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Brian Bonar’s Leadership Role in the Financial Industry

Brian Bonar entered the financial industry in the mid-1980’s after receiving his MBA and PhD from Stafford University. He has established an extensive reputation serving corporations, small businesses, individuals, and non-profit organizations. His mechanical engineering bachelor’s degree from Strathclyde landed him a position at QMS Inc. as executive director of engineering. During 1988 he ended his work at the company to join Rastek Corporation and serve as vice president. When Bonar left Rastek in 1990, he put his knowledge obtained from international business development graduate and post-graduate studies to action.

From 1991 to 1994, Brian Bonar worked for Adaptec Inc., Personal Computer Products, and Bezier Systems. He spent one year working as manger of worldwide sales and as vice president at Bezier. His business relationship with both companies ended in 1992. While at Personal Computer he served as vice-president of worldwide sales & marketing, director, and executive vice president. Between 1997 through 2004, Bonar held executive positions, including executive vice-president, president, interim CFO, chairman, and COO at Imaging Technologies Corporation.

The companies mentioned are from Bonar’s early career and there are many more that follow, including Solvis Group Inc. Prior to Solvis, he also worked at Pen Interconnect Inc., and Amanda Company. When he was serving as CEO and chairman at Solvis, Brian also was working at IBM UK Holdings Ltd. Dalrada Financial Corporation became a business venture and he was named Interim CEO, CFO, and chairman. His involvement with these entities was from 2003 and 2006, although, he’s presently active at Dalrada.

The next ventures for Brian were Tradeshow Products, Smart-Tec Automated Services, Smart-Tec Solutions, and Allegiant Professional. He no longer serves as president at Tradeshow, Smart-Tec Solutions, nor Allegiant, but is still serving at Smart-Tec Automated Services. Bonar sits on the Board as chairman Smart-Tec, Dalrada, Warning Management, and Amanda. Other companies include Greenland Corporation and Trucept Inc.

Brian Bonar has nearly 33 years of experience in the financial, professional staffing, and engineering industries, collectively. His most recent business venture is Trucept, Inc. where he serves as chairman. He served as CEO for three years, but announced his retirement in a press release, in November 2016, on PR Newswire.

His leadership role in the finance industry is broad and incorporates management, accounting, administration, and entrepreneurship. He has dedicated his whole career helping small companies, people, and corporations run their businesses efficiently and productively.

Brian Bonar Adds another Accomplishment to his Long List of Achievements

Brian Bonar is a finance executive in the United States. He is the current CEO and the Chairperson of Dalrada Financial Corporation. Mr. Bonar has worked in the finance sector for more than 25 years, and his accomplishments have earned him respect among his peers in the finance industry.

Mr. Bonar has received several awards throughout his career, but his most recent award is special. He emerged the top candidate for the Cambridge’s Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance. Each year, Cambridge, a networking publisher picks out four executives (two men and two women) per business division to publish on their Who’s Who of the year. These executives must have exhibited exemplary leadership in their field.

Mr. Bonar‘s business accomplishments are due to his experience and specialized training. As stated above, he has been in the finance sector for more than two decades. He attended the James Watt Technical College and then proceeded to the Staffordshire University where he earned a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Because of his experience, educational background, and personality, many organizations have called upon him to act as a speaker in their business functions. For the past decade, he has overseen the operations of the Dalrada Financial Corporation ensuring that the company delivers all its promises, and maintains the confidence of their clients. He has handled a wide range of employer and employee benefits including financial management, workman’s compensation, management insurance and many others.

In the last few years of world economic unrest, many strategic companies have relied on his communication skills to complete deals involving mergers and acquisitions. Brian Bonar has a compelling drive to expand his horizons; he started his own company Smart-Tek Solutions Inc. This company aims at relieving the clients from many everyday tasks such as safety, payroll processing, staff leasing and other staff related programs.

In 2009, Bonar announced that the newly formed company would change its name to Trucept Inc. He said this was a move to increase the company’s flexibility in the market. As of today, the company delivers to business owners tailored solutions which allow them to concentrate on growing their own business concept.

Bonar is quite a sports guy, in his leisure time, he plays golf.

Brian Bonar Presents Foodies With More Options In Escondido

Brian Bonar is a great business man who has been given awards by Who’s ho of Cambridge, but he is also a food lover who wanted to open his own restaurant. He believes in serving the best food in the world in the places he runs, and he wants to create an environment that is worth people’s time. Read more: Brian Bonar – Chairman and CEO @ Trucept

He started up Bellamy’s in Escondido to actually fill a hole in their downtown area. He chose the name because it sounded just like other places in the area, and he started to split his time between his financial work and food.

Brian Bonar is also the CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, and he is one of the greatest networking professionals in the world. He has been awarded for this work on many levels, and he is someone that people want to make sure that they can work with.

Brian Bonar has helped a lot of people make money over the years, and he wants to continue doing that as much as he can. He has made a lot of money for clients in the past, and now he can feed them a good meal at the same time.

There are some people who are going to really appreciate the food that he makes because he has a passion for food. His passion for food is going to take his restaurant a long way, and Brian Bonar also wants to host people in a place where they can have the best parties and weddings.

He wants to have people enjoy food from his favorite kitchen, and his best chef will be there to help everyone. Brian has created a good empire in San Diego after already creating an incredible financial empire at Dalrada Financial Corporation. He is a true renaissance man and excellent businessman.