Asian Movie Antics

The Asian continent is by far one of the best places to release a movie. There are die hard fans over there unlike anywhere else in the world. With such a large fan base, many of the movie companies have to allocate a large number of screens in order for the fans to get what they want. While this is good for the fans and the people behind the movies, this is upsetting for people who have no interest in these blockbuster films. Moviegoers are complaining that they can barely find other films in theaters these days because of the movie monopolies. They aren’t necessarily against the blockbuster, but they want to enjoy their films as well. They feel like they have every right to equal and fair entertainment access. After all, they are paying for their tickets. Movie companies like CJ CGV, Lotte Cinema and Megabox should allocate some of the money from the bigger box offices and add more screens to their lineups. In the meantime, they could even add more showings to the theater roster. Fersen Lambranho thinks that many citizens as well as company owners have new fears over this. Korea Times US states that, “The industry might be destroyed in five years without measures to ensure co-existence,” he said. “We need to settle the issue by setting up a double regulation that would ban a film from taking up more than 40 percent of screens nationwide and half of the number of screens at a theater.”

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