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Billy McFarland, the Brain behind Magnises

Billy McFarland was brought up in Short Hills although he was born in NYC. Billy McFarland attended the Bucknell University to study Computer engineering. Billy McFarland is one of the founding members of Magnises established in 2014, where he works as the Chief Executive Officer.

Currently, Magnises has its services based in Washington DC and New York City and still expanding. Billy McFarland passion and determination to link the people in the community and the industries started when he was 13 years. He taught himself how to code, and he established his first company.

McFarland came up with the idea of founding Magnises after he realized that Amex black card was so expensive for him to afford as a Millennial. McFarland also felt a strong desire to change the traditional concierge model to a more efficient digital model. 18 months after the founding, the black card based in the New York City gained traction with several young professionals.

The back card (Magnises) has direct links the members to credit cards and debit. Magnises has also been endorsed by other big brands like Tesla and Samsung who saw the need to connect to their customers. Magnises has since its launch accumulated over 3 million dollars in their revenues. The Magnises services are consistently becoming friendlier efficient to its members every day.

Billy McFarland has also established an online site for content sharing an idea which developed to form the Spring Inc. where he is currently working as the Chief Executive Officer.

Magnises has exceptional abilities to help brands in marketing their services and products to the young people. Billy’s character and outstanding skills in coding, entrepreneurship and attracting and monetizing millennials made him earn names like ‘Mastermind’ by Bloomberg and as “The Tech Wiz’” from the Business Insider. Billy’s top skills include; entrepreneurship, Venture Capital, Social media, Business Development, Strategy, Start-ups and Corporate Development.