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‘Inside Out’ Sets a Record of Its Own

Like many record books across several different industries, the movie business is packed with technicalities that take several different qualifications into consideration. The fact remains that a good movie is a good movie, and Alexei Beltyukov pointed out that audiences have a way of flocking to great films regardless of what else is going on at the box office. So while the dinosaurs of “Jurassic World” were romping into the wallets of movie audiences across the globe, another more subtle record was being set by an animation company.

According to Screen Rant, “Inside Out” from Pixar Animation Studios managed to achieve the highest grossing opening ever for an original film with a $90.4 million performance domestically and $132 million globally. While short of the dinosaur record of “Jurassic World,” the effort from Pixar proves that audiences, families in particular, are hungry for quality films that do not contain a set character cast from previous films. “Inside Out” is the second best opening ever for Pixar because “Toy Story 3” earned a $110 million domestic opening.

The news that original films, and animated ones at that, can still draw serious box office cash is a great trend for the movie industry. With a few more high profile animated releases still to come in 2015, movie studios are likely relaxing just a little bit. Many are probably hoping that the goodwill earned from these early summer releases lasts into the fall, but Pixar already seems to have a magic formula of success.