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Alien Covenant And Niell Blomkamp’s Alien 5

Those that have been following Niell Blomkamp have been well aware of his interest in doing an Alien 5. He has also given an intriguing treatment on what he has planned for the story. This film is supposed to ignore the events of Alien 3. However, an interesting turn of events have caused Blomkamp to put his ideas on hold. Ridley Scott has decided that he is going to return to the Alien franchise for a few more films which leaves Alien 5 in the air. Ridley Scott has already been involved in another film in the Alien franchise recently called Prometheus. There has been plans for a direct sequel to the film. However, this has been scrapped for another film in the Alien universe.


While key stars in the Alien universe, Sigourney Weaver and Michael Biehn have expressed excitement and an eagerness to return to the franchise, Niell Blomkamp has expressed a pessimistic view on the project stating that the chances of it getting off the ground are slim. However, this does not mean that his plan for Alien 5 is dead. However, it is as a slim chance of happening as Niell says.


There are many reasons why he wants to ignore Alien 3. However, the only issue is the quality of the film. While Alien 3 was a rather depressing film, the only reason that it did not succeed as a film was because of a lot of interference on the part of the studio. The theatrical edit was sloppy and all over the place with a lot of action set pieces that had no purpose and plot points that went nowhere. However, when one got to the assembly cut, the story was more fleshed out and this resulted in a film that was only slightly inferior to the other two if inferior at all. Perhaps the one reason that Niell wants to ignore Alien 3 was that Ripley is an iconic character. At the same time, Hicks has established himself as an icon for the Alien franchise.