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Importance of the American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects, or AIA, offers government advocacy, education, public outreach, and community redevelopment in support of the architecture profession. This professional organization also tries to improve the professions public image. They work with the members of the building industry to help coordinate the design and construction team.

Important People and Designations

Robert Ivy is the CEO of the AIA and Thomas V. Vonier is currently the president. They have both received the most prestigious honor which is the designation of Fellow of the American Institute of Architects. This is awarded to the members who’ve made contributions have national significance to the architecture profession. About 2%, or a little more than 2,600, have been awarded this designation. Over 90,000 licensed architects and other professionals are currently members. Membership in the AIA includes five levels:

Architect membersAssociate membersInternational associate membersEmeritus membersAllied members

  • Architect members, or AIA members, are licensed in architecture by someone with the authority in the United States.
  • Associate members, or Assoc. AIA members, are not yet licensed in architecture but are working under a professional’s supervision. This includes interns that are earning credit toward architecture licensure
  • International associate members are licensed in architecture outside the United States.
  • Emeritus members are AIA members that are at least 65 and have been members for 15 years in a row. Those incapacited and are unable to work are also included in this group.
  • Allied members include people working in a profession that is related to the design and building community. These members include planners, engineers, and landscape architects. This type of membership is a partnership between the American Architectural Foundation and the AIA.

Purpose of the AIA

The AIA tries to meet the needs of architects around the United States by helping to raise public awareness of architectures value and how important good design is. They speak with a united voice to help influence government practices that have to do with the profession. The AIA keeps tabs on the legislature and regulatory actions concerning them and uses its membership to help influence federal, state, and local decision-making on these policies. Check out on to know more abou AIA.

Where It Began

The American Institute of Architects began in 1857 in New York City. A group including 13 architects formed to elevate the profession’s standing in the United States. Prior to the AIA’s establishment, anyone could say they were an architect since there were no schools for architecture or licensing laws concerning architecture in the United States.

The AIA has improved the field of architecture by banning together and making the profession more trustable. By including licensing and educating those wishing to become architects, they have made housing in the Unites States safer for those living inside of them.

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The Beauty of the Mighty Fortress Church

Minnesota is home to many spectacularly beautiful houses of worship. This area has a great many church buildings, as the state hosts over 50 Catholic churches in Sterns County itself, with many other churches of other denominations all over the state. The design of these buildings ranges from the highly traditional to the very modern, and many boast very ornate designs.

Here’s our top picks of some of the most gorgeously designed churches in Minnesota.

The Church of St. Mary’s in New Tier. This pretty church in the Beaux-Arts Style was built back in 1909, but its vibrant beauty, in bright red with pale brick accents, is as amazing now as when it was first built. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

The Assumption Chapel in Cold Spring. This charming little chapel was build in 1951, to replace a chapel that was destroyed by a tornado. The chapel has a charming Gothic style and sits on top of a lovely wooded bluff.

The Mighty Fortress Church, Crystal, Minnesota. This beautiful church offers a clean style in red brick, with stone detailing. The building resembles a kind of modern fortress that offers peace and shelter, which is a perfect style for a house of worship.

The Mighty Fortess church is a welcoming house of worship that offers church goers a place of true community. People from all faiths and all walks of life are welcome here, as this is a place that meets each believer exactly where they are in their walk.


Bishop Thomas Williams is the Senior Pastor at the Mighty Fortess Church, and he has served in the ministry for over 30 years. His mission in his Christian walk has always been to offer hope and the love of God through the message of Christ. This is a message available to everyone, as the love of Christ offers healing from the many distressing problems of life in the material world.

It is the ongoing mission of the Mighty Fortress Church to offer the hope of salvation to all who come to this beautiful church, housed in a sheltering building made with hope and joy. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on