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Jeunesse Global serves customers with nature’s vintage health reserves

Jeunesse Global has quickly gone from a non-entity to one of the most renowned health and beauty companies on the global scene. It has done this largely through the creation of some of the most cutting-edge products that have ever been devised in the health and beauty space. With more than a dozen products, Jeunesse is demonstrating that even the most well-established corporations in the most entrenched industries can be disrupted by those with vision and drive.
One of the company’s most stunning products has been its health drink called Reserve. Using resveratrol, one of the most potent antioxidants known to science, Reserve captures all of the benefits of red wine consumption without exposing users to the risks of ingesting alcohol.
For decades, medical researchers have understood that moderate red wine consumption is one of the best ways to protect against cardiovascular disease. But the world’s major medical bodies still have not recommended that people who do not currently consume red wine begin doing so. This is because there is a small but significant risk that someone who begins consuming alcohol will eventually go on to develop an alcohol use disorder. Even with the proven benefits of red wine, the consequences of developing a serious drinking problem are so severe that, even if only 5 percent of people go on to have serious drinking problems, all of the benefits of red wine consumption are cancelled out at the population level.
Now, Jeunesse Global has found a solution to this epidemiological problem. Through the creation of Reserve, the company has formulated a drink that not only captures all of the benefits of red wine consumption with none of the risks, but it also provides users with many other health benefits on top of these. Made with fruits that confer powerful health-protective effects, which Jeunesse refers to as superfruits, Reserve tastes great and allows users to get a nearly complete dose of all their daily essential nutrients.
In addition to resveratrol, Reserve contains real juice from blueberries, pomegranate, concord grape and acai. The drink also contains aloe vera, green tea and grape seed.

Doe Deere Leads the Way With the Lime Crime Cosmetics Brand

The best thing about shopping online is that there is always an opportunity to find something new and exciting. I have found a lot of things over the years by accident. I know, for example that I would have never discovered a company like Lime Crime if I wasn’t wondering around on the Internet.


This may have been one of the greatest discoveries I have made when it comes to cosmetics. I think that this is the makeup brand that has stood out because it has a some delightfully wild colors. This brand does not look like anything else that is out. Shades like squash are bright and bold. I have been blown away by others shades like Zany Alien. All of these are shades that I have purchased, and I have always received compliments. So many people will stop in their tracks when they see some of these Lime Crime shades that I wear. This is the brand that just gets attention because it does not have the same old dull colors like everything else out there.


I am thankful that I know about this company, and I think that just about anyone that tries the brand out will be hopeful to see more of what this company is selling. I know that there’s a company that also sells eyeliner because I have purchased some of this as well. I am considering purchasing some of the hair dye because I want to have some plum red hair to go with the lipstick that I purchased from this website. It is a very interesting website that I can stay on for hours.


I like the way that this company has continued to bring forth new shades throughout the course of the years. Doe Deere is the CEO of this company, and she stays wired into her fan base. She will tweet about a new shade online and that is what starts the anticipation of new makeup on this website. That is how she gets her fans to take interest. This social media is the core of her marketing tactics.



Lime Crime Defines The Makeup With No Compromise On Style And Quality

Lime Crime, the famous makeup brand, is creating waves in the market with simplified but stylish products which are derived from vegan byproducts. The U.S. based makeup brand has online stores as well as brick and mortar stores in U.S., Canada, Middle East, Mexico, Russia, U.K., China, Australia, and more. It has cosmetic products for lips, hair, eyes, face, nails, etc. The cruelty-free brand is set up by Doe Deere in 2008 which focused people who wanted to make a try on bright and shining beauty products than regular ones.

Considering the huge demand for the colorful cosmetic products, LimeCrime became an instant hit, and the firm is frequently forced to bring more diverse products with different shades and color mixes. The products are known for and highly appreciated for its quality, and it gives freedom and self-expression, per Deere. The brand is known for innovation in cosmetics and gets the attention of fashion lovers with its unique product series. Interestingly, LimeCrime is well aware of the changing trends in makeup products, and it surprises the customers with some highly appealing products. For instance, it introduced a trend-setting limited edition called MLF set on April 27, 2017, to celebrate the Mother’s Day.

The grand success of the products is also attributed to its stickiness to be 100 percent vegan product. This aspect is making people from all sections to make a try for it and even endorse it considering the no raw materials sourced from animals. Though it prominently sells women makeup products, it has men’s line of products as well. The firm wants each of its customer enjoying the occasions or special events by using the high-quality and trendy makeup products offered by it. Lime Crime wanted to present the products at the competitive prices, and this makes more demand for them.

The brand is also active in various philanthropic missions, and its founder Doe Deere is actively making the firm involving in charities that are working against the cruelty against the animals and animal rescue. Lime Crime is supporting charity organizations such as Girls Inc., HOLA, Sanctuary For Families, Bideawee, Adopt NY, and Red Cross.