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Star Wars Character Boba Fett is Scheduled to get his own Film

The Star Wars franchise is constantly growing and expanding. There are 11 Star Wars Films that have been released and Boba Fett’s addition will bring the total up to 12. Boba Fett’s stand-alone film will be a backstory to his life. This film is expected to hit theaters sometime in 2020.


If you are not familiar with Boba Fett, he is a bounty hunter. He first appeared in the Empire Strikes Back. He was sent by Darth Vader with another group of bounty hunters to track down Han Solo. After Solo was betrayed by Lando Calrissian. Boba Fett took Han Solo’s body back to his employer who was Jabba the Hutt. Han owed Jabba some money and he wanted compensation.


Boba Fett also appeared in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. In this film, Boba Fett was portrayed as a little boy. His father was killed by a Jedi named Mace Windu and Boba watches him die. Young Boba then takes his father’s place and becomes the most notorious bounty hunter in the galaxy. This back story about Boba will probably be used in the film. Otherwise they will have to completely reboot the character’s life and his connection to the Star Wars Universe.


Huffington Post featured an article about this coming film. In the article it stated that James Mangold will direct this feature. He will use the assistance of Simon Kinberg. Both men have a history and experience with making superhero films. Mangold made the Logan movie and Kinberg was a screenwriter for a few X-Men films.


Boba Fett’s inclusion in the Star Wars universe is going to helpful for Star Wars fans. It will provide them with more of an opportunity to better understand the characters within the series. This one of the reasons why Rogue One and Solo: A Star Wars Story was made. These films help people to better understand the events in the original Star Wars films and in the second set of films released in the late 90s and early 2000s.


The news of Boba Fett’s own movie has many Star Wars fans happy with anticipation. While Boba Fett is a secondary or minor character within the franchise, his short presence in the series has helped him to become a popular character. Many Star Wars followers cannot wait until his film is released to the big screen.