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Glenn Beck’s Twisted Anti-Semitic Attack on George Soros

Glenn Beck is a well known conservative advocate, Fox News commentator and Tea Party spokesman. He is also a right-wing talk show host who has dedicated his life to promoting his own twisted version of anti-reality conservative propaganda. Beck has a long history of villainizing supporters of the Democratic Party. One particular person of Beck’s disdain is the billionaire investor, humanitarian and philanthropist, George Soros.

George Soros is a well known name in American politics. Soros is a major contributor to the Democratic Party in the United States. He is also a humanitarian and a supporter of democracies and worthy causes throughout the world. Soros, a Jew, was born in Budapest, Hungary. As an adolescent, he experienced the Nazi occupation of Hungary during World War II. George Soros survived the horrors inflicted by the Nazis and went on to graduate college and make his fortune in finance and currency speculation.

In The Nation, Jonathan Schell outlines in great detail the warped and twisted approach that Glenn Beck takes when talking about George Soros Nazi. Beck demonstrates the typical right-wing conspiracy theory approach that there is a plot by the global elite to take over the world. Beck accuses Soros of creating a “shadow government” through which he and others can rule the entire world. Beck uses the same type of appeal to antisemitism that was used by other demagogues such as Hitler and Stalin in the early part of the twentieth century.

Beck seems to have taken his irrational hatred of George Soros to new levels by accusing him of working with the Nazis to seize the property of Jews and helping to send them to death camps during World War II. This interpretation of the situation is just another example of Beck and other right-wing fanatics twisting facts to meet their own fantasy version of reality. Beck has little or no appreciation of the reality of a young adolescent Jew boy trying to survive the horrors of the Nazi occupation of Hungary.

Another article that appeared in the New Yorker Magazine further details Beck’s obsession to twist the facts to paint George Soros as an anti-Semite. The article explains that the real fact of the matter was that George Soros did visit properties owned by Jews during this time period. But, Soros only accompanied his Christian protector who was ordered by the Nazis to take an inventory of these properties. Soros was only a 13 year old boy at the time. So what could he do?

Glenn Beck’s animosity towards George Soros may stem from the fact that Soros has been a strong supporter of the Democratic Party. Soros has spent millions of dollars to back democratic candidates like Barack Obama and John Kerry among a great many others. Beck’s many attempts to label Soros as some kind of shadowy anti-democratic figure have failed largely because they don’t hold up to reality. Soros has spent his life supporting those who support democracy and oppose communist dictatorships throughout the world.

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The New Yorker Editor Chides Glen Beck for his False Accusations against George Soros

A senior editor and columnist with the New Yorker Magazine has castigated Glen Beck for his underhand campaigns aimed at tarnishing the name of George Soros, the renowned billionaire philanthropist and principal donor of liberal causes. In a November 2010 commentary titled “Puppetry” inscribed by guest political columnist and editor Hendrik Hertzberg. The writer described Beck’s assertions painting George Soros as an anti-Semite who supported the holocaust and an enemy of Israel as baseless and ill conceived lies. Before the three part show aired, it was heavily promoted in the Fox News media and Beck’s conservative radio show. The gist of the pervasive attack was an article titled “The World According to Soros” which was earlier written for the New Yorker by Connie Bruck.

In the tri-episode, Glen Beck accused Soros of planning a revolution in America on Twitter after previously supporting regime changeovers in the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Georgia through the Velvet, Orange and Rose Revolutions respectively. Beck also accused Soros of plotting coups in Yugoslavia, Slovakia and Croatia. The magazine absolved George Soros from much of the attacks thrown at him by Beck. It went further to describe Soros as a billionaire hedge fund investor, an inspirational humanist and supporter of anti-totalitarianism and liberal causes. The piece gave an account of George Soros history, beginning with escape from the Nazi’s to his educational background in the UK and push to fight communism in Europe and other tyrannical regimes.

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George Soros was born in 1930 in Budapest, Hungary to Jewish parents. Soros spent most of his boyhood hiding from the Nazis and the Hungarian Nationalist-Fascist supporters. He later immigrated to the UK and enrolled at the prestigious London School of Economics where his love of business and the financial markets began to show. In 1956, he joined his parents in New York and took his first job on Wall Street. His parents had earlier escaped Hungary after the Soviet army ran over the opposition during the Hungarian Revolution. Today, Soros is credited for playing a pivotal role of dismantling Communism in Western Europe and fighting for democracy and civil liberties across the world. The self made billionaire is also ranked the 35th wealthiest individual by Forbes magazine.

The same illogical assertions against George Soros by Glen Beck and other Conservative media personalities have also been debunked by other media houses, including the Daily Beast and the Nation Magazine. In a race and ethnicity column headlined “And Now; Anti Semitism”, that was published in December 2010,The Nation columnist Jonathan Schell described Glen Beck as the latest in a cabal of deranged demagogues hyping anti-Semitism sentiments in the modern era. The repudiation follows the accusation by the leading Fox News commentator that Soros was running a shadowy government whose mandate was to topple the American political system. Jonathan pits Beck in a long line of conservative demagogues, who include entertainers such as Michel Savage and Rush Limbaugh. The writer also accused Beck of injecting the most virulent and dangerous accusations into the American thinking.