Cassio Audi before the Business Suit

Cassio Audi was born in Sao Paulo Brazil. Cassio showed an interest in music at a young grade school age. Cassio’s parents knew that one day Cassio would become a famous musician due to interest and determination he showed practicing playing his drums at home. Cassio’s parents were right.

Cassio Audi’s early music career started as, a teenager, age range thirteen or fourteen. Cassio’s choice of music, that he enjoyed playing were metal types of music such as thrash metal, heavy metal ,and rock music. Cassio’s drumming skills were magnificent.

In 1985 when Cassio auditioned for a drummer position with a Brazilian Band named the Viper Rock Band. Cassio’s early music career skyrocketed as he performed at tours and various music events with the Viper Band. Casio’s drumming style mesmerized the metal and rock music fans throughout Brazil. Cassio’s unique drumming skills were unlike any drum musician in Brazil.

Cassio along with the members of the Viper Band were highly inspired by a successful rock music group located in the United Kingdom named Iron Maiden. The Viper Band worked diligently to show their fans in Brazil that they were just as talented as the rock group in the United Kingdom.

Cassio Audi was not only a talented drummer he also was an inspiring music composer. While with the Viper band Cassio assisted in composing vocals and lyrics for two album recordings.

1985 – The Killera Sword
1987 – Soldiers of Sunrise

The album Soldiers of Sunrise took the Viper Band over the top in being recognized for their music. Their performance events were published in top magazines and the album Soldiers of Sunrise was acknowledged as Brazil’s number one greatest hit in this music genre.

In 1989 Cassio Audi ended his early music career to venture out to other interest. When Cassio left the group the band played on but was destined to find another master drummer who could play and perform like Cassio Audi in his early music career.

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