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Giving Back is Important to Real Estate Expert Sam Boraie


Sam Boraie has made his fortune in real estate and development services, and now he’s dedicated to giving back. In some ways, investing in real estate does this already. It helps to transform urban areas and increase property values. It spurs growth in the area and makes it more attractive to buyers, homeowners, and business owners. Too often, areas that go neglected see their values fall and the deterioration of the city, but Boraie helps to ensure that this does not happen.

However, it’s about more than just real estate for Boraie. He wants to give back and help the area on many fronts. That’s why he works with Elijah’s Promise, serving on the advisory board.

Elijah’s Promise is a nonprofit organization that focuses on fighting hunger. It’s one of the most basic needs for people everywhere, but it too often goes unmet. Homelessness and hunger can be a deadly combination. People often think that extreme hunger is something you only see overseas, perhaps in war-torn regions. While it certainly exists there, it’s important to remember that it’s also present close to home. The goal for Elijah’s Promise is to help those who need food see their needs met.

This hasn’t been a short-term mission. They’ve been doing it for decades, having started back in 1989. They have branched out into a number of different ventures, which Boraie helps them oversee, including:

— A soup kitchen where members of the community can stop by for a free meal.

— A school that helps to teach culinary arts. This not only teaches people about food and nutrition, but empowers them by giving them the skills they need for a job in the industry.

— A catering business, allowing them to take food to those who need it.

— A cafe that operates on a pay-as-you-can system. This way, people don’t go hungry just because they don’t have enough money right at the moment. This gives flexibility to those without a stable income.


The nonprofit also works to connect families and individuals in lower income brackets with the health and social services that they need. All told, they claim to serve in excess of 100,000 meals each and every year. As you can imagine, that has had a drastic impact on those who can’t afford food. Their work to train people to get jobs in the food service industry is also huge, as it can help provide a steady income and really help someone move beyond hunger on a long-term basis.

As you can see, transforming the community is what Boraie really cares about. There are many ways to do this, and he wants to leave a lasting impact in every way that he can. Real estate development can do this, but there are also those who need help in far more basic ways, and he’s there for them, as well. No job is too small or too large. With this type of dedication, he has done so much to help the area and those who call it home.


Solvy Proves To Be The Best Educational Tool Today

Alexei Beltyukov has been able to use his experience with companies like A-Ventures and New Gas Technologies to help kids, and he has found the solution in Solvy. He recently presented it at a big conference, and he also wants to be sure that all the people who are using it understand why it is so important. His plan for the program was to be a systemwide thing. He wanted to be able to talk to the educational leaders who could order it on the spot, and he knows that it could help if a whole system used it.

The people who are using Solvy by Alexei Beltyukov will notice that it is a two sided program. There is something about this program that makes it far easier to use because it actually contains all the homework that is assigned. Someone who gets their homework in the system can work on it right there, and someone who has to grade the work in the system can give feedback instantly. It is much easier than anything else the class has done, and it resolves questions before people get back to class.

The class will be able to communicate with the teacher when they are in Solvy, and that is the part that Alexei Beltyukov believes makes the educational experience better for everyone. The education that the students get just becomes better because they are constantly in talks with their teachers. It is either that or they never get their questions answered.

A teacher who uses Solvy will find out quickly that Alexei Beltyukov has created the simplest homework system possible. Anyone can use it because it is all online, and a whole school system can empower their students by giving them a program that changes their perspective on homework on unresolved questions.  For more info, be sure to give Alexei a follow on his social media accounts.

Success Means Fighting Tyrants For Thor Halvorssen

Spending time in hiding or avoiding the authorities in closed societies may not seem like living a successful life for most people, but for Thor Halvorssen and his colleagues at the Human Rights Foundation these problems are just a small part of everyday life. Halvorssen is known to the majority of people for his impressive work as a film producer of both documentaries and fiction movies; Halvorssen finds the most success in the work he has been completing as a human rights activist and campaigner for the rights of the oppressed.

For Thor Halvorssen the issue of how to live his life changed dramatically with the 1993 arrest of his father by law enforcement officers he was investigating as the drug czar of Venezuela; discovering a money laundering operation led to Halvorssen’s father being imprisoned and tortured despite holding diplomatic status in the Latin American country. This was followed by Halvorssen’s mother attending a political rally in opposition to the ruling socialist party of Hugo Chavez and being shot by a government official because of her political stance. A member of one of the best known political families in Venezuela, Halvorssen has looked to raise awareness of the loss of human rights of people around the world through the Human Rights Foundation that looks to fight dictators wherever they may rise in the world.

As mentions, Thor Halvorssen has been looking to fight for the human rights of people around the world for a number of years, with his first campaigns reaching public awareness in 1999 when he embarked on major demonstrations against Chinese slave labor laws. Working with some of the largest human rights activist groups in the world gave the film producer a large amount of experience in the community before he formed the Human Rights Foundation in New York City.

The rise to prominence of Thor Halvorssen has seen his experience and knowledge of human rights take him to some of the most impressive institutions in the world to provide information, including the U.K.’s Houses of Parliament. Over the years Halvorssen has been given a number of awards, including recognition from his alma mater of the University of Pennsylvania for protecting student speech.