The Aachievements Of Cassio Audi In Line With His Music Career

The origin of Cassio Audi is Sao Paulo in Brazil. He began the career as an instrumentalist. Being the founder of Viper which is a Brazilian band, he remained with the band up to the year 1989. The members of band comprised of Brazilian teenagers. The kinds of music genres include power metal, the heavy metal, and thrash metal alongside the alternative rock. The major sources of influence were Iron Maiden and England’s heavy metal.

The Killer Sword refers to their initial demo that was released in the year 1985. Within the album, Cassio’s role was drum playing. The album encompassed such tracks as Killera Princess, Signs of the Night as well as Nightmare. This happened before the recording of Soldiers of Sunrise that happened in 1987. At that moment, it was viewed as the leading hits across the music industry of Brazil. It is worth acknowledging that the album attained popularity in line with the best global magazines like Metal Hammer, Kerrang and Metal Forces. The sales of the album made exceeded 10,000 copies following its popularity.

Theatre of Fate was the second album. This was done in 1989 throughout Asia, the United States and Europe. The performance of their songs was good as it outstood the other famous teams like Van Halen and Nirvana. The worthiness of the music is behind its integration of metal classical music. It was in the year 1989 that Cassio got himself off the Viper. He joined University and made up his mind on progressing with a completely distinct career path. Despite the shortness of his music profession, he impacted the music industry of Brazil significantly.

Therefore, remarkable change and exemplary performance result whenever one decides to follow their passion. This is significantly evident in the story of Cassio Audi that made his performance exemplary in line with the music industry.

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