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Arizona Philanthropist, Jason Hope Boost SENS Foundation’s Anti-aging Efforts

Funding a research project to defeat aging—even for only a few years—can be daunting without government input. Hope turns to philanthropists who can make out the value of aging research for all humans and who are ready to step forward with research funding. One such philanthropist is Jason Hope. The Arizona based internet entrepreneur is using his resources and influence to advance aging research and initiatives. A great deal of Jason’s philanthropy efforts are focused on SENS Foundation, a non-profit organization formed to tackle ageing and age-related illnesses head on.


The organization focuses on scientific research, education and advocacy with the objective of curing age-related illnesses. The name SENS—abbreviation for Strategies For Engineered Negligible Senescence—was originally coined by Aubrey de Grey, a British bio-gerontologist, to describe a wide range of regenerative medical therapies aimed at addressing ageing and age-related diseases. Since its inception, the organization has been a driving force in rejuvenation technology. SENS is supported by a wide range of philanthropists and prominent researchers.

Hope’s Involvement

Hope’s involvement with the organization started in 2010, when he donated $500,000 to SENS. The organization used the funds to establish its Cambridge laboratory and to implement other new research initiatives. Hope didn’t stop there; since then, he has contributed over $1 million to the cause. Besides lending his financial support to the organization, Hope also plays a vital role in SENS’ outreach program.

Hope believes that rejuvenation biotechnologies are the future of human health. According to him, this is the only approach to anti-aging that’s geared less on treating diseases, and more on understanding its prevention as a way of creating better quality of life. With time, normal body metabolism gradually damages the body, and leads to a plethora of diseases associated with old age. To curb this, SENS approach works to repair such types of damages before the body develops harmful pathogens.

About Hope

Jason Hope is an Arizona-based futurist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist with a great fervor for technology and giving back to the community. Jason holds a finance degree from the Arizona State University (ASU) and an MBA from the same university—W.P Carey School of Business. Besides business and philanthropic causes, Jason is also a keen follower and contributor to politics related business throughout Arizona and nationally.