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Blade Runner 2049: An Unexpected Non-Surprise

In an unexpected turn, the sequel to Blade Runner 2049 has flopped. In this case, a lot of people did not expect things to turn out the way it did for the sequel. After all, Blade Runner over time has become a beloved classic in Sci-fi. However, this is not something to marvel over after all. For one thing, the predecessor has been disappointing financially when it first came out back in 1982. As a matter of fact, the now classic Blade Runner has even been critically panned when it has first opened in theaters. With this film, there has been a lot of praise which unfortunately didn’t save the film.

It is important to take a look at what could be causing movies in the Blade Runner universe to deliver disappointing results. One of the issues that people may say could be hindering the success of the Blade Runner movies is the pacing. However, another film that is said to be in the Blade Runner universe called Soldier, has suffered a similar fate in theaters when it was released back in 1998, and this movie had way more action than both Blade Runner and 2049 combined. As a matter of fact, the last 30 minutes of the film was more or less action. It could have something to do with the pacing of the film.

The results of Blade Runner 2049 unfortunately make any further sequels unlikely. However, this is not the first critically acclaimed movie to flop at the box-office. Another film that has more or less disappointed at box-office despite strong reviews from fans and critics alike is Dredd, another dystopian sci-fi film. An interesting thing is that this has a lot of action and has pleased the fans of the original Judge Dredd comics. While it did flop, it did make back all of its money through Blu-ray sales. There is also talk of a Dredd series with the possibility of Karl Urban reprising his role as the lawgiver.

Versions of Blade Runner 2049 in Contrast With the Original Blade Runner

There are a few parallels between Blade Runner 2049 and its predecessor. One of the parallels is in the release. Blade Runner 2049 has fared similarly to its predecessor in spite of all of the good reviews. However, there is one way that Blade Runner 2049 differs from Ridley Scott’s classic sci-fi film. There is very likely only going to be one version of the film available according to director Denis Villeneuve. Another thing that he has stated is that there is not likely going to even be any deleted scenes on the Blu-ray release. He wants the audience to be able to enjoy the film as it is.

This is not to say that there are no deleted scenes. There have been a few adjustments made to the film from the first cut which was said to be approaching four hours. Among the scenes that have been adjusted was the fight scene between K and Deckard in Las Vegas which involved a showcase of holograms. This scene was almost totally cut from the film. If they decided to cut that out of the film, then it would’ve left a jarring effect seeing that the scenes after that fight show K with blood and other signs that there was a fight.

What they did do was tone down the fight scene in Las Vegas so that there are fewer holograms. This is so that there would be more of a match to the tone of the rest of the film.

Fans that are looking forward to a possible “Director’s Cut” or “Final Cut” of the film would know that Denis Villeneue has said that the theatrical release is his cut. After all, Denis Villeneuve has proven himself as a good director before he has gotten involved with the Blade Runner project. Ridley Scott when he was doing the original did not have that much trust from the executives, and there was a lot of tampering with the project which is why there are quite a few different versions. Ridley Scott didn’t get to fully realize his vision until 2007 with the Final Cut.

Predictions for Blade Runner 2049

It is now a little more than 3 months until the release of the most anticipated sequel to Blade Runner, Blade Runner 2049, and there is bound to be some predictions. However, this is not one of these articles that is going to try to predict the storyline and twists. Instead, the release and reception is going to be predicted. One thing that I predict about this movie is that it is not going to live up to its predecessor in every way. The story may be more epic and engaging and the film might actually be a success, but one thing that can be said about the original was that it was groundbreaking in many ways that it has influenced sci-fi and other films.

One thing about Blade Runner 2049 is that the city does look similar enough to the predecessor. However, the overall feel of the film in those shots is different. Replacing the video screens of 2019 are the gigantic holograms of 2049. However, some shots of the new film capture the spirit of the original. Ironically, it is the shot of the desolate city where Harrison Ford’s Deckard fled to.

One interesting thing about the film is that there is the question of the world’s outlook of replicants. After all, this film takes place 30 years after its predecessor and a lot can change in 30 years. One line that gives a clue about the current outlook is the line that Jared Leto’s character gives about replicants being the key to the future of humanity. There can be tons of speculation on all of the possible plots of the film. However, it is best to leave speculation and allow one to find out upon film’s release what is going on. Given Denis Villeneuve’s track record and Ridley Scott’s involvement, it is going to capture the spirit of the original.

Journey to Blade Runner 2049

As fans would know, there have been attempts to make a sequel to Blade Runner for years, even decades since the original, directed by Ridley Scott was released. While the original was release to lukewarm reception, it has eventually caught on with VHS and the director’s cut. The story behind the director’s cut of Blade Runner is interesting. For one thing, work went underway when the 70mm workprint of the film was given a limited release. While it was remarkable how different the workprint was from the theatrical releases, Ridley Scott has made it clear that this wasn’t quite his vision. Therefore, he went to work on the director’s cut and then final cut.

Fast forward a few years, there have been talks about a sequel and people were expecting Ridley Scott to helm the sequel. However, Ridley has decided to give the directing job to someone who is interest. Fortunately, the director’s chair has went to Denis Villeneuve. While fans were initially disappointed that Ridley Scott has not taken over, audiences realize that it could be worse. For one thing, Denis Villeneuve has a lot of respect for the original and has shown that he can keep the spirit of the predecessor alive while bringing enough new things to the table.

One thing that people have remarked on is the drastic changes in many aspects of the design. For one thing, the wardrobe styles are noticeably different from the 1982 original. However, it is important to note that the upcoming film takes place 30 years after the predecessor as the title Blade Runner 2049 reveals, and history has shown drastic changes in clothing styles in a matter of 30 years. The trailer is showing this to be a character driven detective story in the vein of the original. However, it is going to be an upgrade in terms of scope.

The Third Trailer For Blade Runner 2049 Gets a Release

In an unexpected move from Warner Bros, the third trailer for the upcoming Blade Runner 2049 has been released. This time, it shows a little more of the story. People get to see more of the characters that are going to be involved in the story. There is also a nod to the storyline of the predecessor as Harrison Ford’s character talks about being hunted and what he has done to get away. This seems to allude to the possibility that Deckard is a replicant. However, the way the original handled it made this idea debatable. However, the previous trailer has a quick shot that suggests that Ryan Gosling’s character, K is a replicant. There was also some lines in the previous trailer as well.

The visuals have a bit of similarity to the original Blade Runner. However, there has been talk of the different aspects of the look. Denis Villeneuve has once stated that it is not going to look like its predecessor. Even shots of the city have enough differences between 2049 and the 1982 classic. Another thing to notice is that this film seems to have a much wider scope than its predecessor as there are plenty of other shots. Also, one thing to notice is that the latest trailer suggests that this film is going to take place in various parts of California and not just Los Angeles.

Ironically, the most reminiscent shots of the original from the 2049 trailer have to do with scenes in the abandoned city where K goes to meet Deckard. There seems to be a bit more action in this film than in the predecessor. Hopefully, it does ease up on the action because part of what made Blade Runner what it is was that it was slow moving and not wall to wall action.

Blade Runner 2049 Seems To Be In Good Hands

When the announcement was made that the sequel to Blade Runner is not going to be directed by Ridley Scott because of his commitment to the Alien franchise, the announcement was met with a lot of disappointment. For one thing, Ridley Scott is the one that was responsible for the film being a hit in later years. Also, Ridley Scott had the visual style that complimented Blade Runner. However, there has been good news. This news is that Denis Villeneuve has been chosen to helm the project. Villeneuve is known as a great director with a good visual style that could complement the world of Blade Runner.


However, there have been further announcements that the sequel is not really going to look like its predecessor. Fortunately, there have been concept images, and even set photos that show that they are doing everything they can to keep the spirit of Blade Runner with the sequel. Then when the teaser dropped, it has shown that they have managed to keep the spirit of the original. While there are some scenes that are in completely different environments, they still have the same feel of the old predecessor.


Even though the teaser of the new Blade Runner film was really short, it showed a lot for people to be excited about for the new movie. Whether or not the film is going to match its predecessor remains to be seen. At the same time, it does not really matter as long as the story is good. Blade Runner from 1982 was a major technological achievement in many respects. To try to top it might not be a good idea. However, the director of this film is turning out to be a good match for this film. Also, the director of the original, Ridley Scott, is staying on as the executive producer. Therefore, he has some kind of say in the creative aspects of the story that is going to be released on the big screen.


New Blade Runner 2049 Trailer to Debut With Alien Covenant

Alien and Blade Runner are two franchises that have been started by Ridley Scott. They are also considered Sci-Fi classics. One interesting thing to note is that both franchises have new installments coming out this year. Another thing, that is exciting to hear is that the new installment in the Alien franchise, Alien Covenant, is going to have a new trailer for Blade Runner 2049 attached to it. This one is going to of course show more footage of the film. Therefore, people are going to get to see how this film truly looks and get a better idea of the plot of the film.


Whether the plot is going to be revealed in the trailer or not remains to be seen. However, it is common for films to have their plots revealed in their trailers and even have big twists spoiled. The trailer for the original Blade Runner movie has had its plot revealed in the trailer. Of course details about the plot of the old film are left to discussion. The teaser only shows a couple of scenes including a scene with Ryan Goslings character walking through the wasteland which oddly captures the spirit of the old Blade Runner.


Then there is the Han Solo-esque appearance of Harrison Ford as Deckard wearing rather “normal” looking clothes. A lot of people talked about Harrison’s Ford wardrobe. It almost seems like he is breaking the fourth wall with his fashion statement. Either way, it is going to be an exciting day when Blade Runner 2049 is released to theaters.


There are some concerns about the film. One concern is how they are going to handle the mystery of who Deckard is. One thing that has been said is that the director of the new film is going to take care of this mystery. It is possible that they are going to deal with different aspects of the whole concept of replicants and open up the world of Blade Runner.


Blade Runner 2049: The Curious Sequel Arrives

CinemaCon has revealed some new footage from the upcoming Blade Runner sequel. Harrison Ford is present, which is no surprise. The appearance of Jared Leto is a bit surprising. Honestly, nothing is more surprising than the fact the film was made in the first place.


One of the strangest sequels slated to arrive in 2017 is Blade Runner 2049. The original 1982 sci-fi classic was a famous box office failure when released. The film was considered dark and depressing. People viewed science-fiction through the lens of Star Trek and Star Wars. The grim world of Philip K. Dick’s original novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” translated nicely into the film Blade Runner, but only serious science-fiction fans realized the brilliance. And there were too few of them in 1982.


The film has achieved a strong cult following over the ensuing years. The original director’s cut was released, a version that is a great improvement on the poorly-edited version that first debuted. Regardless, Blade Runner was not going to be a hit in 1982. The time was not right.


The success of the new Star Wars franchise likely played a major role in building up studio confidence in a Blade Runner sequel. Ironically, the success of Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back led studios to put a lot of faith in Harrison Ford back when Blade Runner was released. The director, Ridley Scott, was coming off the massive success of Alien. Things didn’t work out as expected.


The long-awaited sequel will be facing a much more enthusiastic audience. Science-fiction in all its forms is very popular. Putting Jared Leto in the film, truth be told, is going to sell tickets.


How many tickets the film will eventually sell is still a bit of a question mark. Likely, the film will be a success. Can Blade Runner 2049 develop a massive cult following? That would be a tall order.


Ryan Gosling’s Experience With Blade Runner 2049

Ryan Gosling has a bit to say for his experience on working on Blade Runner 2049 and working with his co-stars, particularly Harrison Ford. One thing that he has to say is that working on Blade Runner 2049 is like working on 3 different movies. For one thing, it has to cover a lot of ground which includes telling a story that justifies the 35 year wait. There is also the story which apparently involves a fight scene with Harrison Ford’s character, Deckard in which he punches Ryan Gosling in the face. One thing Ryan has to say is that Harrison Ford always brings some fun and professionalism to the work.


This reveal from Ryan Gosling suggests that there is something going on in the story among the two leads. Perhaps they are not on the same side. However, there are tons of films which feature two protagonists getting into a physical fight with each other. This does nothing to give away the story. All it does show is that there is going to be some action scenes in this one. This is what the original Blade Runner didn’t have a lot of. However, it is not the lack of action scenes that have made Blade Runner suffer initially on release, it is that it was really slow moving.


Ridley Scott has also been seen with the crew. Of course he is offering his insight. One issue that Blade Runner had was that it was ahead of its time. Ridley has said before that it is not good to be ahead of time. However, one good thing about the first Blade Runner is that it has aged very well. The effects and the story hold up well even 30 years later with the newly released final cut that corrects a lot of the glaring issues with the film.


As of right now, they are aiming for an October 2017 release. Therefore, they are well under way with the project.


Blade Runner 2049 Is Dennis Villeneuve’s Biggest Challenge

Dennis Villeneuve is showing himself to be a very capable filmmaker. His previous films have not only shown themselves to have good storytelling, but also good visuals. This is something that has made him a good match for the upcoming Blade Runner project, Blade Runner 2049. For one thing, it is most likely going to have some really interesting visual shots. At the same time, Dennis did say that the film is not going to look just like the predecessors. Of course, people have mixed feelings about this. However, it is important to consider that the film takes place 30 years after the first one as the current title suggests. Therefore, there will be some differences in the environment like there is in the real world with the advancement of technology.


One of the challenges that the new director is faced with is having to live up to the predecessor which is probably impossible. For one thing, the predecessor was not only considered one of the most iconic films in its genre, but also an influence on the genre as a whole. It has also influenced cinematography as a whole. Films like The Matrix, Minority Report, Batman Begins, Dark City, and a few others have taken a bit of influence from the classic. All that could be done with this sequel is to expand on the world of the first film.


Blade Runner was not met with a lot of approval when it was first released. However, it has found its audience on home video. Then it has gained even more attention when there was the suggestion that there are more than 5 versions of the film. Five different versions of Blade Runner including the workprint has been released on DVD and Blu-ray in an ultimate collector’s set.


There have been many attempts to bring Blade Runner 2 to the big screen. Ridley Scott has been in talks to direct it. However, he has finally stepped down to continue on in the Alien franchise.