Bill Murray Remains Single

Bill Murray recently released his latest film St. Vincent to okay reviews. The film currently has a 7.6 on imdb. While Mr. Murray’s professional career seems to be getting back on track he is still living a bachelor lifestyle.

Bill Murray attends a lot of events. From Powell Jobs Apple marketing events, to bachelor parties, to George Clooney’s wedding Bill Murray gets around the city of Hollywood. However, whatever event he attends he always seems to be attending the event alone.

This fact was recently pointed out when Bill Murray stopped by the Howard Stern show. Mr. Stern asked Bill Murray why he never seemed to have a date and if he was lonely.

Bill Murray responded by saying he does not feel like he is lonely. He stated that he would have liked to have taken someone to all of those events, but he is working on other things right now. Those things tend to be in the area of self-development. Mr. Murray seems to be focusing a lot on connecting to himself and improving his own view on life.

While Mr. Murray is currently single there is no doubt that if he decides he no longer wants to be single that he will be able to get a new girlfriend in no time.

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  1. Noah Shabar March 11, 2017

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