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PSI Pay: E-Money & E-Wallets

PSI Pay has developed an intriguing application that allows its users to make transactions through electronic money. Electronic money is becoming big because of its efficiency and convenience. Electronic money is basically where money is stored in an electronic storage. An authority like a bank monitors the e money, and the e money is backed by fiat currency. For users to use this feature by PSI Pay they must create an account with the company. Then users are able to use this e money to make online transactions just as you would use conventional currency to make a transaction.

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PSI Pay has created an eWallet called ecoPayz. This eWallet functions closely to how a regular wallet functions. This free service allows for the eWallet to be loaded with money from either a bank account or bank cards. This eWallet allows for funds to be transferred between accounts without having to go through a bank. This eWallet is special in how many electronic wallet providers do not have a system in which funds can be withdrawn. This eWallet allows for users to be able to get money from an ATM.

It is very easy to get e-money confused with cryptocurrency like bitcoin. But there is a difference between the two. Cryptocurrency involves peer to peer exchanges. It is not backed by fiat currency. Purchasing cryptocurrency involves using a platform like Coinbase. The cryptocurrency is not actually stored anywhere. These few differences make a huge difference in how e-money and cryptocurrency are both growing in popularity but function very differently.

PSI-Pay is leading company that specializes in electronic money. The brand also offers Partner Sponsorship solutions to payments to users. PSI Pay is also opened to helping business owners handle financial needs through the usage of electronic money. Business owners can manage their programs on this platform. This e-money FCA-regulated company is an issuing member of two card services: Mastercard and Visa. The company has been with Mastercard since 2009 and Visa since 2017. The company began in 2007 by offering payment options in 44 currencies and 173 countries to businesses worldwide.

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Sean Penn Addresses Contreversy Over Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn’s debut novel “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is already lining bookstore shelves. The oddball satire revolves around the exploits of septic tank salesmen Bob Honey, whose primary customers are Jehovah’s Witnesses. It gets crazier from there. Bob Honey is also an assassin, sanctioned by the government to kill the elderly. He does so with a mallet, his weapon of choice. The book contains poetry, plain storytelling, and a good bit of ranting. On the whole it is a little confusing, but according to Penn it is designed to reflect the times we live in.


Penn’s book carries a lot of controversy around with it, as it makes bold statements about #MeToo and the Trump Administration. His jabs at Trump are expected, as Penn’s political activism is well known, but the shots at #MeToo are a little surprising. No more than the response people are having to such statements. Penn says his book is simply taken out of context, remarking how sad it is for present society to hold fiction as opinion.

Satires are usually funny little works of insanity with strings of reality interwoven within them. The reality comes from the author’s voice and carries their particular view of the world around them. They are not meant to incite but rather get people thinking. Each reader is supposed to take away their own meaning from the words, not hold onto such words as fact.


In an interview with Rolling Stone Penn described his book as a focus on culture, not necessarily leadership. Although the question was asked because of the obvious Trump reference in the character Mr. Landlord, the answer applies to #MeToo as well.


The section containing the critique of #MeToo, is a four-page epilogue. According to Penn the epilogue focuses on legacy, supporting movements that promote inclusion instead of exclusion. It really does not put #MeToo down. According to Penn the controversy comes from social extremism, and the fact that many people will jump on a bandwagon in response to things like this. In his interview he called such a response, “a reckless exercise of shouting Freud.”

Neurocore Suggest Nutrition Can Have an Impact on Brain Function

Rob McKinsey’s article on Ask Reporter, titled “Neurocore: Fueling the Brain with Food” reveals the brain training company based in Michigan uses nutrition to maintain the health of the brain.

As the study of nutrition and diet has grown, it has been revealed that the types of food you eat can have a huge impact on how you feel and think. Junk food will often leave you feeling sluggish and tired while whole foods that are packed with nutrients leave you feeling energetic. Neurocore also suggests that nutrition can also have a large impact on how your brain functions. Neurocore uses applied neuroscience to help improve the cognitive performance of their clients. One thing they have discovered in helping them is the importance of the right nutrition and lifestyle. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurocore reveals that a key to maintaining a healthy brain is by eating a Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet uses a lot of vegetables, fruits, fish, olive oil, and nuts to provide essential nutrients to the body. It does not contain a lot of fast food, junk food, or red meat, all of which lead to inflammation and may lead to health issues.

Neurocore also suggests people should focus on including superfoods into their diet. Superfoods are nutrient dense foods that help the body and the brain maintain optimal functionality. Specifically, Neurocore suggests you include Cinnamon, healthy fats, and raw honey into the diet. Cinnamon is a spice that is capable of doing more than just flavoring your favorite coffee. It is also an antioxidant that helps reduce inflammation in the body. By lowering inflammation, the body will have lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol, helping the body defend the brain against cognitive decline. Healthy fats are also key to maintaining brain health. Walnuts, avocados, and salmon are high in the healthy fat called Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids have been shown to lower blood pressure and improve heart health.


Neurocore indicates that maintaining a healthy brain includes maintaining a healthy heart. In one study, nearly 500 participants were tracked over the course of 30 years. In the study, those who maintained a heart healthy diet experienced less age-related cognitive decline. Read more about Neurocore at

Talkspace: Michale Phelps Talking Mental Health

In an effort to put attention on mental illness, Gold Medalist Swimmer Michael Phelps did a national TV campaign for the online therapy application called Talkspace. The company is located in New York and is a well known therapy application. What makes it different from it’s competitors is that you can reach your therapist online. It is a text-based application allowing you to chat one on one with someone from the palm of your hand directly from your iPhone handset.

The sign up process is fairly easy to understand. All you have to do is enter your information and within minutes you will be matched with a primary therapist. The conversations are in real time. Your therapist begins with asking you specific questions to get a hold on your particular situation. Phelps joined the platform in hopes of helping others seek help and reach out. He is now also on Talkspace’s advisory board assisting in directing the company with it’s initial strategy.

Talkspace CEO, Oren Frank says with Phelp’s sharing his personal struggles with mental health and being fully committed to seeing improvements in the this field helps the board as they make the application a key part of peoples lives. Mental Health is now one of the most talked about subject in today’s society. Many have shared their quiet suffering and talked about the lack of help or expensive sessions.

Talkspace opens a new door and lands in the lap of so many people in need of help and want a session in private on their own time. This is what make Talkspace a leader in the market due to their versatile platform. Sessions can run from $20 to $250 per session. The normal time is for a week and 45 minutes. Most start off with paying for a regular session for $25. The primary counselor is licensed out of New York. If the initial match does not work for you, then you have the opportunity to switch to a different counselor. All of your information will be transferred over and you will begin chatting with the new therapist.

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The Aachievements Of Cassio Audi In Line With His Music Career

The origin of Cassio Audi is Sao Paulo in Brazil. He began the career as an instrumentalist. Being the founder of Viper which is a Brazilian band, he remained with the band up to the year 1989. The members of band comprised of Brazilian teenagers. The kinds of music genres include power metal, the heavy metal, and thrash metal alongside the alternative rock. The major sources of influence were Iron Maiden and England’s heavy metal.

The Killer Sword refers to their initial demo that was released in the year 1985. Within the album, Cassio’s role was drum playing. The album encompassed such tracks as Killera Princess, Signs of the Night as well as Nightmare. This happened before the recording of Soldiers of Sunrise that happened in 1987. At that moment, it was viewed as the leading hits across the music industry of Brazil. It is worth acknowledging that the album attained popularity in line with the best global magazines like Metal Hammer, Kerrang and Metal Forces. The sales of the album made exceeded 10,000 copies following its popularity.

Theatre of Fate was the second album. This was done in 1989 throughout Asia, the United States and Europe. The performance of their songs was good as it outstood the other famous teams like Van Halen and Nirvana. The worthiness of the music is behind its integration of metal classical music. It was in the year 1989 that Cassio got himself off the Viper. He joined University and made up his mind on progressing with a completely distinct career path. Despite the shortness of his music profession, he impacted the music industry of Brazil significantly.

Therefore, remarkable change and exemplary performance result whenever one decides to follow their passion. This is significantly evident in the story of Cassio Audi that made his performance exemplary in line with the music industry.

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Francisco Domenech and His Noble Reign in Political Affairs Management

Francisco J. Domenech, Esq. is a man who not only endeavored to be a successful political professional, but a man who actually exercised self-discipline in the pursuit of education and career experience to manifest his desires to become one of Puerto Rico’s most prominent and influential lawyers and law firm managing partners. However, prior to earning his reputability in the handling of legal matters and his attainment of outstanding achievements, Domenech sought to invest within his occupational future by building upon a stable foundation of political education and experience.

At the prime of his adulthood, Francisco Domenech attended the University of Puerto Rico in Río Piedras where he graduated with the honors of having received both a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and his Juris Doctor degree. During his enrollment as a student at the University of Puerto Rico, Domenech exuded remarkable leadership qualities as member and president to several student body committees. He had to manage responsibilities as Student Body President of the College of Social Sciences in the 1998-1999 school year and as General Student Body Council President in the following 1999-2000 academic year. Nevertheless, in addition to servicing his fellow student body, Domenech also gained first-hand experience in the business of political affairs when he held the title of Academic Senator on the campus’ Academic Senate.

Following his graduation from the University of Puerto Rico, Francisco Domenech entered law school where he then decided to study comparative law at University College London. With his extensive political education background, Domenech was able to apply his knowledge to acquire professional management positions in the political field. From 2007 to 2012, he served as a member of the Democratic National Committee where he stood in representation for the Young Democrats of America. From 2005-2008, he was the Director of the Office of Legislative Services of the P.R. Legislative Assembly. During his role as Director, he oversaw and managed an annual budget of $11 million. Prior to having that role, he even serviced as Chief Legal Counsel to the P.R. Senate’s President. However, most noted of all accomplishments would be his role as Campaign Manager to two very successful female politicians—Hillary Clinton (U.S.) and Hon. Jenniffer González (Puerto Rico). Domenech’s management of the two campaigns yielded successful results with a margin win for Hillary and a campaign win for González as Puerto Rico’s first female Resident Commissioner.

Awarded as being one of Puerto Rico’s top 40 exemplary professionals under 40, Francisco Domenech has demonstrated both leadership and management capabilities that have enabled him to currently represent as Managing Partner to Politank—a political based law firm that manages political affairs for private interests.

Adam Milstein-Pro-Israeli author

Adam Milstein is a Jew living in the United States. He is one of the people who feel and understand the challenges that the community is going through. Since he moved from Israel to the United States, he has never forgotten about his motherland. He has always advocated for the rights of the Jews. His wish is to see the Jewish State strengthened so that it can cope with the challenges that present themselves in the form of anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism is the biggest challenge facing the Jews currently. This hate is propagated by Islamists radical groups, radical right and now radical leftist. According to statistics, there is growing cases of anti-Semitism in recent years across Europe and North America, a tying that concerns Adam Milstein.

Adam Milstein has been using the media to pass on his message to both Jews and non-Jews. He has been an author with various media outlets where he has focused on highlighting the state of anti-Semitism in North America and Europe. He is concerned that these two regions are being co-opted into a scheme that they do not belong to. The radical Islamists have managed to influence the radical rights and lefts to support them in condemning the Jews. They are doing this in full light of the strange traditions and practices of the Islamists. The radical Islamists are anti-Jews, anti- westernization and anti-American. They aim to see people who belong to any of these go down. So, how then do the right and the lefts agree to work with such people? According to Adam Milstein, the ongoing hate for Jews among these groups is unwarranted.

Adam Milstein is a philanthropist and an entrepreneur in the United States. He is the founder of a philanthropic organization known as Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. He is also the Chairman of Israeli-American Council, an organization that is strengthening the relationship between the Jews and Americans. As an entrepreneur, he is the managing partner of a real estate company known as Hager Pacific Properties. Every year, he gives more than $1 million to various pro-Israeli philanthropic causes.

The Benefits of the Market America Organization

Market America is well-known in the business world as the “Unfranchise Franchise”. It’s been in business since 1992 and was created and developed by married couple Loren and JR Ridinger. Since its inception over two decades ago, the company has undergone several changes as well as expanding to several different countries. Currently, Market America can be found in America, Canada and Singapore, and they have plans to branch out to Europe in the next few years. Over 650 people work for Market America in their offices, and their main job is to help independent distributors get started with the reselling program. The main office for M.A. is found in Greensboro, NC. Over half a million people sell products through the Market America platform on their own pre-purchased websites. Distributors can make anywhere from a few dollars a month to a few thousand dollars a month depending on the success of their site and marketing.

Market America works with third party manufacturing corporations to create and sell the products available to consumers. The product lines include Isotonix, Royal Spa, Pet Health, Snap and AutoWorks. The company is continually launching new product lines, which give independent distributors the ability to pick and choose what they want to sell. You can either sell one specific line on your site or several depending on what you are looking to achieve as a business owner. M.A. also sells these products themselves on their platform, which was purchased from Bill Gates back in 2012.

The company’s distributors will need to pay a nominal fee in order to keep their websites active. As of right now, it will cost distributors roughly $100 a month to keep their sites fully active. If you become an independent distributor through Market America, you will also be required to attend routine seminars that are held online via web conferencing software. Distributors will be alerted of these seminars in advance to book themselves a seat. Seminars can cost anywhere from $100 to $300, and if you miss several seminars in a row, you will lose all rights to sell M.A. products.

The innovation of the implants by Dr. Mark Mofid

The gluteal augmentation is not something that will commonly be heard in the news. By accident when the name is heard most of the times it’s because of the malpractice or the medical accident. Some changes are being seen because of Dr. Mark Mofid, and things are changing for the better. There are so many reasons why Dr. Mark Mofid will be known in the cosmetic medical community. One reason why he is recognized as someone who knows what he is talking about is that he has university education from two universities Harvard and Johns Hopkins University. But apart from the training that he has, over the years he has demonstrated that he can be an industry innovator.

Mofid has gained the reputation of the people because of the status that he has and through his practices he ensures that he adheres to the medical safety. The patients at the gluteal augmentation will ask for the large implant that is not uncommon. But with that, the patients will be taken advantage off so that to pay more but that’s not what Dr. Mark Mofid does he ensures that the safety of the patients will come first. By doing so, he will provide the practices that are entirely safe. That’s why he is at the forefront by doing researches on ways that he can use to do better than what has been done before.

The approach that Dr. Mark Mofid will use is supported by science to get the innovations, scrutinize the details and thinking in a broadway. With the knowledge that he as when it comes to the skin, muscles system and fat have been able to put him in a position to understand things from a different angle. For over eight years that’s how long Dr. Mark Mofid has spent working on the specific ways of carrying out the surgeries. He refuses to follow how thing have been running in the past and he works on coming up with new ideas. That is what has led him to research and come up with the superior gluteal implant.  

Equities First Holdings- Australia

Equities First Holdings is or was formally known as Meridian Equity Partners. However, not only does their name leave a footprint in marketing and business. They have left their footprints globally, by expanding worldwide. From Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States. They have been unstoppable since 2002- When they first launched. Afterwards they have funded nearly $30 million dollars to the Environmental Clean Technologies to help reconstruct and develop funding for India. So a little bit about Equities First Holdings; they provide their clients with the opportunity of financing by lending capital secured publicly traded stocks. So that their clients can meet financial goals. They have not failed to meet any of their clients’ demands. As a matter of fact, they have completed over 700+ transactions with their clientele since their launch in 2002. Furthermore, they offer an unbeatable high-loan-to-value with low fixed interest rates. We are waiting to see many great things that Equities First Holdings has to offer the world and I say the world because they will dominate the financial game. With incredible numbers that they have showcased us, they are by far unstoppable.

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