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Arnim Zola Was to Appear in Ant-Man

With so much news about new Marvel Comics films, details about older and equally successful ones are overlooked. Information about concept art from Ant-Man has been released and it is pretty interesting. The character of Arnim Zola was to return in a rather traditional — and traditionally bizarre — way. The human computer version of Arnim Zola was to make appearance in Ant-Man, but things changed and the return of the villain was not to be.


Bringing Arnim Zola to Ant-Man would have been somewhat odd. The character is a Captain America villain, which explains why he appeared in the first two Captain America films. Fans of 1960’s Marvel Comics know Ant-Man and Captain America were part of the original Avengers and Arnim Zola and the Avengers have surely crossed paths.


In the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), things are a bit different. Crossing over heroes and villains has its positives and drawbacks. Bringing back popular villains adds to the continuity of the universe. Unfortunately, there also runs the risk of repeating villains in too many films comes off as a rehash. Original material works a little better sometimes.


The 1960’s to 1980’s version of Arnim Zola was both creepy and corny. Although Arnim Zola was never a A-list Captain America villain, he did maintain a solid presence in the “First Avenger’s” career. The artwork of Arnim Zola shows he would not have been corny looking in Ant-Man. The depiction of the villain was far more ominous. Maybe that is one reason why he was dropped.


Ant-Man is a superhero film with classic science-fiction overtones. The film had a humorous and campy component to it as well. The scary version of Arnim Zola, the one depicted in the artwork, may have been a bit too dark for a lighthearted film such as Ant-Man. Granted, Arnim Zola could be made humorous in the film but, in doing that, he would cease to be Arnim Zola.


There were different versions of the Ant-Man script over the years and different directors were attached to the original film. Ant-Man did well at the box office and a sequel is planned. Ant-Man was a good, not great, film. Maybe a change of style and the return of Arnim Zola can play a part in the sequel.