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The Untold Story of Yeonmi Park

Recently, Yeonmi Park launched her book, In Order To Live: A North Korean Girls Journey to Freedom. The book, which made its debut on 29th September 2015 has been a huge success. In this book, Yeonmi goes deeper into the experiences that she and her family underwent in North Korea. Yeonmi has publicly spoken about the escape from North Korea but the book gives readers a deeper and sensitive insight of what Yeonmi went through.

Miss Yeonmi Park wrote the book as a way of making the public understand North Korea and the problems the citizen undergo under the oppressive regime. The details regarding the oppressive community she lived in are intimate, gruesome and overwhelming. The price she and her family paid for their freedom was high but Yeonmi has no regrets. The only regret she has is not having left sooner enough. In the book, Yeonmi talks about how the family starved from time to time because of Kim Jong IL’s dictatorship.

Yeonmi Park on caseyandyeonmi tells of the horrific life her family was subjected to after her father was arrested. The family became an outcast. Yeonmi’s health was also affected and she lost weight besides suffering an appendectomy that went wrong. According to her book, Yeonmi was not even sure what freedom really meant for her and her family since their journey was about avoiding starvation. The book highlights how Yeonmi Park and the millions of North Koreans were deceived into believing that all the policies by the regime were geared towards helping the citizens. The experiences of Yeonmi have made her a braver person as she refused to let the circumstances and bad experience control her. The publication by Peak Publishers has broken records to become the first ever North Korean History to become a number one best seller.

Yeonmi was born 21 years ago to a military nurse and a civil servant, a labor union member. Yeonmi’s the family was considered to be of middle class status before oppression took root under the reign of Kim Jong IL. To sustain his family, Yeonmi’s father started smuggling metals to China. The authorities apprehended him and sent to a detention camp. While in the prison labor camp, he fell ill and was granted an early release. Upon coming back home, he organized the escape of his family while opting to remain behind because of his ill health.

Yeonmi and her mother left North Korea in 2007 by boat. During their journey, the two suffered abuse and mistreatment under the hands of traffickers. At one point, the human traffickers sold them as slaves. They managed to escape to Mongolia. On arrival, they went to the South Korean embassy and were safely flown to Seoul. Currently, Yeonmi resides in Seoul with her mother and sister.

Young North Korean Defector Yeonmi Parks Hopes Her Book Brings Change

Yeonmi Parks,is a young, North Korean defector. Her new memoir autobiography, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, tells the heart breaking tale of her sufferings under Kim dictatorship. Part of her story takes the reader back to when she was 13 years old. At 13, Ms. Parks and her mother managed to escape to China. Park’s memoir recounts her defection. Plus, the years spent being trafficked by gangs. These same gangs,were involved with arranged marriages in Northern China. Her journey continues. She travels across the Gobi dessert in search of freedom. The book is available on accompanied by sympathetic reviews. Published by Penquin Press, 109 Amazon reviews contest to the books impact. The book is a #1 best seller in the Norther Korean History category. As fate would have it, Yeonmi’s life takes a turn. Now studying Criminal justice in South Korea, this brave young activist spoke at the Young World Summit In Ireland. She also gave a speech at the UN Human Rights Commission on North Korea. Yeonmi Park told her story before. But in her book, she reveals the painful details of her escape and memories of living oppression. She’s come a long way. Yet,her ordeals came with a heavy price for one so young. Parks speaks of the love her family shared. But, she speaks about starvation and the harassment of King Jon II, North Korea’s dictator. The parks family were labeled as criminals after her father was caught trading on the Black Market. He was trying to take care of his wife and two daughters. The hardships described, included the death of Park’s mother and her missing sister. This is the story of loss and a child forced to grow up too soon. The work, highlights the authors darkest periods. Today, Yeonmi Parks is in her twenties on twitter, yet her painful journey has taken her roads, those twice her age, may have never traveled. Although, this young woman’s life was filled with terrors, Yeonmi Parks is both hopeful and determined not to forget where she came from. She remains proud of her North Korean heritage.