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Changes Made To Beauty and the Beast Characters

One thing that Disney and the studios seem to be on is adapting animated classics to live action. Disney’s recent Beauty and the Beast live action adaptation has made some changes to some characters. In the animated movie, Gaston had a sidekick named LeFou. In the animated feature, Lefou has been played for laughs as the punching bag of the movie. In the live action adaptation, he has been changed to be more of a human and dignified character. He has gone from a mere goofball to someone who is looking out for Gaston’s best interest.


Other than those changes, the movie has all of the beats of the animated feature. Lefou does still have some comedic moments. At the same time, they have even brought somethings to attention in this film that was probably implied in the animated feature. Lefou’s care for Gaston might be more than merely platonic. However, even with the changes made to the story, Beauty and the Beast seems to be little more than an uninspired by the numbers adaptation of the Disney classic. The interesting thing is that the Disney classic is an adaptation of an old fairy tale of the same name. They have taken the time to bring forth many changes so that it will feel fresh.


Beauty and the Beast could’ve benefited from going back to the original story in order to find another direction that the movie could go in. Instead, they just decided to just do the animated movie replacing the hand drawn characters with live-action characters. But since the animated feature was considered the best, then this could be considered a good movie too.

Disney’s Live Action Beauty and the Beast Makes History

Disney’s new live action adaptation of the popular animated film Beauty and the Beast is making history by featuring Disney’s first gay character, LeFou.


Played by Josh Gad (who is perhaps best known for voicing Olaf in Frozen), LeFou is the close companion and manservant of egotistical skirt-chaser Gaston. The film will feature its first gay scene in which LeFou explores his sexuality and his feelings for Gaston.


According to director Bill Condon, LeFou is someone who, one day, wants to be Gaston and the next, wants to romantically be with Gaston. This “watershed moment” is a huge stepping stone for Disney, and the film itself attempts to show more progressive perspectives on beloved Beauty and the Beast characters. In addition to the change in LeFou’s sexuality, Belle is more decidedly feminist in her revisions. Belle has aspirations of becoming an inventor like her father, making her no mere bookworm.


These advancements come after last year’s criticism Disney received from GLAAD for not featuring any major LGBTQIA characters in their films. It seems that Disney has chosen to not play it safe with its live action adaptation of fan favorite Beauty and the Beast. But how will fans react?


Judging by fans’ responses online, it seems that most fans have been eagerly awaiting the feature of a gay character in a Disney film for quite some time. While it seems some are already upset by Disney’s decision, many fans are eager to see this depiction of LeFou on screen when the film hits theaters on March 17, 2017.