Ant-Man to Make it Onto the Big Screen

Paul Rudd will star as Ant-Man in the upcoming film version of the Marvel comic characters that answer to that name. Looks like Tom Rothman and the guys at Marvel finally got it together for the long awaited “Ant-Man”. Filming is underway, with the directorship of Peyton Reed, and the movie is slated to be released July 17th of 2015.

The original Marvel Ant-Man was Hank Pym who discovered a chemical substance (called “Pym Particles”) that allowed him to shrink to the size of tiny ants and invented a special armor helmet that helped him control the actions of ants. Scott Lang took over after Pym retired, and then Eric O’Grady became the third and final Ant-Man. Lang stole Pym’s special armored suit in the interests of saving his ailing daughter, but then rebounded from that life of crime and became a super hero in his own right. O’Grady happened upon the ant suit, and also stole it. He, however, simply was a creep and a crook who used the suit’s powers to further his plans to seduce women and torment innocents. The film will incorporate aspects of all the ant men, but some of the more objectionable portions of O’Grady’s activities will be left out.

This is certainly an interestingly themed movie. It is said that it will be light and humorous, and with a name like “Ant-Man,” that may have been a good approach. It is something of a turnaround compared to the old movie “Them” wherein the ants became gigantic- this time the people simply become small.

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