Barbara Stokes, Front-runner in the Disaster Relief Construction Industry

Barbara Stokes is the brilliant CEO of GSH or Green Structure Homes of Alabama. She is a front-runner in the disaster relief construction industry, and that is due to her expertise in the field of rebuilding communities that have been devastated by natural disaster. As a leader of this industry, she has a solid reputation for delivering what she and GSH guarantee to distressed communities because GSH specializes in disaster relief construction which is so vital to rebuilding communities devastated by natural disaster. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

When comparing the kind of damage Hurricane Harvey did to the state of Texas, particularly to the Corpus Christi area, it is set against Hurricane Katrina because the destruction was equally costly and widespread. Many people have criticized the lack of disaster relief efforts made during Hurricane Katrina because mistakes were numerous in trying to deal with that unprecedented catastrophe and Barbara Stokes wanted to make sure that those same mistakes were not made again while dealing with the damage Hurricane Harvey did. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Hurricane Harvey damaged 203,000 homes, and ultimately destroying more than 122,700 of those homes. One of the challenges that the government was trying to deal with was the amount of homelessness that had occurred. So GSH had their job cut out for them because GSH manufactures wood and steel modular homes for people who are victims of natural disasters. The purpose of building these types of living accommodations is to provide affordable but extraordinarily advanced housing for people who have been devastated by natural disaster and giving them homes.

Before GSH of Alabama, Barbara Stokes was employed by Pisces Corporation and Boeing which gave her the invaluable experience and knowledge to be an expert with government contracting. Barbara graduated from Mercer University in Georgia in 2001, studying several subjects such as physics, technical communication, biomedical engineering, thermodynamics, manufacturing and management, and structures and properties of materials.

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