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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi – What’s Next for Bradesco?

1.Luiz Carlos Trabuco, a successful entrepreneur, was born in Marilia, SP on October 1951. He is a Philosophy Graduate at the University of Sao Paulo. In 1969, Mr. Luiz joined Banco Bradesco where he started his career. Due to his commitment to banking, he has been incredibly industrious. A summary of his career experience is as follows:

• Held positions in different pension and insurance firms, e.g., Bradesco Group in 2003.

• He has been the CEO of Banco Bradesco since 2009

President of ANAPP which is an organization of private pensions

Some time back, 91-years-old Lazaro Brandao who is the oldest executive decided to retire from the chairmanship of Banco Bradesco. His position was replaced by Luiz Carlos Trabuco who is the CEO of the bank. Until March 2018, Mr. Trabuco will hold the two posts at the bank.

Who will success Luiz Carlos?

Although certain newspapers point out that Mauricio Minas might be the next Bradesco CEO, the truth is that no one knows who will be chosen. He has been an influential executive at Bradesco being the one behind the bank’s significant technological revolution. He worked tirelessly to make it a digital bank. He also pioneered the integration of HSBC.

It is Bradesco’s culture to promote existing executives to higher positions rather than hiring other people who have never worked for that bank. This perception was fostered by the Lazaro Brandao. It will be applied in the replacement of Luiz Carlos whereby one of the seven top executives will be appointed.

Some of the executives who stand a high chance of becoming the third Bradesco Chairman include the following:

• 58-Yeard-Old Domingos Figueiredo Abreu. He heads the credit and treasury sector of the bank. His 36 years of experience at the bank makes him a potential candidate.

• 57-Years-Old Alexandre da Silva who was among the bank members who pioneered purchase of HSBC retail unit. He has been a hardworking member since 1976.

• Lazaro Octavio. Lazaro was born in 1963 and joined the bank in 1978. He was recently promoted to become one of the top-position holders heading the insurance sector.

• Andre Rodrigues Cano. The executive is in his late 50s and chairs the Human Resources Unit. After working for 39 years, he was promoted to his current position in December 2016.

• Marcelo Noronha. Noronha deals with all the bank’s investments. He has 14 years of experience having joined the bank in 2003.

• 57-Years-Old Josue Augusto Pancini. Augusto has worked tirelessly to promote good branch networking. Bradesco hired him in 1975.


The results are highly anticipated as many people want to know the fate of Brazil’s second-largest bank. By March next year, the results will be out since Bradesco has scheduled a sitting that will choose the leader. While being interviewed, Luiz Carlos Trabuco revealed that the process would be held in a free and just manner without any discrimination

What has made Mr. Trabuco a successful entrepreneur?

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a bold risk taker. One of the bravest moves he has ever made ever since he started his banking career was the purchase of HSBC. It was worth more than $ 5.1 billion. This acquisition paved the way to Bradesco’s great achievements as making it outwit its rivals in the banking sector.

2.Trabuco was ranked as thebest entrepreneur in 2015. Several factors were put into consideration before his crowning. He had contributed significantly to the growth of Bradesco since he became its member in 2009.


Hopefully, the next CEO of Bradesco will drive the business to greater heights. If the example of Luiz Carlos and other hardworking executives is followed, the bank will continue its domination as the second best in Brazil.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Reached the Peak as CEO at Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco very frequently used his influence over the financial market in Brazil. The primary reason for this was that Trabuco was destined to become Bradesco’s fourth CEO. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was essential for many successful outcomes for most of Bradesco’s most important credit negotiations. Trabuco quite frequently addressed the media with statements, which often are featured on magazine covers as well as newspaper headlines. Luiz Carlos Trabuco worked for decades at Bradesco, when almost every important businessman and political leader took to his predictions regarding the financial market, which led to great advantages and results to many. This has was an essential ingredient to Bradesco’s financial results throughout the time he has worked for Bradesco.

Bradesco has gained many advantages from Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s financial market influence because of Trabuco’s position as one of Bradesco’s most important and influential leaders. This was very important to achieving many victories in the financial market for Bradesco. Trabuco is the one to credit for Bradesco’s impressive performance as the second largest Brazilian private bank. Bradesco is not far behind Itaú-Unibanco, which is the largest Brazilian private bank. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is expected to continue using his powerful influence within the Brazilian financial market for a number of years from now.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was the first choice to be Márcio Cypriano’s programmed successor. Márcio Cypriano was the third president to lead Bradesco since Bradesco’s first president who was Amador Aguiar, who was also the bank’s founder when Bradesco first became a bank in the year of 1943. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was trained and prepared to fulfill this position for about 4 decades while leading different areas of Bradesco to fully comprehend the bank’s culture. Due to the fact that Luiz Carlos Trabuco produced great results in different areas of Bradesco this played an important factor to becoming Bradesco’s leader. When Luiz Carlos Trabuco started working at Bradesco, he quickly rose within the hierarchal and corporate structure. When Trabuco was aged 47, he was offered the role of vice-president of Bradesco. Before Trabuco became vice-president, he had already been successful in managing the bank’s private retirement funds as well as its marketing area. While Trabuco led Bradesco Seguros, which is Bradesco’s Insurance branch, the results that he produced recognition to his status as a valuable future leader. Trabuco made Bradesco Seguros’ market share grown from 23% to 25%. Bradesco Seguros’s market share sizeable growth was the source of 35% of Bradesco’s financial results for that year. Bradesco Seguros’ previous financial results were accountable for 26% of the Bradesco’s income before Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over the leadership of Bradesco Seguros.

A notable coincidence is that Luiz Carlos Trabuco and Amado Aguiar, who was Bradesco’s founder, are both from the city of Marilia, which is a countryside city in the state of São Paulo. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the father of three children and he is married. Trabuco earned a degree in Philosophy at USP (Universidade de São Paulo). Luiz Carlos Trabuco renowned for being an outgoing person, and he is often seen with a large smile which made him a frequently photographed celebrity and also for displaying his sense of humor. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is not considered your stereotypical banker due to the fact that he didn’t earn a degree in Accounting, Business Administration, Economy, or in Engineering. Luiz Carlos Trabuco earned a Philosophy degree and a Social Psychology degree from the School of Sociology and Politics of São Paulo (Escola de Sociologia e Política de São Paulo).

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was very dedicated to making Bradesco become a modern bank. Trabuco began modernizing Bradesco in the 1980s, as the head of the bank’s marketing area. Luiz Carlos Trabuco also holds the merit for improving Bradesco’s previously less than favorable relationship with the media with positive marketing strategies which gave Bradesco a very positive image.

Before Trabuco re-invented Bradesco, Amador Aguiar had created standard services for all the bank’s clients. Trabuco re-wrote Bradesco’s banking service standards. Trabuco also introduced overdraft protection to clients that met required qualifications. Luiz Carlos Trabuco also had his hand in creating Bradesco Prime agencies, which caters to its high-income clients.

Igor Cornelsen, is a Skilled Brazilian Stock Market Trader and Investment Businessman.

Igor Cornelsen is a stock trader and investment business adviser who enjoys international recognition for his sound judgments and expert advice about investing in stocks and foreign exchange. He has been a top executive in several large Brazilian banks, and he single-handedly manages a substantial portion of the economy in Brazil. Presently, he is retired from active trading, though he is a banking consultant who is widely consulted by many banking institutions at home, and abroad in the USA. He now lives in South Florida.

Throughout his career, he has assisted many amateur investors to generate huge revenues from trading in stocks and foreign exchange. He is currently the proprietor of Bainbridge Inv Inc which operates from the Bahamas. As a specialist in many investment services and products, he offers valuable advice on long term strategic plans for successful trading. Primarily, he has often guided investors into safe investment venture by building partnerships with all players in the industry. His vast experience enables him to adroitly identify cheap stock options, which when sold at a later date, yield significant profit margins.

Being the 8th largest economy in the world, Brazil offers many attractive investment opportunities to international corporations. Such organizations invariably rely on the advice of Mr. Cornelsen. He has a unique investment style that is based on a keen understanding of the objectives and desire of his clients. The sincerity he displays in all his business undertakings greatly endear him to his investment partners because he does not give open guarantees to his trading partners, but at all levels, he makes sure they are aware of the risks inherent in any large investment plans.

Although Brazil is known to have strict, and at times tricky legislative policies on investing, Mr. Igor Cornelsen makes it a priority to comply with all regulatory statutes, and agencies on investment. In the U.S. he has fulfilled every requirement stipulated by the United States Securities Exchange Commission. He is on record as a person who played a major role in leading his partners and clients through the market cras h that happened in 2008. He has brought a lot of cost effective measures in the Brazilian investment industry through his thorough grasp of the international markets. While he was active in the banking sector, the fiscal policies he helped to initiate was a real driver of the Brazilian economy. He is still a much sought-after consultant even though he is now retired.

Equities First and the Fundamental Nature of Working Capital

Working capital is part of the total capital used by an association and is oftentimes portrayed as the variety between short-term liabilities and short-term assets. In every practical sense, it is the cash required to run all the step by step operations of a business. It is thus clear that no association can work well without having enough of the same. The pioneer in stock-based loans; Equities First Holdings offers help to many firms in guaranteeing their capacities are not hindered at all. The way toward managing working capital entails management of short-term assets and liabilities making sure that each organization has sufficient liquidity to work its capacities in a smooth way.

Proper administration of working capital may be evaluated through a combination of techniques. Financial investigators conventionally take a gander at the working capital cycle and proportions of other working capitals against organization’s associates and industry benchmarks. The most generally used measures and proportions are the sales outstanding days, inventory outstanding days and payable outstanding days. Liquidity is much essential for a running business to ensure everything runs smoothly and as expected. Unfortunately, most of the small businesses don’t have the potential to fully finance their operating cycles by just using account payable. Thus, they see the need of going for external help to keep everything working well. Equities First stands on the gap of financing startups with most of them not able to secure banks loans.

Dealing with the working capital well will along these lines allow the business to work well and productively and wind up arranging for some cash to invest in beneficial activities and paying off debts. Adequate working capital will also allow a business to pay its fleeting commitments on time which may incorporate working costs, pay rates and buying of raw materials. Additionally, organizations with satisfactory working capital can get the vitality of generating more cash flow leading to higher business valuation. By utilizing stock loans from Equities First, small businesses get the chance to equip their businesses with enough working capital.

How Does Equities First Help High-Value Customers?

The firm at Equities First helps their high-value clients with loans that will assist in a number of areas. Customers who are looking for new infusions of cash must speak to the firm today, and they will find a lending plan that serves them well. Everyone seeking a loan need not go to a bank for assistance. The bank is only one place where money is found, and Equities First ensures borrowers are given the treatment they deserve. This article explains how the firm does their work with the utmost of professionalism.

#1: The Loans Are For High-Profile Customers

Large companies and private citizens often have cash flow issues that may be solved with loans. Going to a traditional bank leaves each client open to quite a lot of trouble that is difficult to pinpoint. They may be caught up in red tape for months, and they will not receive the money that is needed. Equities First puts loans through in a timely manner, and they specialize in all those who have a high value.

#2: How Are Loans Packaged?

Equities First is quite interested in packaging loans for customers in a manner that helps them take out as much money as possible. They know these clients are dealing in a very rich world where money is needed to accomplish their goals, and they will package a loan that ensures the value is found in each new product. They offer the exact amount of money needed, and they ensure the clients are pleased with the loan amount before moving on to the closing phase.

#3: Closing Loans Quickly

The team at Equities First prefers to close loans quickly. Their clients need the cash as soon as possible, and the company has other clients to serve. They are not willing to tie up anyone with a string of bureaucracy that causes problems, and they do not want to waste money on a process that may take only a few moments. The office at Equities First ensures every loan closes in the proper time, and they allow the clients to ask questions about Equities loans before signing on the dotted line.

Everyone who is borrowing for a high-profile need may use Equities First to save time and energy. The company is willing to lend large amounts of money to their high-value clients, and they will close quickly for the benefit of the client.

Dallas Based Financial Institute Reports Strong Earnings

In March of 2016, NexBank Capital, Inc., reported strong financial results for the fourth year in a row. It reached record levels of earnings for 2015. They state that net income has reached $53.2 million with a 35 percent growth in Return on Average Equity at year end. Year-over-year, they have reached $1.88 billion having total deposits reach 32 percent. Total loans increased to 42 percent, and total company assets reached $2.72 billion, which is a 48 percent growth from the previous year. They say that for 2016 they will focus on client base and development of their U.S. businesses.

NexBank Reports Strong Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2015 Results

About NexBank Capital, Inc

In November of 2015, NexBank acquired College Savings Bank, focusing on diversifying through adding other sources of deposits. They offer three areas of banking in commercial, mortgage, and investment needs, as well as corporate advisory services.


Commercial Banking

Commercial lending is through commercial loans and sba loans. Real estate lending options are available to developers, investors, and owners. High yield money market accounts, commercial accounts, and analysis accounts, along with credit services, are some of the many commercial banking options offered.


Mortgage Banking

NexBank offers a wide variety of mortgage solutions delivering quick and reliable funding.


Investment Banking

They offer advisory in the areas of real estate, operations, recapitalization and restructuring, corporate finance, and mergers and acquisitions.


Personal Banking

For those interested in personal banking products with NexBank, they offer checking, savings, and mortgage services as well as convenient and flexible online banking options and online bill pay. They also offer a wide range of CD’s to fit your needs. The many benefits include: competitive rates, flexible terms, automatic rollovers, and frequent special promotions. CD terms range from one month with a rate of 0.10 percent to sixty months with a rate of 0.65 percent.