The Black Panther is more than Just another Standard Superhero Flick

The Black Panther might not have been one of Marvel’s most recognized heroes in the comic books. However, that is about to change after his debut on the big screen. The Black Panther was released on February 16, 2018 and box office receipts proved that it was a huge success. It literally grossed over $426 million dollars in 4 days over the President’s Day weekend. Even the movie critics at the Huffington Post said this film has taken superhero films to new heights.

What made the Black Panther movie such a great film? It was a lot of factors. First, the star performer Chadwick Boseman delivered as the story’s leading character. He was charming, witty and very believable as a struggling prince trying to find his way as king. Boseman also had a powerful supporting cast that helped to put the film over the edge.

Michael B. Jordan played the role of Killmonger his nemesis and Danai Gurira (Michone from the Walking Dead series) co-starred as Okoye, who is the leader of Wankanda’s special forces. Wakanda is T’Challas kingdom that many consider a third-world nation, but it secretly has technology and a society that is well beyond any first world country. This is a huge conflict in the movie because some members of Wakanda wants the nation to ally with other countries but T’Challa wants them to maintain their isolationists mentality.

Forest Whittaker appears in the film as Zuri and Angela Bassets lends her talent to this film as Romanda. The film is loaded with lots of great performers and it has many action-packed scenes that are mind blowing. There is lots of humor and the film moves at a steady pace that keeps a person’s attention from start to finish. The characters are interesting, and the storyline does not get repetitive, boring or predictable. Movie goers liked the scene stealers when they showed up in film since they were an added treat to the overall theatrical experience.

There is a lot going on in the film, but movie goers can keep up with everything. As a matter of fact, movie goers were able to keep up with the plot, the action and they truly loved the characters. The Black Panther film has it all and is highly recommended for anyone who wants to a superhero movie that exceeds all expectations. In the words of former movie critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert: “This film receives two very enthusiastic thumbs up”.

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