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Michel Terpins- Rally Driving Pro from Brazil

Rally driving sport is one of the most popular sports in the world. Since the car engine was developed, man has always competed to determine the fastest. Rally driving involves creating vehicles that can move at a very high speed while at the same time having drivers who are skillful enough to navigate these cars. A car might have the best sports engine, but the skills of a driver will determine whether it will win a competition or not. Rally driving requires a lot of practice as well dedication to the cause of rally driving. To be a top driver like Michel Terpins, a driver will have to be serious about the sport.

Michel Terpins is today a top rally driver in Brazil. He has been in the sport for about fifteen years now. His first encounter with rally driving was in 2002 when he participated in motorcycle rally driving. He did not stop there; he intended to join the car rally where his older brother was participating. He finally joined the car competition in 2004, since, then he has continued to participate in various competitions that are held annually in Brazil.

Michel Terpins and his brother Rodrigo Terpins have been key players in the sport. They have not only been participants, but they have been organizers of these competitions. Michel Terpins played a huge role in the establishment of the Sertoes Rally competition. This is one of the biggest rally competitions in the country. Michel Terpins and his brother are also the founders of the Bull Sertoes Rally team. Together they have made the rally competitions in the country to be very popular. Many people are now coming out to watch the rally drivers do what they do best; spinning the wheels in rugged environments.

Michel Terpins have since 2015 been taking part in the Sertoes competitions. In the 22nd edition of the competition, he completed the test in which he emerged number seven. In the 24th edition of the competition, he won the competition. The 25th edition of the rally is happening in 2015, and he hopes that he will make a great improvement from the previous competitions.