novels he has already written, that’s definitely saying something.  Be sure to keep abreast of Michael Zomber news on his Facebook feed, and watch his IMDb page to see if this knife inspires any new projects.

Brad Reifler Is Loaded With Investment Tips

As the economy continues to recover more people need to start focusing on their investments. Investing properly is a vital way to save for retirement, education, or just building your wealth. Many people want to jump in right away, but they should seriously consider their actions before they start investments. Brad Reifler is one of the leading investment experts in the country, and he has seen numerous amateur investors make crucial mistakes that have actually destroyed their wealth. Brad does not enjoy watching people lose wealth, so recently issued several major tips for those that are investing. These tips will help people grow their wealth while avoiding major pitfalls.

Brad Reifler’s first tip is a little counterintuitive for those that see investing as just about owning enough stock. Brad believes that people should avoid putting all their money in the stock market. The stock market offers major returns for smart investors, but it also presents the potential for major losses for investors. You should always think about the safety of your money when you make investments. By focusing on the safety of your money you can protect yourself from major losses.

Brad Reifler also highly recommends putting some of your money in a fund. Funds typically outperform the market because they are managed by experts that closely watch every market move and react accordingly. You should put your money in a fund, but Brad Reifler believes you should get to know your fund manager. They are handling your money and you have to trust them to see success.

Brad Reifler knows that most people invest for a particular reason. You might be saving for retirement, a new home, or your child’s education. Brad Reifler believes that you must have an objective and you must keep it in mind. If you reach your goal, then you can set most of your money aside so you’ll always have it.

Reifler has seen many investors many major returns by putting his tips to work. He wants to see more people put these tips into action so that their families can know financial peace and security.  Check out Brad’s official site, or even follow him on Twitter for more finance talk.

Enormous Market Growth by DIVERSANT LLC.

John Goullet is a management professional proficient in Information Technology and staffing Professional. He serves as the Chairman at Diversant LLC, a firm that specializes in Information Technology consultancy. John had been successful in the field of IT by engineering the development of many ventures. Goullet began his career by serving as an IT consultant and later in 1994 switched to Staffing. His is proficient includes being appreciative of emerging market trends, skillful in application development, great understanding of network engineering and operation, and offering web solutions.

In the same year, John founded Info Technologies, A firm that focused on capturing the global market by offering IT solutions to Fortune 500 companies around the globe. John invested massively into the running of this venture in the sense that, within five years Info Technologies grew to $ 30 Million. This development made Info Technology to feature number 8 spot on Inc. Magazines in the list of the 500 fastest growing companies in the private sector organization in the US.

John formed a Merger with Gene of the Diversant Inc. to come up with DIVERSANT LLC., and John the President of Diversant. In this role, John is able to meet the challenges of the company’s evolving and newly-emerging IT Market Place through developing customer-orientated solutions which had been his passion. He has a profound work style consultant and skill-set to encounter clients’ requirements. Mr. Goullet graduated from Ursinus College.

Diversant LLC is a merger of two IT Company’s, Info Technologies and Diversant Inc. It was founded by John Goullet and Gene Waddy in 1994. It is the largest Private owned African-American IT staffing and solution Company in the United States. It is rated as the fastest growing IT venture with good clientele base globally that is able to offer successfully IT personnel and a wide range of solution for their Fortune 1000 and mid-market clients.

Diversant LLC success is concentrated on Consultative and staffing approach that has given the company edge in the market by viewing their clients as business partners and strive deeply to understand their needs and challenges individually. Thus, this gives an advantage in the market leading to the development of Strategic solutions.


Ricardo Guimarães leads an institution in the financial sector dating back to early last century, more precisely to 1930 when his grandfather founded the Land Credit Bank. The grandson of Sir Antonio Mourão Guimarães was the fourth member of the family to play the financial Market.


Ricardo Guimarães under the management of the BMG has adopted an innovative approach to become a leader in consigned credit in Brazil. It operates through a lean and efficient team. It has over 50000 employees spread across every municipality in Brazil. It offers personal credit with low interests for a demographic with low default rates.


BMG has built an institution based on integrity and honesty. It has used the popularity of sports in Brazil to establish an excellent model. It provides sponsorship for various teams and football players in Brazil. Today BMG is the primary sponsors of football in Brazil.


Ricardo Guimares is a fanatical football fan. He supports Clube Atletico Minero and served as its president for 5 years. It was despite his busy schedule. So committed was he that he reportedly used his money several times to finance the club.Guimares today stands as among the legends of the club in its hall of fame. He was succeeded by Ziza Valadares.


Despite this fact, BMG doesn’t support any one team. To it, business is business, and it’s strictly financial. It uses Soccer as a Marketing prop, and it has allowed it to have one of the biggest exposures in the country.BMG has the highest returns from marketing among all brands. It has leveraged a huge demographic since millions watch soccer in Brazil every weekend. Dino Blog recently come up with a story about Ricardo Guimares. The three letters are displayed in Orange every week in Brazil.


Ricardo Guimares recently launched a new bank to offer personal credit to Brazilians. It is in partnership with Banco Itau and will see BMG gain over $ 5 billion in 5 years. The new bank to be called BMG ITAU PAYROLL is expected to have $ 1 billion as capital. It will be leveraged 11 times and is supposed to fill the need for cheap micro loans. The cost of finance is very high in Brazil, and most Brazilian banks avoid the personal market segment.


Ricardo Guimares says the bank will still stay in -the credit segment. It plans to float bonds in the international market to raise money. Read more here.

Soros Worries About 2008 Repeat

The billionaire investor George Soros has warned investors that the current market conditions are similar to conditions last seen in 2008. This of course is worrying to investors because 2008 and 2009 were such bad years for investing and for the economy as a whole.

There are two major things in the economy that are still bothering Soros about this market. One of the things is what is hitting the news wires every day. That is the Chinese economic problems. In the last few days the Chinese stock markets have tumbled so much in a single day that the operators had to use newly installed circuit breakers. These are measures that are only supposed to be used when there is a major run on the stocks within the market. As such, it is troubling to have seen those circuit breakers used twice in the last two trading days.

The other thing that Soros has said he is worried about is the Greek debt crisis. Bloomberg reports that Soros has stated that the Greek debt crisis is a worse situation than the housing market crisis during the 2008-2009 recession.

Bloomberg experts in the markets are not yet calling for a recession, but they rarely get that worried about how things are doing. You will see many so called experts say that they called for a recession after the recession is already over.

Organizations such as the World Bank have already cut the growth forecast for the economies of the world from 3.3% down to 2.9%. That may not sound like a big drop, but in terms of what that represents for the entire economy of the world, it is a rather large number. It goes to show that the World Bank is concerned with growth levels as they relate to this year.

Some important market indicators are pointing towards rough times ahead. Consider for example the manufacturing ISM indicator which fell to 48.2. According to The Economist, if this indicator falls below 50 it is a sign of trouble in most cases.

At this point it seems to be the consensus belief that the stock market is destined to take a fall in 2016. The main question is just how bad the fall is going to be. Soros has taken the pessimistic view that the market could well be set up for a 2008 style collapse. He has made billions of dollars trading in the markets and being directly involved. It may be worth taking some time to see what he has to say about what is about to happen.

There are no guarantees in the market, and it is not official that the market will fall just because George Soros believes that it is likely. However, it is one opinion that deserves more weight than some of the others out there. At least his opinion is based on real data and real things happening in the economy. He is not the only one who believes that this is the reality we are about to experience, so take note.

US Money Reserve Starts CrowdRise Campaign to Help Families in Need

An article published on titled “US Money Reserve starts a campaign to support Capital Area Food Bank of Texas” discusses US Money Reserve efforts to raise money for a regional food bank through a crowd funding campaign on CrowdRise. The Capital Area Food Bank of Texas works to help end hunger in central Texas, and the people of US Money Reserve believe they have a social responsibility support the work of charitable organizations like this. CAFB of Texas is in its 30th year of serving the needs of families in the region and provides them with millions of pounds of food each year. US Money Reserve is encouraging its clients, customers, and others to join them in raising money for this CrowdRise campaign by going to

US Money Reserve was founded by experienced gold market experts who use their expertise to provide customers with the guidance they need to make wise decisions in purchasing precious metals. They have over 100 professionals who specialize in areas such as numismatic and coin research, inventory, and customer relations. US Money Reserve has grown to become one of the nation’s largest providers of US government issued gold, silver, and platinum coins, and clients trust them to help them choose the highest value coins at affordable prices.

Last year CAFB of Texas provided over 31 million pounds of food to families in need in 21 counties with the help of almost 300 partner agencies. This year’s goal of US Money Reserve’s CrowdRise campaign is to increase the amount of food that is available in order to serve more families. The article can be seen at



James Dondero Has Done Great Things In His Career

James Dondero has been a great leader in his company. He serves as the president of Highland Capital Management, and he has helped to make the company a great success. He has used his many years of experience to help to guide him to do great things for it, and people have come to hold a great deal of respect for him because of all that he has done. He is a fair man who knows how to do things well in his career, and he is someone who many people have come to look up to for the kind of success that he has had in his career.
Not too many people get to the point in their career where they are able to help found a company, even if they have years of experience in their field, but James Dondero was able to do that. People can look to him and see all of the ways that he has done things differently, and then maybe they will be able to have that kind of success themselves. It is always great for people who are just getting a start in their career to have someone to look up to, and James Dondero of is a great man for them to be thinking of.
James Dondero knows how to deal well with the work that he does. He knows how to handle the company that he is president of better than most other people would be able to, and he has proven himself to be highly qualified for every job that he has done through the years. He is the kind of man who will take on a challenge easily. He’s the kind of man who will work hard until a job is completed just the way that he wants it to be, and that is part of the reason that he has been able to accomplish so many great things.
Being ambitious and wise are two things that can lead to a good career, and James Dondero has always been both of those things. He has always given his career his all, and every company that he has worked for through the years has benefited from that. The company that he currently serves as president at has been able to do great because of how well he is at managing it, and everyone should look up to James Dondero when they are trying to think of a man who has done great things in his career.