Betsy DeVos: The Political Fighter

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos met with a gay and transgender representative with the Department of Education in the moments preceding the announcement on the part of United States President Donald Trump that he would repeal federal legislature allowing for transgendered students to use the bathroom of their choice while at school.


The representative was given reassurance that the move on the part of the president was resisted on the part of Devos as was previously reported.


Devos chose not to display any public displeasure with the President’s decision and joined President Trump while he made the announcement. DeVos is also on record attributing the rescinded policy to a necessary Trump response to an overreach on the part of former president Barack Obama.


Those in the know in regard to the personality of Betsy Devos warn not to think that the education secretary’s apparent resignation to the president’s decision is a sign that she will be a get along to go along type as part of the Trump administration. Though publicly gracious when faced with defeat, DeVos earned a reputation as a relentlessly driven political fighter in her home state of Michigan.


DeVos, it has been noted, has been known to use the vast family fortune afforded to her to thwart political foes and provide incentive for allies to remain loyal while working to pass legislature and defeat lawmakers that provided opposition to her goals.


Devos has arrived in Washington with little political experience and no real history with President Trump while taking the reigns of a department suffering from depleted leadership. These factors it is believed placed DeVos at a disadvantage in the cabinet debates over transgendered restroom usage. Her main counterpart on the matter, Jeff Sessions is a long-time Washington politician with a long history with the president. Learn more:


Betsy DeVos is a western Michigan native that grew up in the town of Holland, Michigan. Her father, Edgar Prince is a billionaire founder of an auto parts company and brother Erik is the founder and Chief Executive at Blackwater, a private security firm.


Betsy’s new last name comes by way of husband Dick who is also the product of a wealthy family. Dick DeVos’ father is the father of a multilevel marketing company named Amway and once made an unsuccessful bid to become the Governor of the State of Michigan.

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