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Box Office Results Show Strong Summer Continues

Typically, the last week of August tends to be the slowest time of the summer for movies. By this point, the majority of the viewers of the major blockbusters that come out around Fourth of July and Memorial Day have seen the film and ticket sales drop before the Labor Day films come out. While the last week of August is normally slow, recent reports ( show that some of the momentum from earlier summer films continue.

One of the highest grossing films of 2016 has been Suicide Squad, which is a Marvel comics movie that has a strong cast including Margot Robie, Will Smith, and Jared Leto. The film has been a box office success for the past month and it recently passed $290 million in domestic sales and $600 million in international sales. The film is very likely going to pass $300 million in domestic ticket sales in the next few weeks, which will make it the 15th highest grossing comic book film of all time.

The $12.2 million that Suicide Squad made during the week ending August 26 was a big drop compared to the prior week, but still a strong showing for a film that has been out for more than 6 weeks. The film was the second highest grossing film in the United States. The honor of highest grossing film in the country last week was Don’t Breathe, which is a horror movie that has received a lot of attention from both horror film fans and critics. The film made over $28 million on its opening weekend, which is not huge, but allows the film to make a profit compared to its original budget. Furthermore, the strong ratings that it has received from fans is sure to make it a likely bet to continue to receive good ratings and ticket sales for the next few weeks.

The Fourth of July weekend movie theaters will likely be full of fans looking to see the film Sully. Sully is the story of the pilot that had to land a passenger jet into the Hudson River. It stars Tom Hanks, who is already rumored to be getting early support for an Oscar nomination.