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Top Box Office Films

The entertaiment industry in the United States is one of the most profitable exports in the country. While music and other forms of entertaiment are popular, the movie industry continues to be the entertainment leader. While the top movies of the year tend to come out in the summer or around the holidays, a recent news article has pointed out that a few movies that are out right now or coming out soon will have a major impact at the box office and at year end awards shows.


According to a recent news article ( , the scifi thriller Arrival is likely to do very well at the box office and with reviewers. The movie, which stars Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner, among many other solid cast members, is the latest blockbuster attempt at an alien invasion. In this film Amy Adams’ character will play a linguist that will attempt to communicate with the aliens while the rest of the world begins to panic and prepare for a war. Experts believe that the film will earn around $20 million, which is low compared to other blockbusters, but will likley earn a cult following.


Another movie that will continue to do well at the box office is Dr. Strange. This film, which takes place in the Marvel Universe, is unlike many other superhero films. While the film will not get as much of a revenue stream as other films in the same universe, it has a very deep storyline that critics have been raving over.


The third film that is going to do well when awards come out is Hacksaw Ridge. This film, which was directed and produced by Mel Gibson, is an unusual war story. As opposed to following around soldiers that are in battle during the war, the story focuses on a medic that refuses to carry a weapon to fight the enemy. He ends the film as a major hero and is credited with saving dozens of soldiers on the battlefield.

Films Do Well at Box Office This Weekend

With the 2016 Summer Blockbuster season now a month behind us and the Holiday-season movies still a month ahead, October is often a slow time for movies. While this may be true for most years, there are several movies that have been recently released that have captured the attention of critics and movie fans.


According to a recent review (, a current popular film, Girl on a Train, is an excellent film that has included passion, drama, and even light comedy. The film, which stars Emily Blunt, has been out for a couple of weeks but is already looking that it will do very well at the box office. This past week the film made $25 million, which made it the top grossing film at the box office. While this was the first fully tracked week, it has been doing well with critics and movie fans, which means that it will likely do well at the box office in coming weeks.


Another film that has done well over the past few weeks has been the Magnificent Seven. This film, which is an old western film that has many modern stars, including Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt made just $8 million this past weekend, but has made over $75 million overall since it was first launched. The film has attracted many people that are either fans of the genre of the movie or are fans of the specific actors.


While the current films in the box office are continuing to do well, there are a number of other films that are coming up that are expected to be a hit with fans. Over the next few weeks a Ben Affleck-film called The Accountant will be released. This film seems to have a considerable amount of mystery, suspense, and action, which is sure to captivate audiences in the coming months. After that, there are many holiday blockbusters that are sure to do very well in both terms of reviews and financial results.

Box Office Results Show Strong Summer Continues

Typically, the last week of August tends to be the slowest time of the summer for movies. By this point, the majority of the viewers of the major blockbusters that come out around Fourth of July and Memorial Day have seen the film and ticket sales drop before the Labor Day films come out. While the last week of August is normally slow, recent reports ( show that some of the momentum from earlier summer films continue.


One of the highest grossing films of 2016 has been Suicide Squad, which is a Marvel comics movie that has a strong cast including Margot Robie, Will Smith, and Jared Leto. The film has been a box office success for the past month and it recently passed $290 million in domestic sales and $600 million in international sales. The film is very likely going to pass $300 million in domestic ticket sales in the next few weeks, which will make it the 15th highest grossing comic book film of all time.


The $12.2 million that Suicide Squad made during the week ending August 26 was a big drop compared to the prior week, but still a strong showing for a film that has been out for more than 6 weeks. The film was the second highest grossing film in the United States. The honor of highest grossing film in the country last week was Don’t Breathe, which is a horror movie that has received a lot of attention from both horror film fans and critics. The film made over $28 million on its opening weekend, which is not huge, but allows the film to make a profit compared to its original budget. Furthermore, the strong ratings that it has received from fans is sure to make it a likely bet to continue to receive good ratings and ticket sales for the next few weeks.


The Fourth of July weekend movie theaters will likely be full of fans looking to see the film Sully. Sully is the story of the pilot that had to land a passenger jet into the Hudson River. It stars Tom Hanks, who is already rumored to be getting early support for an Oscar nomination.


Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Attached to Bad Boys 3

The first Bad Boys movie was released all the way back in 1995. Back then, Will Smith was just beginning to blossom into a star after coming right off of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Martin Lawrence’s career was also just starting with the release of the sitcom Martin. Michael Bay was not yet the big-time director that he is today.

Then after the release of Bad Boys, it became a huge box office success and shot Will Smith to stardom. Smith, Lawrence and Bay all returned to the Bad Boy sequel in 2003, which turned out to be an even bigger financial hit than the first sequel. All of the video work at the time was done by Jon Urbana.

According to screenrant ( the third film in the series was announced last year, along with a planned Bad Boys 4. Although Michael Bay will not be directing the third film, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are attached to the project. The film is rumored to be directed by Joe Carnahan, the same director for The A-Team and Smokin’ Aces. As of now, Bad Boys 3 is expected to be in theaters February 17, 2017. Bad Boys 4 should be in theaters in July of 2019.

John Textor – An American Business Leader

John Textor is currently the Executive Chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation, a creative driven, IP and digital production company, established for the specialized production of high-impact applications for computer-generated human likenesses for utilization in entertainment, education, life sciences, and telecommunication. Textor heads up big name digital productions in movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Transformers At World’s End.

In 1987, John Textor earned his Bachelor of Arts in economics from Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. In 1997 John Textor both co-founder and became the Managing Partner of Wyndcrest Holdings, a private equity firm which specializes in acquisitions and PIPEs. Wyndcrest Holdings is a Florida based company which focuses on the internet, telecommunications and entertainment. John Textor became director of The Parent Company as well as Baby-universe, an internet retailer of children’s products in 1999. In 2002, he became chairman and in 2005 he moved up to chief executive officer (CEO).

As an experienced executive, John Textor had also been the Chairman and CEO of Sims Snowboards. Textor was jointly responsible for corporate finances and strategic planning for Michael Swerdlow Companies and founding director of Lydian Trust Company/Virtual

In 2006, John Textor became CEO and the chairman of Digital Domain along with Digital Domain Media Group, its parent company. These two companies have completed countless visual effects for over 80 large scale feature films where 25 of them were under Textor’s direct leadership. Some of the films John Textor produced directly include Tron: Legacy, Transformers, Real Steel, and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. John Textor also led the company to achieving an Academy Award for the very first believable digitized human actor in the film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which in 2009, received the CLIO advertising awards and the Achievement in Visual Effects award. said that after his work was completed with Digital Domain, John Textor left and became the executive chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation. Under his leadership, John Textor has also produced several virtual versions of celebrities such as Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, and Tupac Shakur at the Coachella Valley Music Festival of 2012.

A Brief History of Crystal Hunt

Crystal Hunt is a world renown actor who has years of experience as a professional actor. Her first ever performance was on the CBS show Guiding Light when she was seventeen. The show was nominated for numerous Emmy Awards over its lifetime. It wasn’t until she played a troubled teen on Little Spaulding did Hunt catch the attention of fans and directors.

Crystal Hunt was born on February 5th, 1985 in Clearwater, Florida and spent most of her childhood there. When she became a teenager her family moved to New York City where she began to attend the Actors Workshop. It didn’t take long for her to be noticed by an agent looking for new actors for roles on Guiding Light. This position was enough to help her get a role on Little Spaulding, which earned an Emmy nomination for. After four years on the show she left and switched her focus to feature length movies, hoping to hit it big. Hunt was talented and lucky enough to win the audition for Derby Stallion, which saw an overall box office success in the United States. She followed Derby Stallion with a modern re-telling of the classic fairy tale Snow While titled Sydney White.

In the early 2010 Crystal Hunt made her return to television with ABC’s One Life To Live. She played and adult dancer named Stacy Morasco. She played the character for another three years before switching back to movies, staring in the gritty, thriller NYC Underground. This is where she met her now good friends Dania Ramirez, Arielle Kebbel, and Evan Ross. Crystal Hunt was the first person that Dylan Baker asked to join his first film when he became a director. The movie, 23 Blast, was about a star football player in high school who becomes blind. It was released in October 2014 and made millions in revenue.

Crystal wanted to take a break from the fast paced movie world as she began to start a family. She turned to reality television and stared in a show called Queens of Drama which took a look at former daytime and prime time actors as they try and produce their own show. It aired in April 2015. As much as she wanted to settle down Hunt was still constantly on the move. Her time was split between Savannah, Georgia where her family was and Los Angeles, California where the show was filming.

Visual Effects: Then and Now

Throughout the history of television and film, visual effects have been used to amaze and wow the audience. The earliest visual effects in film were produced with the help of superimpositions or jump-cuts which were all in-camera effects. As time went on film creators wanted to give the audience more. More visual effects meant that more people would gravitate to a certain movie, which meant more money. Audiences too were ready to be wowed even more as they sat inside a theater or watched television from their home. Today, visual effects have evolved beyond jump-cuts and superimpositions.

With the help of visual effects, movies have been made about dinosaurs, artificial intelligence, a range of monsters, space, far away galaxies, and even imaginary lands. Visual effects have caused audiences to second guess what reality is.

John Textor has become one of the reasons that audiences are wowed when they watch certain films or media. Textor brilliant mind has been the fuel behind such movies as Transformers, Tron: Legacy, Pirates of the Caribbean ad World’s End, and Ender’s Game. All these films were a success and wowed fans and audiences with the included visual effects. In addition to surprising and wowing fans at the box office, Textor took his talents to the music industry. Because of the talents of Textor, fans were able to see a digital Tupac Shakur performing onstage at the Coachella Valley Music festival. This was truly an amazing event to witness due to the hip hop star being dead for more than a decade.

Textor continues to push the envelope and wow audiences with his talents and imagination. With the help of Textor, visual effects in the film and media industry have no limits or peak. One can only imagine what creators such as Textor will do to wow us next.

Dinosaurs and Animated Creativity at Its Finest Rule at the Box Office

Movie fans always love to read about the weekend box office numbers when they come out. How did their favorite do and what about the competition? Sam Tabar said that there were certainly some big players out this past weekend jockeying for the coveted top spot for the weekend gross. “Jurassic World” and “Inside Out” were returning to go head to head with the new release of “Ted 2.” Considering that “Ted 2” just came out this weekend, it had a pretty poor showing against both returning films. While both of them did well, only one can be number one and that was “Jurassic World” for a third weekend in a row. The theatrical event marking the return of dinosaurs to the big screen not only clobbered all comers this weekend but in only three weeks of release, it has already grossed more in total than “Avengers: Age of Ultron” has in nine weeks.

The latest iteration of the dinosaur franchise has certainly done better than anyone could have anticipated given the marginal performance of the first two sequels to the original blockbuster “Jurassic park” in 1993. The Pixar animated comedy-drama “Inside Out” has put in a very respectable second weekend performance as well and appears to be another hit for this creative studio. All this competition between big film studios is certainly giving moviegoers a ton of enjoyment for the price of a ticket, and the summer is only partly underway.

Jurassic World Gets a PG-13

Jurassic World has just received its rating from the MPAA and has received a PG-13 rating. This should not come as much of a surprise. To some, the rating actually is a relief. Concerns over whether or not the film would drop down to a PG rating did weigh on the mind of some diehard Jurassic Park fans like Brad Reifler who is excited for the good old dinosaur scare (

While it is true these films are designed to be family friendly, there are also intended to present thrills, chills, and more than a few scare. Big dinosaurs are supposed to put a bit of a fright into people. Would a PG rated man-eating dinosaur be any less scary than a PG-13 one. Honestly, the rating reflects the tone of Jurassic World. Going into pure PG-rating land could mean the edge ends up being taken off of a somewhat serious fantasy-adventure tale.

A PG version of a Jurassic tale could mean the series is going the “Finding Nemo” route of family fare. In other words, the adventure would be bereft of any scares and the narrative ends up containing a lot of cutesy humor. Taking Jurassic World into such a direction surely runs the risk of turning a potential blockbuster into an outright disaster.

Studios have made horrible mistakes in the past. Apparently, this particular film is on the right track. Hopefully, fans of the original films have long memories and they show up in theaters when this one opens.

Native Americans Walk off Adam Sandler Movie Set

Recently, Native American actors and crew members walked off the set of Adam Sandler’s new movie “The Ridiculous Six”, citing racist and misogynistic jokes spread throughout the movie’s script. One might wonder what many of the actors assumed would be in a “spoof” genre movie from the creators of The Waterboy and others. Adam Sandler’s career has basically risen thanks to these kinds of jokes, so it is no surprise a movie that is a spoof on the western style of movie, has these kinds of jokes included.

To dive deeper into the movies of Adam Sandler to see if there is any sort of connection between these kinds of jokes and the production level, it is necessary to look at the films in different groupings. First, there is the “Payday” movies, which simply put, bring in more money than the others. Movies in this group includes “The Waterboy,” “Mr Deeds,” “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry” and “Grown Ups.” Essentially, all of these movies made more than $320 million at the box office, yet few would call these movies good. In fact, Sandler only has a single movie above 75 according to Ray Lane of Rotten Tomatoes. So, it is up to debate what is more shocking, the fact that Sandler would use play on words and possibly derogatory terms in a western spoof movie, or that the actors believed it would be a wholesome flick free of any negative stereotypes.