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Lime Crime Stands Out As Intricate Colors

Lime Crime is very popular for having a complete waterproof formula that lasts up to 12 hours with eye-shadow, and lipstick shades. Their designer, Doe Deere, was only interested in vibrant colors that worked well for creative girls, and guys. LC products are always cruelty-free, and will never cause any harm to animals. Their products are chosen over other big name cosmetics 10 to 1. LC attempts to bring out your best features. Find a perfect shade for you by matching your skin type with their versatile online models. Still barely new, Lime Crime has really stood out in a competitive cosmetic industry.

Get exclusive colors like Beet It, and Radical Metallic. Lime Crime was born through her design school certification, and quickly became popular wearers who wanted organic, vegan products. You can visit Pinterest to find great ways to wear LC products, or to inspire others. They offer their customers a PURR line with a 5 buttery shade palette. A proceed of the sales will go towards socializing, training, and placing rescued strays. LC cosmetics is known for being animal friendly. You can find quality products reasonably priced at under $40 a palette.

Visit the Lime Crime website for a complete listing of their color opportunities. You can also take part in the new Scandal line under the LimeCrime brand. Take a new approach to the way you look at your routine daily makeup routine with quality cosmetics from Lime Crime. Give your eyes, and lips the joy of vibrant colors.

Sapphire Engagement Rings: Coming Back With A Popular Vengeance

Almost since the beginning of recorded history has the sapphire, and other precious stones, been symbolic of the engagement protocol prior to marriage. While “a diamond is a girl’s best friend,” according to Hollywood legends, it is with the sapphire that this article post concerns itself the most.

A Brief Historical Overview Of The Sapphire

Beginning with ancient Greece, betrothal rings were given, and many attribute this practice to establishing an indication that a contract to marry was in the works.

During the medieval period, engagement rings were used as a mandatory covenant sign; moreover, they established a formal period of “engagement.” Legend has it that a sapphire’s blue color faded if any infidelity was suspected on the part of the bride.

As engagement rings became popular in the 14th or 15th century in noble or royal families, sapphires, rubies and emeralds became the most popular symbols of betrothal among the wealthy.

Color It Blue Or Something Else?

Mention sapphire to almost anyone, and the immediate association is with the color blue. Surprising to many people, other colors as well are found among the gem class known as “sapphire”: pink, yellow, green, purple and red; however, blue remains the most commonly popular today.

In essence, the most valuable blue sapphire comes in a vibrant, velvety blue hue and its tone ranges from very light to very dark. However, many experts consider medium-tone gems as being among the best in quality and in purity.

The Sapphire’s Rise In Popularity

As said, blue sapphires have always been popular among the nobility. After the tragic death of Diana, Princess of Wales, her son, Prince William, selected several of his late mother’s personal pieces of jewelry. Eventually, his mother’s blue sapphire ended up on the hand of Kate Middleton, his intended bride and commoner wife. Referring to its new owner’s standing in society, some called it the “Commoner’s Sapphire.” Since then, blue sapphire pieces of jewelry are coming within reach of dethroning the perennial diamond as the preferred choice jewelry.

The Natural Sapphire Company: Premier Sapphire Purveyors

As an indisputable authority in natural, untreated sapphire stones since 1939, this preeminent purveyor of sapphires began selling zircons over 75 years ago. Through the years, based on its industry recognition and standards, it grew to be the largest purveyor of natural, untreated sapphires.

Untreated natural sapphires simply means that the gems are never color-diffused, irradiated-oiled, glass-filled or heated to the highest temperature possible. After three generations in the sapphire market, The Natural Sapphire Company remains with its signature product–natural untreated sapphires.

At the time of the company’s founding, gemstone enhancements and synthetic stones were not yet introduced into the market. Hence, its founder, Walter S. Arnstein, decided to only deal with natural, untreated sapphires as its primary choice inventory.

Magnificent Makari De Suisse for Perfect Skin Tone Lightening and Brightening

There comes a time when safe skin care products matter and no recklessness will do. Most of us just buy a bottle or jar, hoping to achieve the clearest, whitest complexion and body without reading the fine details first.

Many over-the-counter and prescription skin care products contain suspect chemicals like hydroquinone for fast lightening and brightening. If you do your beauty homework, you would know that hydroquinone is not a safe bleaching agent. In fact, it has been shown to cause cancer in lab animals.

Seriously, who would want to take the chance, when there is a better solution that’s affordable and made with the most advanced science and pure substances found in nature?

Makari De Suisse has quickly emerged as the global leader in effective skin whitening and brightening at the safest, most natural level. These luxurious and silk like creams, serums, soaps and lotions are botanically based with exquisite formulas containing special caviar extracts and zero chemicals. In fact, Organiclarine is the brand’s patented ingredient for successful bleaching. It is a non-medicated and safe substance found in nature.

Makari was manufactured at its inception in Switzerland, where extremely strict beauty standards remain. The brand does not cut corners and stands proudly with integrity. That’s why fans around the world rely on a proven winner to balance skin tone, whiten and fade dark spots, patches of discoloration, acne scars, freckles and any skin imperfection that darker complexions are challenged with.

Customers love Makari’s Extreme Serum with Carrot and Argan Oil to lighten, clear and balance skin tone. It’s wonderful for those body imperfections you want to clear up and make disappear, and with Organiclarine present, this serum works fast. Your skin will feel soft and smooth and get whiter within weeks.

Another favorite is Makari’s Exclusive Toning Milk and Soap set. It’s a strong duo that’s designed to work fast to even skin tone and remove all kinds of hyper-pigmentation issues. Organiclarine is the magic ingredient that delivers the finest in complexion balance and lightening.

To learn more about the best skin whitening line on the planet, visit