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More than one way to success

If you have ever envisioned yourself rising to the top of the financial world, a great role model to look into would be Brian Bonar. Based out of California, his brilliance brought him to be the CEO of Trucept, INC., The Amanda Company, Inc., Smart-tek Automated Services, INC. and The chairman and secretary of Warring management services.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar is not your typical East Coast business tycoon, Bonar graduated from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland, he continued to achieve his PhD. at Staffordshire University. The importance of this being that he created his own path to get to his position in life. When most people think about financial success they think Wall Street and ivy league schools. Bonar is not your typical tycoon, in fact the Scottish native can be traced to humble roots.

Multiple sources credit his success to his engineering skills in a sense that he knows how things work and applies it to business. His mastery of his technical skills allowed a huge advantage as it was said he can build practically any business in any field from the ground up. This is a little more visible with the opening of his restaurant in San Diego called the Bellamy. There is a huge jump from providing Business support to running a restaurant as products and services vary so drastically. It is impossible to apply the exact same functions to every business and succeed equally.

This illustrates how diverse Bonar really is and his sheer talent of taking any task and catering to it specifically. There are few visionaries that can work outside of their specific field without trying to create some sloppy cut and paste quality of work. The Bellamy is even more significant since it is a taste of his Scottish roots in the US. It’s clearly a passionate move if you were to bring your home flavor to share amongst the people you work alongside.

In his case he is not exactly a person you would expect to work alongside however it is said that he has been known to get involved with every aspect of each of his business endeavors and ultimately get his hands dirty with his team. In short he has been regarded as a team player and a great asset to every company that he has been affiliated with. As far as how you go about reaching your own financial goals, keep your head up as Dr. Bonar has proven that there is more ways than just Wall Street.

Brian Bonar Brings A French Concept To A San Diego Restaurant

There are many ways to make a restaurant popular. Some restaurant owners go the traditional route while other owners try the unconventional. The traditional route does not always guarantee restaurant success. However, going the unconventional route provides many more opportunities for failure. A restaurant in the San Diego area that went the unconventional route but has become one of the most popular restaurants in the San Diego area is Bellamy.

A restaurant widely known for its French concept, Bellamy is very unconventional. The French concept is the brain child of the owner Brian Bonar. He wanted to start a restaurant in the San Diego area that was unique and different. He thought that a French restaurant would be a good choice. One of his first decisions was hiring Patrick Ponasty as the chef. A world famous chef, Patrick Ponasty has proven himself to be one of the best chefs in the world.

Born in France, Patrick Ponasty has a special understanding of the French culture, the French people, the French food, and what makes French actually French. As the chef at Bellamy, Patrick Ponasty took his special understanding of France and designed a concept for the Bellamy restaurant in planning with the owner.

The French concept has been widely popular in the San Diego area. As chef at Bellamy, Patrick Ponasty is able to prepare true French food that rivals any French food in the world.

Also, he is able to create a true French look and feel for the Bellamy restaurant. An unconventional concept and style for a restaurant is challenging, Bellamy has pulled off the concept and the results have been overwhelming.

Crunchbase said that Brian Bonar, the owner of the Bellamy restaurant, has been front and center in the development of the French concept at the Bellamy restaurant. With a list of successful restaurants under his ownership, Brian Bonar has taken Bellamy far beyond what most people thought he could using the French restaurant concept.

As a business owner, Brian Bonar brings many things to the table. He is smart, educated, has a great personality, understands people, understands the restaurant business, and makes sound business decisions. However, an important characteristic that many people tend to overlook with Brian Bonar is his ability to take a chance with a restaurant idea.

Brian took a chance on making Bellamy a French restaurant in a California city. The unconventional approach had its risks, but Mr. Bonar has been able to make Bellamy a great success story using an unconventional concept and approach.