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Ben Affleck’s Promise of a “New” Batman

There have almost been as many interpretations of Batman on screen as there have been in the comic books. In the upcoming Justice League movie, Ben Affleck has promised that there is going to be a newer Batman. In this film, Batman is going to team up with other superheroes and even serve as the leader of the League, even though he has no superpower. As a matter of fact, when asked about his superpower, Bruce Wayne has said that he is very rich. This pretty much makes him Iron Man for DCEU. However, depending on what fan is asked, Bruce Wayne might have a “super power” that is perhaps a lot different than what he has said in the film.

In the comics and some adaptations, Bruce Wayne is actually very intelligent. His intelligence is at the point where it could be considered a super power. He is able to figure things out as a detective and can take on any challenge not with force, but with his intelligence. Therefore, it is not just that he is rich, even though his wealth that he was born into may have helped with the development of his intelligence.

There are still plans to get the next Batman solo film out which Ben Affleck has ultimately decided not to direct, handing the directorial duties to Matt Reeves. As far as what is known about the upcoming Batman Solo film, it is going to be a detective story. This is something that has not been seen or focused on with any Batman film. Instead, the stories on screen have been more action oriented with a little bit of mystery depending on the type of film that is being presented.

The DCEU has had a rather rough start given the dodgy handling of the stories of certain superheroes, namely Superman. Fortunately, there does seem to be hope for the next project with the success of Wonder Woman.

Ben Affleck Toils on The Batman Script

So what happened to The Batman? No, not The Batman as in The Caped Crusader of the comic books. That particular hero is doing quite well as sales for the D.C. Comics’ character have been solid. The Batman in question here is the movie entitled The Batman, the solo project starring Ben Affleck.


The project is going to take a little bit more time. Affleck is still in the process of writing the screenplay. A release date for the film was given, but Affleck said he is not going to rush the film. He wants quality to come first. After the horrific critical drubbing Batman v. Superman received, he doesn’t want to suffer the indignity of starring in a financial hit that fans and critics frowned on.


Batman, Bruce Wayne, and Affleck are all going to get some serious screen time in the upcoming Justice League film. Wonder Woman comes out before the ensemble project debuts in theaters, so D.C. Cinematic Universe fans do have a lot to look forward to.


Affleck may be wondering if they really are looking forward to a new D.C. Comics/Warner Bros. superhero endeavor. Man of Steel also received some lackluster reviews as well. A continual series of poor films with equally poor and muddled screenplays won’t keep fans coming back time and time again.


And Affleck knows his project, a film his is writing and directing, is going to be compared to the Nolan/Bale trilogy that set the bar very high for superhero film quality. Affleck has had a few duds in the past such as the notorious Gigli, but he is also riding a wave of critical hits.


Regardless of how the other D.C. Cinematic Universe projects do, Affleck knows The Batman is his and his alone. Since he is starring, writing, and directing the project, all criticism is going to fall on his shoulders if The Batman is a dud.


Warner Bros. is probably thrilled with his decision to take the proper amount of time needed to do the film right. Warner Bros. doesn’t want to see its Batman franchise get ruined as was the case in the 1990’s.


Likely, the franchise is in good hands with Affleck.


Ben Affleck Is Trying To Put Together A Good Batman Movie

The previous DC films that have been released, Suicide Squad and Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, have earned a lot of profits. However, they did not gain the critical and fan acclaim that Warner Bros was hoping for. There are a lot of good reasons for this. One reason is that the films have been faced with a lot of studio interference. Suicide Squad itself has been faced with issues with pre-production, production and post production. For one thing, there have been many different versions of the film that have been made. However, the version of the film that was finally released to the public is probably not the best version that could have been released.


Ben Affleck is now involved with the production of the upcoming standalone Batman film. However, he has revealed that he is still in the scripting phase of the film. Therefore, it may be a little longer before they finally start making the film. One thing that could be said for Ben Affleck is that he has shown himself to be a really good director of films and he is likely going to have some similarities to Chris Nolan when it comes to the quality of the Batman films.


One thing that Ben Affleck has to keep in consideration is that he is not just writing a Batman movie, he is also having to come up with a film that fits in with the universe that DC films is trying to establish. However, with the way things are looking, it looks like Ben Afflick’s Batman is going to be the first good film in the DCEU. As a matter of fact, this could be the kick start of a phase 2 of the DC cinematic univese.


Ben Affleck does take his directing and acting very seriously. He has likely learned vicariously from Batman V Superman. One thing that he understands is that it is probably not good to try to give fans everything all at once.