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Barbara Stokes, Front-runner in the Disaster Relief Construction Industry

Barbara Stokes is the brilliant CEO of GSH or Green Structure Homes of Alabama. She is a front-runner in the disaster relief construction industry, and that is due to her expertise in the field of rebuilding communities that have been devastated by natural disaster. As a leader of this industry, she has a solid reputation for delivering what she and GSH guarantee to distressed communities because GSH specializes in disaster relief construction which is so vital to rebuilding communities devastated by natural disaster. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

When comparing the kind of damage Hurricane Harvey did to the state of Texas, particularly to the Corpus Christi area, it is set against Hurricane Katrina because the destruction was equally costly and widespread. Many people have criticized the lack of disaster relief efforts made during Hurricane Katrina because mistakes were numerous in trying to deal with that unprecedented catastrophe and Barbara Stokes wanted to make sure that those same mistakes were not made again while dealing with the damage Hurricane Harvey did. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Hurricane Harvey damaged 203,000 homes, and ultimately destroying more than 122,700 of those homes. One of the challenges that the government was trying to deal with was the amount of homelessness that had occurred. So GSH had their job cut out for them because GSH manufactures wood and steel modular homes for people who are victims of natural disasters. The purpose of building these types of living accommodations is to provide affordable but extraordinarily advanced housing for people who have been devastated by natural disaster and giving them homes.

Before GSH of Alabama, Barbara Stokes was employed by Pisces Corporation and Boeing which gave her the invaluable experience and knowledge to be an expert with government contracting. Barbara graduated from Mercer University in Georgia in 2001, studying several subjects such as physics, technical communication, biomedical engineering, thermodynamics, manufacturing and management, and structures and properties of materials.

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Trends in hiring, GoBuyside

Technology is always advancing, and everything depends on it. Every aspect of life has technological assistance. Recruitment has been revolutionized by technology too. Better ways of information analysis are in existence. The jobs available demand ease to access to information. In the past, people relied on opinion and academic level to hire people. Nowadays there is a lot of dynamism to it, and you can’t base your recruitment decision on two dimensions. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at

Some companies like GoBuyside, in New York, are deploying proactive talent recruitment. The company is invoking innovative, nontraditional methods. GoBuyside has technological and innovative mechanisms to monitor job trends in the financial sector. The company, for example, has established that latest trends in business management are the decentralization of positions. Research conducted by the Bureau of statistics and labor revealed that twenty-four percent of the youth carry out their work through the internet as of 2015. The number is only going to increase. Companies don’t bother the location the task is accomplished. This has made companies start hiring from any place so long as the work objectives are met.

The fact that companies can hire from any place, give them a large pool of talent. GoBuyside is implementing algorithms related to locational flexibility. Nationwide recruitment advertising is nationwide; lots of applicants turn up. GoBuyside has a proprietary investigative approach that sieves out only the best. There are software and other programs whose result is a compilation of information from various sources. This could be linked in or Facebook. Follow GoBuyside on

The hiring company is experimenting on how to fulfill short-term hiring. This is achieved through applicant tracking, online job boards, and artificial intelligence. In this era, employers can get information in real time on their employees. The company has created a platform where one can update his professional profile online. The employers can then choose people whom it is confident can deliver. A confession from a private equity firm associate stated that having GoBuyside account boosted his chances of landing his current job.

By using unheard of search methods, the aim is to match the employee to the employer.


Inspiration and Collaboration Bring Credibility to MB2

Dr. Chris Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental. He studied Microbiology at the University of Florida where he graduated with his BS. After that he studied Dentistry at Nova SouthEastern University. He yields a modern approach to the dental profession. As a leader he strives to create a motivating environment for his employees and he allows them the space to grow. He believes that being less involved in the day to day tasks promotes independence and that the inspiration he is giving daily empowers his staff. This model of leading came from his own experiences. He found that building his business with the right people is what made it successful, not on the highest rated piece of technology.

He found that the dentists he brought into the field each had their own experience and combined it created and creates a knowledge rich environment. He strives to create an atmosphere of team building, collaboration, support, inspiration and fun. By making the work fun it promotes everyone to do their best in an environment that supports them. He found that not only were his employees lives being benefited, but the lives of his patients as well. He keeps up to date on the most modern techniques and reviews and collaborates these ideas with this staff. He also sends his staff on a bi-yearly retreat where they get to practice team building and collaborate together.

Since the start up of MB2, Dr. Chris Villanueva has opened 70 affiliated locations across 6 states and has 533 employees overall. Each location is just like the original. Each location has a team building, collaborative and supportive environment to enrich the lives of both the employees and the patients. MB2 enriches their employees by offering a variety of expertise in one building. This makes referrals easy if one dentist is not able to provide the necessary care. This builds up the credibility of the office and the patients feel cared for by having an easy referral to go to for specific needs. Dr. Chris Villanueva provides a unique environment to their staff and patients and in turn builds up a credible and successful business.

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Organo Gold: Coffee and Lifestyle

ORGANO is a coffee product geared to those with an active lifestyle. They have wellness supplements their customers love. Organo Gold has a list of chain shops that feature their products all across the United States. It’s possible the coffee culture of today started in Greenwich Village back in the 60s. It’s noted the West Coast cities gravitated to the culture in the 1980s. We now see Starbucks stores on almost every corner in communities. Organo Gold gives customers and their independent distributors a change to continue with their ever growing brand. Watch this video on Youtube.

There are many types of ORGANO coffees to enjoy. It has many flavored beverages, teas and unique organic mixes. You will find nutritional shakes, grape seed oil, mycelium and beauty bars in their shops. Orango Gold is driven to provide natural ingredients and is involved in organic farming. They have a special instant coffee called the Gourmet Organic King of Coffee. It’s the only one that contains an organic Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Powder. Visit to know more.

It’s doesn’t matter if you are on the East or Seattle Coast, many coffee lovers are demanding more organic and larger lists of product to try. That’s why Orango Gold has a variety of add-ons, flavored styles along with different creams and milks to enjoy.

Research shows that people who drink coffee go to those cafes where the beans are roasted on site. They demand fresh brewed drinks that are healthy. It’s taken a step further as those same people want coffee beans from the actual region where they were grown.

Organo Gold strives to bring great tasting treasures to consumers on a global scale. Their signature beverages of coffee are in one cup brews to teas offering a wellness healthy choice. The business placed in the top at 55th according to Direct Selling News as a high level network marketing company.


How Major Firms Like Corporate Resolutions Perform Private Equity Due Diligence

The private equity due diligence procedure that major firms like Corporate Resolutions Inc employ helps to solve risks involved in merging and acquisition process. It confirms the transaction value and gives the involved parties confidence to proceed. Due diligence process ought to be comprehensive for a successful transaction. Consider the following seven areas when evaluating the due diligence of a private business.


  1. Develop an Investment thesis


It is necessary that the organization you are purchasing builds on the principles of your business. Highlight the objectives of your investment, the expected performance of the acquisition, and effects of the venture to your company activities. Communicate the thesis with your advisers and team.


  1. Evaluate your Competitive Position


Check out the growth rate of the obtained venture and how its anticipated performance fits into your growth goals. Re-evaluate the deal if the merging does not boost your position in the market. On the other hand, if this is an indirect goal of your investment, you need to scrutinize its effect on your status in the industry.


  1. Study the Numbers


Look up the revenue, profit, and margin trends of the firm. Go through the net income of the organization for the last two financial years from a reliable site or application. Determine whether the company growth is consistent, choppy, or has significant swings. Review the margins to identify whether they are rising, falling, or constant.


  1. Understand the Industry


Carry out a detailed survey to understand the industries the venture operates in and its competitors. Compare the profits of three competing firms to define the entity. The competitors help in nailing down the size of the end market. Use information about their contestants to understand how the business model of the organization works.


  1. Share Ownership and Management


Find out who runs the venture and the period it has existed. Find consolidated biographies of the executives to determine their experience and achievements. Identify the percentage of company shares owned by the stockholders, founders, and institutional. Consider low personal ownership as a red flag. Institutional ownership percentages represent the firm analyst coverage and trade volumes.


  1. Stock Price History


Find out the period the entity shares have been trading and their price movement. Determine whether the rates have been smooth and steady, or choppy and volatile. The details outline the enterprise profit experience that influences future stock movement. Avoid continuously volatile stocks as they are risky for investors.


  1. Human Resources


Check out how the establishment treats its employees. Identify if they take issues related to workers seriously and whether they are equal opportunity employers. Read their recruiting, placement, compensation, promotion, and firing policies. A well-defined company ought to have these policies regardless of its size and number of workers. Identify whether the organization adheres to the hiring procedures.


Make sure you evaluate every acquisition aspect thoroughly to execute a seamless transition and accomplish your goals. Confirm that the new venture will provide ample protection against risks and losses. Invite professionals to aid with the evaluation processes. The above guidelines are essential when making the acquisition and merging decision.

Shervin Pishevar Speaks Out About Monopolies Such as Amazon

A few months ago, Shervin Pishevar decided to send out a few tweets regarding predictions and thoughts about what’s going on with the economy and other topics. The tech investor had a lot to say, sending out 50 tweets in under 24 hours. One of the things he took up several tweets with was the monopolies in the United States.

Shervin Pishevar identified five monopolies that have too much power:

  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Apple
  • Microsoft

At the top of the list is Amazon. Shervin went as far as comparing them to Ma Bell, a telephone company that held a monopoly in the United States for years. He warns that the five that we’re dealing with now are even more powerful, which makes sense.

Within months of Shervin Pishevar identifying the power that these monopolies have, including Amazon, there was news on Amazon. Alexa, the virtual assistant built into Amazon products such as Echo, was believed to be listening in on conversations. There was also a significant amount of fear as to what it might be recording and who was listening to the conversations.

While Amazon has done well at explaining that Alexa only records in order to carry out the tasks being requested, people are still hesitant to trust that Amazon isn’t using all of its power for bad.

Additionally, there are a lot of businesses going out of business, including Toys R Us, that is naming Amazon as the reason why. The online superstore has even begun conversations about putting physical stores around the country to make it easier for people to get things.

How much power is too much power? Shervin Pishevar has brought up an interesting topic about the monopolies. If they are going to be allowed to wield the level of power that they are, when will we finally reach a point where they have too much power?

Aloha Construction Gives Back

Aloha Construction is a accompany that takes its work seriously they are also a company that takes its commitment seriously and gives back generously to the community. Aloha Construction is a recipient of the very coveted Torch Award, and they are very proud even to be considered let alone chosen for the prestigious award. They pride themselves on being a reputable company and a supporter of their community.

The Better Business Bureau does not just give the award out to anyone. To receive the award, a company must meet some standard but necessary criteria. First off, a company must be committed to ethical practices and demonstrate a work culture that has very high standards and practices. They must also communicate well with their employees and any other parties involved with the company.

They must also exercise good leadership practices that ultimately unify their organization and be committed to ethical human resource practices. They should also have a commitment to the community. Since Aloha Construction has received the award, they obviously meet all the criteria outlined. They do not only meet the criteria, but they also exceed their expectations and go above and beyond in all that they do.

Aloha Construction was founded by David Farbaky and provides roofing, siding replacement, and gutters services to the residents of the Southern Wisconsin and Illinois area.

They are also expanding into the interior remodeling and restoration division. Their new additional services will provide services such as mold removal, carpet cleaning, interior remodeling, water damage restoration, and fire damage restoration services.

For all the roofing projects that they complete, Aloha Construction follows a specific process, and they are very thorough. They also back their work by a 10-year craftsmanship warranty on every roofing job that they complete. They are dedicated to their employees, customers, and their community.

Aloha Construction donates $5 for every assist that the Illinois State University gets, and they are a sponsor of the Bloomington Boys and Girls Clubs. They are also a sponsor of the Roselle Medinah’s softball and baseball organizations and the local Flying Aces Hockey team as well.

Aloha Construction and Learning Express

Aloha Construction is always looking for ways to benefit their community. The David Farbaky Foundation, named after Aloha Construction’s CEO, reached out to give a single mother and her four daughters an opportunity to grab as many toys as they wanted within 60 seconds. Through this event, the family was able to collect $7,000 worth of toys to take home and keep. Aloha has also contributed to sending a young boy with Congenital Heart Disease to a Bulls game with twelve of his friends, to the Boys and Girls Club in Bloomington, and to their employees with incentive programs. They have maintained exceptional ethical practice and the construction company in Lake Zurich was rewarded for this excellence with the Better Business Bureau Torch Award.

Every year, BBB awards selects a few companies that have excelled in excellent community contributions and ethical practices and awards them for their contributions. Companies that receive this award must excel in maintaining ethical practices within their business throughout the year. It is a high honor to receive a BBB Torch Award, as very few companies qualify for the award. The Torch Award honors those companies who take their time to contribute to and benefit the community they are in. All nominated companies go through a rigorous screening process before they are chosen by a panel of fifteen judges, independent from the companies and from BBB. Aloha Construction, in Lake Zurich, was a proud recipient of the Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics.

Aloha Construction partnered with Learning Express with the intent to benefit a family in need within their community. With Learning Express and Omni Youth Services, Aloha was able to identify a family in need and assist them through a toy shopping spree event. Aloha asked Omni Youth Services to find a family in need. A single mother raising her four daughters alone was selected and given the opportunity to participate in the event. The event gave the girls an opportunity to grab as many toys as they wanted within 60 seconds. In just those 60 seconds, the family was able to collect $7,000 worth of toys. This among the many other contributions that Aloha has made, was the reason for winning of the Torch Award For Marketplace Ethics.

Randal Nardone and The Ingenious Leadership Roles He’s Held For Fortress Investment Group

A company’s successful growth can only be sustained if the executives running it are both adept in addressing market challenges and equipped with the skillset and talent to generate new ideas. Fortunately, Randal Nardone is an example of an executive who has shown competence in running Fortress Investment Group, LLC, as its co-founder and principal.Being founded in 1998, Fortress has grown into one of the world’s largest asset managers today that have solutions for various alternative assets. The success of Fortress Investment has even reached to a level that rendered Randal Nardone as part of Forbes Billionaire’s List.Randal Nardone reached Rank #557 in Forbes Billionaire’s List, and this could not have happened without his involvement in Fortress Investment’s growth. He owns about 53 million shares of the company, which is worth $1.6 billion.

After Fortress sold its minority interest to Nomura, a Japanese investment firm, for $890 million, Nardone was already able to acquire an additional $100 million for net cash payouts that he’s been receiving since 2005.Nardone’s career is also a series of leadership positions and formative experience. Before being the Chief Executive Officer and Principal of Fortress Credit Corporation, he served as the Secretary of Newcastle Investment Corp. from June of 2002 until September 2016. He also held positions as the Interim Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Investment Group, LLC, from December 2011 to 2013. He also became the Managing Director at the very well known UBS in 1997 until he ended it last May 1998.Randal Nardone also became the principal for the established BlackRock Financial Management, Inc and a Partner at the Thacher Proffitt & Wood.

Nardone also became the Executive Director for the operations of Mapeley Limited, as well as Springleaf Finance Corporation’s Director. The role that Nardone held for New Media Investment Group, Inc, Brookdale Senior Living, Inc and Aircastle Limited have also shaped his experience and understanding of what makes companies work, what doesn’t and how to keep employees motivated in extremely demanding work environments.It would also be incomplete to describe the work timeline of Nardone without saying that he’s also serving today the role as the Co-founder of Fortress Registered Investment Trust. It’s also important to highlight here that Nardone holds a J.D. that he received from Boston University School of Law, while his Bachelor of Arts degree in English was from the University of Connecticut.

GreenSky Credit Going Public?

Forbes recently published Lauren Gensler’s article “Why it’s No Surprise that Online Lender GreenSky Would Weigh an IPO’. The article discusses the financial technology company that is provides a service to both banks and merchants by becoming the technological middleman for home improvement loans.

However, the company focuses on remaining distinct from other technology companies. The CEO and co-founder David Zalik remains shy with the press, rarely accepting invitations to speak at conferences. He refused to raise external capital for nearly ten years. His opinion also contrasts with other companies in Silicon Valley that staying privately held for longer is better. GreenSky Credit recently filed for an IPO.

GreenSky Credit could raise more than $1 billion according to the Wall Street Times and it has been valued at nearly $5 billion. Zalik doesn’t want to go the same route as companies like Credit Karma, Stripe and Uber that all put off going public for as long as they could. They wanted to stay away from the pressure of investors and the demands of quarterly earnings.

However, GreenSky Credit could still determine that they do not want to go public and will not have an IPO. They filed their paperwork confidentially with the Securities and Exchange Commission. By doing so, Zalik has let the company prepare for going public, if that is what they end up doing, in private.

David Zalik co-founded GreenSky Credit in 2006. The company is based in Atlanta, Georgia but it has been expanding its network of call centers to places in Cincinnati and Kentucky. It has more than 900 employees and the CEO David Zalik was even named as the National EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Financial Services.

The company works by replacing credit cards for larger spending and consumer projects like home improvement. They have a fixed-interest rate and a fixed period in which the customer must pay back the loan. Zalik revealed that the company is not attempting to compete with banks, but rather to help them. By partnering with more than 14 national federally and state chartered banks, they are able to help the banks make more loans.