The Black Panther Movie is Worth the Hype and the Wait

On Friday February 16, 2018 the Black Panther movie hit theaters all over the nation. This highly anticipated film about a Marvel superhero turned out to be a huge success. There was much hype surrounding this release. People waited for years for it to come to theaters. Once it finally arrived, audiences knew this gem was worth the wait. This film has set Marvel up to have a really great year in 2018. Chadwick Boseman performance as the Black Panther is truly outstanding.

The film also features other famous stars such as Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Winston Duke, Forest Whitaker and Angela Bassett. Crowds all over the nation who came out to view the event, had their own unique ways of watching the show. Some people in New York donned African gear and people in various theaters came to this event wearing Black Panther masks and other gear. This movie was a big hit with movie goers and critics alike.

The story is about an African prince named T’Challa. After he lost his father during the events of Avengers: Civil War, he was thrust into the role of king. Since he has taken the throne he has to deal with old enemies and new threats. Without giving away too much of the plot, T’Challa overcomes various challenges and encounters situations that he never expected.

The film is a thrill ride from beginning to end. There is a lot of action, special effects and fantastic dialogue between characters. Critics such as Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a 96% rating and Richard Roeper gives the film 4 stars. Film reviewer Brian Truitt of USA Today called the Black Panther a spectacular superhero. Most film critics agreed that the Black Panther is one of the best superhero flicks ever made.

Keep in mind that people Tweeted about this film so much that it broken records for the most tweets for a given film. It seems as if everyone agrees that the Black Panther film is one of the best flicks of 2018. A lot of African American groups and supporters endorsed this movie. They see it a cultural expression of black people in America. The Black Panther movie was more than just another superhero movie it was a major event that quite possibly have changed the way people will see superhero movies in the future.

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