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Blade Stalls at Marvel Studios

The original Blade film is often overlooked when the history of comic book movies is discussed. Batman (1988) and X-Men (2000) are given the most credit for launching the modern comic book movie craze. They may deserve more praise for boosting interest in superhero films. As for movies based on comic books, Blade played a huge role in making graphic novels viable source material. The films were huge hits and established the great potential for comic book movies to make big money. This is why it is odd thanKevin Feige notes no new Blade movie is forthcoming.


Feige’s direct comments indicated nothing is “imminent”. In time, a new Blade movie – or TV series – is sure to come out of the Marvel pipeline. Blade made money in the past. There is no reason why Marvel Studios would not turn to proven material and reboot it.


Blade may not be a traditional superhero, but the character does cross two genres: horror and martial arts action. Audiences flocked to see these movies in the 1990’s and, honestly, there is no reason to assume audiences won’t flock to them again. Anything comic book-related is guaranteed a built-in audience. Horror movies do well and martial arts are always appreciated by action fans. Yet, there is no Blade on the near horizon.


Likely, Marvel Studios is already overwhelmed with projects. There are only so many new movies and TV and streaming projects a single company can handle. Taking a breather is helpful now and then, but Marvel is not known for slowing anything down.


Blade could be the proverbial “ace in the hole” to go to when the superhero cycle slows down. Blade might be promoted on its horror genre merits as opposed to its superhero-oriented ones.


That is all conjecture though. No one really knows when, where, and how a new Blade film will emerge. Eventually, the vampire hunter will come back to the big and/or small screen. Fans just have to bide their time and wait.