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Bad Boys 3 Gets New Release Date and Title

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are returning as Detectives Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowry, respectively. Michael Bay is also returning, but not as Director, as producer. The tite is also going to be different from the numbered movie. Instead of being merely Bad Boys 3, the film has a new title of Bad Boys For Life, which is a reference to a line spoken in Bad Boys 2. However, now that the title has been announced, there is also a delay in the release date. The release date for the film has been pushed back to January 12, 2018 from June 2, 2017. No explanation has been offered for the delay. The only thing that could be suspected is that it is taking a while to get the production off the ground.

Also, there is a plan for Bad Boys 4 to be released just a little over a year later. Given that Bad Boys 3 has been delayed, it is only logical to conclude that there is going to be a delay for the further follow up. However, the fact that there is going to be a Bad Boys 3 is good news for fans of the franchise.

One thing that the franchise is known for is the long waiting times in between films. The first Bad Boys was released in 1995. Fans would have to wait 8 years before Bad Boys II is finally released in summer of 2003. Even though the iconic themes of the first one was missing because of a last minute replacement of Mark Mancina with Trevor Rabin, Bad Boys 2 still managed to capture the spirit of the original. It has even exceeded the original to a lot of fans. The third one is being released a whopping 15 years after the second one. If things go as planned, the fourth one will be released a mere year later. The fourth one could easily be either the final one of the franchise or the gateway to an expansion of the franchise.