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Black Panther vs. Tomb Raider at the Box Office

“Tomb Raider” hit theaters, but it still has not been able to knock out the box office Champion “Black Panther.” This does not take away from the fact that Tomb Raider is a great movie. At this time, however, it is facing great competition from a movie that is already on track to make more than a billion dollars. Initially, “Black Panther” had the black audience. As the reviews came in for this movie the praise went up and in it became a hit for a second weekend. After that it would continue to reign for more than a month as one of the better films of 2018.

All of this would give people a chance to take in a movie that many people may not have expected to reach a billion dollar mark. This is the first of its kind. The good thing about a movie like “Tomb Raider” is that there is already a built-in audience. There are video games, and there were already two movies in place before the release of new movie. This time around Angelina Jolie is not the main character. There is a fresh face on the screen, but she has all of the ambition of a young Angelina Jolie. The film is good, and the action scenes are intense. All of this adds up to a very likeable film that can easily translate into a box office smash as time goes on.

More people will gravitate to it as the fire for “Black Panther” goes dim. This is a good time for a movie like “Tomb Raider” to hit theaters. It is spring break for a lot of kids, and the early spring moviegoers are getting ready to come out and take in the movies. This makes it excellent for people that are looking for something that is action packed.

The good thing about a film like “Tomb Raider” is the middle ground that it possesses for people that want action movies. It is rated PG-13 so there’s not a ton of gory violence, but it still has enough action packed into this to be something that adults would take interest in. The fact that it caters to such a wide demographic is what makes easy blockbuster material.

The Long Time Coming for Black Panther in Hollywood

The Black Panther movie has really set the stage for African Americans to pay more attention to what is happening in Marvel comic books. It is true that Black Panther is a character that has been around for more than 50 years, but before the movie was unveiled there was no presence of the Black Panther in movie roles. It is true that he has appeared as a cartoon character in one of the Avenger movies, but there was still so much that was unknown about Wakanda and the Heritage that this character had. Now it seems that more people are embracing this fictional world of Wakanda where Africans have healing powers and spiritual rituals that allow them to repair the body and become somewhat immortal in ways. This is what fascinates people about this fictional world that was created inside of black panther. This is a movie that is moving far beyond boundaries and establishing a new quota in

The appears with this movie that people will still be talking about even after it is no longer in theaters. This is the new popularity of a black superhero. It has become something of a symbol of pride for African-American kids. They finally have a superhero that looks like them, they want to know more about the story that is introducing this fictional world. Kids and adults are embracing this superhero.

It should come as no surprise that this movie would thrive at a time when racial tension is at an all-time high. People really wanted something to take their mind off of everything that was going on in the world today. The popularity of this movie is during the time where Donald Trump is in office as the president. This is not a coincidence.

The popularity of this movie during the time where the Black Lives Matter movement is so vital is not a coincidence. There are many reasons why the Black Panther movie has been successful, and all of those reasons are to be factored in when people look at what has become close to a billion-dollar movie franchise. One cannot help but to look at the sources that have created room for Black Panthers to co-exist with other one dominant superheroes.

Why Black Panther is Important

The Black Panther movie is on target to make over a billion dollars while it is playing in theaters. No one expected this type of turnout. African-Americans are

proud of the film that portrays the first black superhero in such a positive light to people around the world. It has become a movie that is more about the Marvel Comics, and it is also largely about all of the different possibilities that exist when it comes to doing the right thing. This is what this superhero and villian saga brings to theaters.

It is very enlightening to see African-Americans in this type of culture because it actually brings a continent of Africans into American soil. There are conflicts between Africans and African-Americans in this film that are highlighted, and this plays a big role in how things unravel from one continent to another. It is a very interesting film that touches on many different aspects of race and morality.

So many people have become fascinated with the Black Panther movie because it is finally giving a black superhero a chance to become part of the Marvel lineup with other heroes that are presented on the big screen. It is already been stated that Chadwick Boseman has been given a 5 movie deal to appear in other Marvel films as the Black Panther. This is a serious undertaking for someone that has become well-known for the role of creating a superhero that has actually been around for several decades in comic book form. It is just now in 2018 that this superhero is getting a chance to become part of this multi-billion dollar movie franchise. For the longest time people have seen remakes of Superman movies and tons of different Spider-Man movies. It is just now that the black superhero is finally getting a chance to she a black superhero with these other superhero figures and upcoming movies.

There is a lot of interest in this Black Panther franchise because it gives people something new to add to what was already an established franchise. Marvel movies have been making billions of dollars for a long time, and now the African Americans finally feel like they are part of this movement. This is groundbreaking for Hollywood cinema.

The Black Panther Movie is Worth the Hype and the Wait

On Friday February 16, 2018 the Black Panther movie hit theaters all over the nation. This highly anticipated film about a Marvel superhero turned out to be a huge success. There was much hype surrounding this release. People waited for years for it to come to theaters. Once it finally arrived, audiences knew this gem was worth the wait. This film has set Marvel up to have a really great year in 2018. Chadwick Boseman performance as the Black Panther is truly outstanding.

The film also features other famous stars such as Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Winston Duke, Forest Whitaker and Angela Bassett. Crowds all over the nation who came out to view the event, had their own unique ways of watching the show. Some people in New York donned African gear and people in various theaters came to this event wearing Black Panther masks and other gear. This movie was a big hit with movie goers and critics alike.

The story is about an African prince named T’Challa. After he lost his father during the events of Avengers: Civil War, he was thrust into the role of king. Since he has taken the throne he has to deal with old enemies and new threats. Without giving away too much of the plot, T’Challa overcomes various challenges and encounters situations that he never expected.

The film is a thrill ride from beginning to end. There is a lot of action, special effects and fantastic dialogue between characters. Critics such as Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a 96% rating and Richard Roeper gives the film 4 stars. Film reviewer Brian Truitt of USA Today called the Black Panther a spectacular superhero. Most film critics agreed that the Black Panther is one of the best superhero flicks ever made.

Keep in mind that people Tweeted about this film so much that it broken records for the most tweets for a given film. It seems as if everyone agrees that the Black Panther film is one of the best flicks of 2018. A lot of African American groups and supporters endorsed this movie. They see it a cultural expression of black people in America. The Black Panther movie was more than just another superhero movie it was a major event that quite possibly have changed the way people will see superhero movies in the future.

The Black Panther is more than Just another Standard Superhero Flick

The Black Panther might not have been one of Marvel’s most recognized heroes in the comic books. However, that is about to change after his debut on the big screen. The Black Panther was released on February 16, 2018 and box office receipts proved that it was a huge success. It literally grossed over $426 million dollars in 4 days over the President’s Day weekend. Even the movie critics at the Huffington Post said this film has taken superhero films to new heights.

What made the Black Panther movie such a great film? It was a lot of factors. First, the star performer Chadwick Boseman delivered as the story’s leading character. He was charming, witty and very believable as a struggling prince trying to find his way as king. Boseman also had a powerful supporting cast that helped to put the film over the edge.

Michael B. Jordan played the role of Killmonger his nemesis and Danai Gurira (Michone from the Walking Dead series) co-starred as Okoye, who is the leader of Wankanda’s special forces. Wakanda is T’Challas kingdom that many consider a third-world nation, but it secretly has technology and a society that is well beyond any first world country. This is a huge conflict in the movie because some members of Wakanda wants the nation to ally with other countries but T’Challa wants them to maintain their isolationists mentality.

Forest Whittaker appears in the film as Zuri and Angela Bassets lends her talent to this film as Romanda. The film is loaded with lots of great performers and it has many action-packed scenes that are mind blowing. There is lots of humor and the film moves at a steady pace that keeps a person’s attention from start to finish. The characters are interesting, and the storyline does not get repetitive, boring or predictable. Movie goers liked the scene stealers when they showed up in film since they were an added treat to the overall theatrical experience.

There is a lot going on in the film, but movie goers can keep up with everything. As a matter of fact, movie goers were able to keep up with the plot, the action and they truly loved the characters. The Black Panther film has it all and is highly recommended for anyone who wants to a superhero movie that exceeds all expectations. In the words of former movie critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert: “This film receives two very enthusiastic thumbs up”.

Companies Moving Forward With Black Panther Blu-ray

Black Panther has had a successful opening in the United States. It has not only been one of the largest openings in the box office, but has also had some of the best reviews. However, there is something else that is interesting. The companies in charge of the Blu-ray have already released box art for the upcoming Blu-ray. The Blu-ray is going to have a steelbook package. One of the factors that plays into the film’s success is the repeat viewings. There have been tons of people who have seen the movie over and over in the weekend. Many have enjoyed it on the premium screens and are looking forward to another premium screening.

There are also some people who are still trying to see the movie for the first time. After all, not everyone is going to be able to see the movies they want to see on opening weekend. Either way, many people are seeing Black Panther as a one of a kind experience that is hopefully going to make way for similar films in the future. While there have been quite a few black films released in the history of Hollywood, they have not depicted black people in the way that they were shown in Black Panther.

There is a chance that the Blu-ray is not going to make it to video before Avengers: Infinity War is released. However, there is a high likelihood of Black Panther playing in theaters at the time of Avengers release. Therefore, people are going to have a lot of opportunity to get their Black Panther fix before the showing of Avengers Infinity War.

One thing that can be said about the MCU is that it has been releasing a lot of good films lately. They have been thinking a lot about the characters and the stories they want to tell. This is one of the reasons that they are shining. Another good reason is that the MCU is in the hands of people that care about the comics.

The Rise of Black Panther

There are few movies in the African American community that have received the type of praise that Black Panther has received. It has become a blockbuster that has shattered box office records when it comes to pre-tickets sales and box office holiday tickets sales. There is a reason for all of the hype. It is based on the popularity of the first black superhero.

Black Panther is not a new character. This is actually a character that has been around since the late sixties. The inclusion of this character and superhero in movies has been long overdue. Kids that have grown up have seen Superman and Spiderman movies over and over again, but so many of them have never had a chance to see a black hero. This is what makes it such a monumental time.

There are a lot of people that look at the role that Black Panther played and they wonder if it is possible to change the perspective about African and African Americans. It is totally possible that this movie may be something that bridges the gap when it comes to the way that black people are preceived in Hollywood. It is difficult for many for a single movie to change perception, but in the way that this movie is evolving it is obvious that this is the movie that is already going to change many perceptions about black people and Hollywood.

Tinseltown is always changing and evolving and it appears that African Americans and women in greater movie rolls are the talk of the town right now so many people are looking at the way that the movie industry has changed the perception of what is being done in the world of black Hollywood.

There’s also a black director that is overseeing the whole project. This gives it an even bigger reason for more black people to celebrate. It has definitely becoming the movie that people are going to talk about many years after it has been made because now it forces Marvel Comics to actually include the Black Panther in new and upcoming movies where all of the superheroes are coming together. It has been a long time coming, but that time is finally here for the black superhero.

Black Panther Soars at Box Office

Black Panther has surpassed all box office expectations in North America since its release on Thursday. Disney reported on Tuesday that the superhero film has earned over $242 million in its opening weekend on American and Canadian screens. Industry analysts had earlier predicted that the film would only make around $120 million in North America.

The film opened on Thursday and was boosted by a holiday weekend in the United States. Experts speculated that ticket sales ticked up on Monday due to business and school closures for President’s Day. The film made $40.2 million on Monday, bypassing the record of $40.1 million set by Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2015.

Along with Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther proved to be the most anticipated film of the year. Critics have cited the pre-release buzz as one reason for its success. Others noted that the film is the first Marvel film to feature a mostly black cast, making it appealing to black audiences hungry for representation. Social media campaigns to buy tickets for viewers who couldn’t afford them went viral during the film’s opening weekend, and individuals have raised more than $500,000 to help students see the film in theaters in the US and abroad.

Black Panther has also been strengthened by positive critical reviews. According to Rotten Tomatoes, professional critics have given it an average score of 8.2 out of 10. Review aggregate site Metacritic has the film listed with a rating of 87 out of 100. Celebrities like Will Smith, Oprah, and First Lady Michelle Obama took to social media to praise the film.

The film’s weekend numbers do not include its international take. Worldwide, the film has grossed $426.6 million. The film was especially popular in South Korea, where it earned a staggering $25.3 million in its first week. However, the film has not yet been released in some of the world’s largest markets. The film is slated to release in Russia on February 26 and will premiere in Japan on March 1. Its Chinese release will come later on March 9.

Marvel’s Black Panther is Smashing Records Worldwide

From the second Black Panther was announced from Marvel Studios, it has been nonstop breaking box office records for multiple reasons. Critics have been praising the film since the release; non-stop congratulations are going towards the crew for the work they have done. However, the film industry has been giving absolute praise to Black Panther for the efforts in sales that the movie was able to achieve. Many people are acclaiming the film’s success to the multiple African American actors cast in lead roles, to the incredible costumes and sets designs, to just the fact that it was a new addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole.

The New York Times concluded that in January, a month before Black Panther’s release date, the film had already sold more pre-sale tickets than any other Marvel Cinematic Universe film to date. In addition to this, sources put Black Panther was the most tweeted about movie of 2017; once again, this is the year before the release, showing how much hype and fan excitement was behind the film.

However, these remarkable sales are only the tip of the iceberg for Black Panther. Sales from opening weekend, according to Screen Rant, were over two hundred billion dollars, making it the fifth highest grossing film opening of all time. In addition to this, Black Panther was able to capture the title of being the highest superhero film of all-time, now being tied with The Incredibles.

This is still not the last of Black Panther’s records, as it has now captured a record that has not been broken since 1973. Black Panther is officially ranked higher than The Wizard of Oz, beating it by over 200 reviews. Black Panther currently has a ninety-seven percent rating on the site, both critics and fans alike are loving the Marvel cinematic masterpiece.

Overall, Black Panther has been making headlines and breaking records with every day it’s in theatres. In due time, this film will only continue to grow and grow in popularity and fame. This will be the boost the Marvel Cinematic Universe to a new high point to where it can shine for all the future films to come from the company.

The Black Panther Movie People Have Been Waiting For

The excitement is in the air, and people believe that “Black Panther” is going to be phenomenal. The reviews have been great, and there’s no doubt that millions of people around the world are ready to take a look at the latest Marvel superhero.

One good thing that has made the movie stand out is the large amount of praise that it has already received from many publications. The New York Times has given it good reviews. Rolling Stone and Variety magazine have also praised this film. It is the movie that has received stellar reviews even though it has not even been released to the public yet. This is what is making people get even more excited about this film. It appears to be one of the biggest films 2018, and it has a black cast.

This factor alone seems quite groundbreaking for the movie industry. The fact that there is a superhero that is black is going to be something that small kids are talking about. It is bound to have a ripple effect that will last throughout the rest of 2018. There are already kids that are planning a Halloween costume that involves the Black Panther. There is a celebration during Black History Month where this could become one of the biggest grossing African-American films of all times. There is so much to anticipate about a film such as this.

It brings forth a great amount of speculation about the role of African Americans in starring roles. This is the evolution of big screen cinema. There have been African Americans in many roles, but it is very rare to have a movie of this magnitude at this time that gives black people an entirely new way to look at the Marvel comics empire.

There’s definitely a good amount of anticipation about this film because Chadwick Boseman has proven himself to be a great actor. He has taken on rolls like James Brown in a bio pic, but he shows just how much is able to transition from one character to another with “Black Panther.” There is a completely different energy for playing an entertainer like James Brown to playing a superhero, but Chad Boseman has managed to pull this off quite well.