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Is Black Mask Going To Be The Top Villain In Gotham City Sirens?

Gotham City Sirens is an interesting DC Comics film currently in development. The film won’t be lost to development misery since top director David Ayer is working on the female superhero/anti-hero ensemble film. Margot Robbie has agreed to return as Harley Quinn in the feature. Catwoman and Poison Ivy are likely to play major roles in the films. And Black Mask might be the main villain. Everything sounded pretty good up to that point. Black Mask is a really weak Batman villain.


Anyone who takes a glimpse at Black Mask might be confused into thinking they are looking at Marvel’s The Red Skull. That is pretty bad on its own. The personality and character traits of Black Mask are reminiscent of the second and third tier gangster bosses in Marvel Comics. Anyone remember the Spider-Man villain The Rose? Not too many people do so fondly.


Black Mask was created to play the lead villain in a number of Batman story arcs over a decade ago. The villain did not exactly set the sales of the comics on fire. Honestly, Black Mask is about as trite of a villain as can be. Batman comics are known for a wonderful array of great rogues, but the same antagonists do get boring after a while. Creating a new bad guy makes sense. Putting a new bad guy who no one really cares about into a big budget movie, well, that is a weird plan.


Casting counts for a lot. A top A-list actor could make the on-screen version of Black Mask appealing. The actor really would need to infuse a lot of his own personal direction into the villain. Again, Black Mask is a really dull, one-note nemesis.


Black Mask may or may not even be the main villain in the film. Ayers has only hinted at Black Mask being the top bad guy. He may just direct other villains from afar like The Kingpin does in Daredevil. Black Mask doesn’t have the strange appeal of The Kingpin though.


Hopefully, things will change long before the final script is written.