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Find The Nourishment That You Need For Your Hair

Thousands of women are in a dilemma with their hair and don’t know of a reliable hair care solution that costs less. They want to meet the demands of their budget and pricey salon visits aren’t working. They also have used the beauty store products that are advertised by high end celebrities. Wen by Chaz Dean ( is an affordable and relaxing solution to rebuilding or treating your hair for less. They are reasonably priced at under $40 on Amazon to meet your hair budget and their products are safe to use every day because they contain all natural ingredients with no by products.
In a recent Bustle article one young lady decided that she would use Wen by Chaz after she saw a YouTube commercial. She admired the locks on the models and decided that she would give it a try on her short thinning hair. In fact, she was looking for a product that can withstand the elements of the south. She was tired of the humidity causing her hair to look horrible by the end of the day. She decided to go with their strengthening conditioner to revitalize her hair and it worked. She now recommends Wen by Chaz to all the Bustle readers.

Wen by Chaz has a huge list of hair care products for you to choose from. Each bottle has the proper dosage listed on the outside of the bottle so you never use to little or too much. Wen by Chaz wants you to get the proper amount that will treat their hair and give them shine and volume. They have a wonderful summer scent called the peach summer collection that will give you an aroma that men and women will love. Visit their official website for more details on how to nourish and bring your hair to a all natural state.

Makari Skincare: Face Lightening

Skincare and cosmetics have always been an area that has been underrepresented for those that have darker skin tones. But there has been a growing demand for these types of products that was not being answered. But that has been solved thanks to Makari de Suisse. This is a company that has made it their goal to address the needs of those with darker skin tones and help them meet all of these needs.

Makari has created an amazing line of products that serves many different needs. This line includes products that address some of the major problems such as dark spots, stretch marks and acne marks. These are all areas that both men and women want to deal with but have not had the options to do so until this line came out.

Makari has also gone above and beyond to meet the needs of all of their customers in the best ways possible. Their products are made out of natural ingredients such as Argan Oil, Carrot Oil and Caviar while also leaving out Hydroquinone which has been reported to have a lot of negative side effects.

Makari is a company that has done amazing things in the area of skincare and cosmetics as well as several other very major areas of concern. Their groundbreaking work opens up the pathway to other companies with a target consumer base of those who have darker skin tones compared to the many cosmetics and skincare companies that target those with a lighter skin color.

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Shea Butter and Its Many Purposes

Shea butter is extracted from the nut of the Shea tree in Africa. It is an off-white or ivory-colored fat that has been used for a long for its healing purposes. Shea butter is also used as a base for many products now, including lotions, lip balms, hair products and even foods. It can be used for skin abrasions and skin breakdowns and minor burns. It has anti-inflammatory properties which promote healing and allow the skin to regenerate. Shea butter has been used by women for a long time during pregnancy to help prevent stretch marks.

EuGenia Shea is a company that was owned by a mother and daughter team who wanted to share the natural Shea butter with others. Named after the mother, EuGenia, this company was started when EuGenia learned about the benefits of Shea butter from the very own midwife who delivered her as a baby. This mother-daughter duo has made this company into something more with being able to provide products to everyone. Employing women in Ghana and providing a portion of the proceeds of sales back to the Ghana through their education system, EuGenia Shea is a company that also gives back to where it all started.

EuGenia Shea offers this wonderful Shea butter in beautiful little tins of different colors and scents. There is truly something for everyone and you can give them as gifts to your family and friends or choose to keep them for yourself. You will want to keep Shea butter on hand at all times because there are many purposes for it and you can use in your daily life. It is something you will love to have at your home and is a fabulous gift to give to others.

Galore Magazine Interviews Lime Crime Creator

On the 15th day of August in the year of 2015, a representative from the ever so popular Galore Magazine sat down with Ms. Doe Deere and held an interview with her about her success as a female entrepreneur. For those who do not know who Doe Deere is or what she is famous for, she is a well known CEO and creator of a makeup company that specializes in bright and bold makeup. During the Galore Magazine interview, Doe Deere shared several pieces of information about her well known company such as the creation of it and what sparked her creativity and interest in makeup.

One of the very first questions that Doe Deere was asked during her interview with Galore Magazine was about how her interest in makeup first sparked. Doe responded by saying that she was always known to be a very creative and artistic kid. She loved creating such bright artwork. One day, she decided that she would take her creativity from the paper and put it on her face. From then on, Doe Deere could be found doing very bright and colorful makeup looks. She would use every color of glitter and eyeshadow that she owned shamelessly in one makeup look. Another thing that Doe was asked had to do with her first memory of makeup. Doe said that she and friends were rather strange kids. They would summon spirits while dressed like witches. Doe decided that they needed something more to their costumes, so she brought out some dark eyeshadows and brown lipstick. Her friends thought that she had officially gone crazy, but Doe was loving every single minute of it.

Some of the last questions that the Galore Magazine representative asked Doe Deere had to do with her company and makeup line, Lime Crime. She was asked many things as to how she came up with the name ‘Lime Crime‘ and how she feels about being an internet based company. One of the main things that she was asked during this section of the interview was about what keeps her inspired with her makeup line. She said that she loves creating new things for her customers to try out and that she hopes to inspiration to both men and women who not only love makeup, but also want to start up their own business like she did.  Follow her journey on the official Lime Crime blog curated by Doe Deere, as well as the company Tumblr page.