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Cult Classic, Top Gun, Will be Receiving a Sequel

With director of Tron:Legacy, Joseph Kosinski leading the effort, Top Gun 2 is set to hit theaters in the Summer of 2019. Tom Cruise, who was previously set to star in Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, has recently given up the opportunity to reprise his roll as Maverick in the upcoming Top Gun sequel.

Since the original Top Gun was released, the movie has become a cult phenomenon. Fans of the movie praised it for its realistic depiction of Naval Dog Fighting and its character focused plot. The movie is centered around United States Naval Aviator, Maverick and his Radar Intercept Officer, Goose. During the film, Maverick attended the Top Gun school of NAS Miramar where he meets the love of his life. Along his journey, he sometimes breaks rules and goes against authority to make the correct moral decisions. The movie had a 15 million dollar budget and made nearly 400 million dollars at the box office.

It was during promotional tours for his movie The Mummy when Tom Cruise made the announcement. “Aviators are back,” Cruise began. “We’re going to have big, fast machines. It’s going to be a competition film, like the first one, but a progression for Maverick.”

Top Gun: Maverick, the official name of the sequel is set to explore the life of Maverick since 1986 and how he interacts with today’s military system.

About Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is an actor and producer from America. He was born in Syracuse, New York ins 1962 and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Since he made his film debut at age 19, he has went on to become one of the highest paid actors of all time. All together, Cruise’s films have created nearly 4 billion dollars in revenue.

In 1996 Tom Cruise starred in the first edition of the popular film franchise, Mission:Impossible. The movie was an international blockbuster and since spawned a long list of sequels, all starring Cruise. Mission: Impossible 2 was release in the year 2000 and the third of the franchise released in 2006. Ghost Protocol was released in 2011 and Rogue Nation came out in 2015, also a part of the Mission Impossible franchise. The newest edition of Mission: Impossible called Fallout will be releasing sometime in 2018.

The Success Story of Equities First Holdings, By GC Report

The report iterated the modes and methods by which Equities first holdings, rose to the top of the global lending industry.Revealed how the European representative of the global company break even by operating in the image of a bank, regulated by the FCA, Financial conduct authority, the same institution that regulates banks and cooperatives in London.

Most importantly is how the group was able to complete more than about 600 loans, successfully.

An example of the company’s prowess in lending is simplifying loan collaterals, by accepting company’s stock, with few exceptions, for the likes of Dangote group to the tune of $20 million in capital.

Same deal for the CEO of PLC, Joel Leonoff. Whose term of loan involved 500,000 shares of common stock, treated as collateral.

Paysafe Group PLC, had repayment period of three years,inculcated in it’s terms of contract, while Mr. Leonoff projected 9 million shares of common stocks, Upon successful repayment of the loan.

All classic cases are testaments to successful business operations of the company.

GC Report is owned by an INDIAN BLOGGER, Who writes about technology, SEO and computer tips and tricks.

Blockbuster Movies Before Summer

Movies are getting a lot of attention at the beginning of 2018. The fact there are a ton of movies that are making a splash even though it is clearly not a time where blockbusters would be coming to theaters. People are seeing movies like “Black Panther” that are getting to the billion-dollar mark. This is very likely to be a year where movies that are considered blockbusters are released before the summer. This is really the thing that has become the norm because there are so many opportunities for streaming.

Hollywood recognizes that people are not going to get out if they do not see anything that seems to be worth their time. This is why they are not holding back on the blockbusters. Hollywood is not waiting for the summer months to lure people into theaters. They know that if they wait for long periods of time more people will cozy up with Netflix and Hulu and simply watch what is on these streaming services. This is why these are bigger and better movies even in the month of January and February.

There is also a great amount of talk about 3D movies as well. There are a lot of movies that are coming to theaters in 3D format. There are movies like “Black Panther” and

“A Wrinkle in Time” that are in 3D. This gives moviegoers an extra dose of excitement, and it also racks up even more money in ticket sales for producers. The movie industry is definitely changing as people become much more aware of all of the entertainment possibilities that exist. It has become more of a challenge to get people out to movies because internet piracy has also taken a big turn. More people are into the process of going to see movies in theaters.

Many people right now are going back to see movies that were nominated for Oscars. These movies were brought back into theaters for a limited showing, and this gives people a second chance to see the Oscar nominated films that they may have missed the first time around. This is a good thing because it actually gives people a chance to get that movie experience again if the movie is not on DVD yet.

Why Black Panther is Important

The Black Panther movie is on target to make over a billion dollars while it is playing in theaters. No one expected this type of turnout. African-Americans are

proud of the film that portrays the first black superhero in such a positive light to people around the world. It has become a movie that is more about the Marvel Comics, and it is also largely about all of the different possibilities that exist when it comes to doing the right thing. This is what this superhero and villian saga brings to theaters.

It is very enlightening to see African-Americans in this type of culture because it actually brings a continent of Africans into American soil. There are conflicts between Africans and African-Americans in this film that are highlighted, and this plays a big role in how things unravel from one continent to another. It is a very interesting film that touches on many different aspects of race and morality.

So many people have become fascinated with the Black Panther movie because it is finally giving a black superhero a chance to become part of the Marvel lineup with other heroes that are presented on the big screen. It is already been stated that Chadwick Boseman has been given a 5 movie deal to appear in other Marvel films as the Black Panther. This is a serious undertaking for someone that has become well-known for the role of creating a superhero that has actually been around for several decades in comic book form. It is just now in 2018 that this superhero is getting a chance to become part of this multi-billion dollar movie franchise. For the longest time people have seen remakes of Superman movies and tons of different Spider-Man movies. It is just now that the black superhero is finally getting a chance to she a black superhero with these other superhero figures and upcoming movies.

There is a lot of interest in this Black Panther franchise because it gives people something new to add to what was already an established franchise. Marvel movies have been making billions of dollars for a long time, and now the African Americans finally feel like they are part of this movement. This is groundbreaking for Hollywood cinema.

The Rise, Fall, and Second Coming of M. Night Shamylan

M. Night Shamalyan has had an interesting career over the past twenty years. As one of Hollywood’s biggest directors in the latter half of the 90s, Shamylan produced some of the cinema industries biggest thrillers. With movies like The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, and Signs, Shamylan redefined what a horror movie was and how it felt to be scared in a movie theater. Around the middle half of the first decade of the 2000s, Shamylan’s name appeared less and less on the title card’s of big budget written and directed by films, and the director had moved on to taking one off directing jobs for films like The Last Airbender, and After Earth.

Shamylan has always had a steady stream of work, even though the director has waxed and waned from the public eye over the past two decades. In 2015, public and industry interest was renewed in Shamylan following the release of his once again self written and directed found footage film The Visit. The following year Shamylan scored another success with Split, a psychological horror film set in the same universe as his previous work, Unbreakable. These two box office successes led to further work for Shamylan, including world building on some modern integral science fiction series’ and a mainstay as one of the go to directors for edgy, shaking terror in the world of horror cinema.

In recent years, Shamylan has served as an executive producer, director, and world builder for the Fox series Wayward Pines, which is based off Blake Crouch’s best selling novel trilogy ‘Pines.’ Shamylan directed the pilot of the series and helped establish the overall tone of the narrative. In 2016 it was reported that Shamylan was attached to a reboot of the seminal 90’s series Tales From the Crypt, but by July of 2017 the series had been canceled due to a number of legal reasons. In the past week it has been announced that Shamylan will serve as developer for an Apple led series. No official word has been announced as to the subject matter, but it is known that It will consist of 10 episodes, with Shamylan directing the series pilot. Shamylan is also in post-production for his upcoming film Glass, a direct sequel to Unbreakable. More information on that film can be found in this article from Empire;

The Red Sparrow Debut With Jennifer Lawrence

Red Sparrow is a debut worth $17 million with an extremely mixed review. This is an R-rated, 2.25 hour, sexual spy drama. This drama stars Jennifer Lawrence and was made for the adult audience. The movie also proved Jennifer Lawrence can still fill the seats. In the past a similar feature called Salt with Angelina Jolie was a hit. The number for the general audience for the release of Red Sparrow were simply okay. The general patterns of movies have been changing for the last quarter century. The fact this drama debuted as well as it did is more of a credit to Jennifer Lawrence than the actual film.

Jennifer Lawrence has been given kudos for making a movie filled with nudity and violence knowing the media would have a feast once it released. Considering the rave reviews of Mother and Passengers the critics are wondering if Jennifer Lawrence is deliberately accepting leading roles in opposition to the current views of a strong female character. The true irony is in the version of Katniss seen in the Hunger Games. Apparently there is no reason to be a famous actress if all the roles are conventional. For additional details regarding this film please visit Your text to link….

Half the credit for the 2016 and 2017 Passengers flick with Chris Pratt goes to Jennifer Lawrence. The $300 million made throughout the world was excellent considering the budget was $110 million. Some people hate her, some love her and others are impartial. Despite this she still fills the theatre seats. Red Sparrow has not done great but the history of Fox shows their overseas totals are usually much higher than what they draw domestically. The worldwide total for Red Sparrow has just reached $43 million. The budget for the film may never be justified and the reason may be the budget itself. The movie did look expensive but the smaller budget was a risk in the new tricky environment in the theatres. The world is waiting to see what type of role Jennifer Lawrence will choose next.

Stars with Reoccurring Roles in Movies that Get Great Reviews

When it comes to new movies there are a lot of people that seem to have reoccurring rolls. There are some people in the limelight that are getting a lot of buzz because they really want to keep a spotlight on what they are doing. People like Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson are a few of the heavy hitters that have continued to show up with new movies on an almost annual basis.

The stars that are smart are the ones that take time to realize that one movie is not enough to sustain you. They have to keep working and keeping your name relevant in order to get people to come out and support. This is how a fan base is built. Kevin Hart has a great knowledge of this because he has appeared in several films in the course of one year. Tiffany Haddish is someone that gained a tremendous amount of success with “Girls Trip”, and now it appears that she has more opportunities to work with big-name stars like Kevin Hart in upcoming roles.

The movie industry tends to get saturated with a lot of movies that are the same so sometimes it takes a spontaneous personality like Tiffany Haddish to make people recognize that there is something else out there. She is definitely proving that her skills as a comedian are something that people are interested in seeing with all of the publicity that she is now receiving.

Haddish has a growing number of fans, and it is no secret that she is one of the more relevant stars when it comes to new films that cater to an urban crowd.

Chadwick Boseman is another actor that has been seen in an array of different movies. Long before he played the “Black Panther,” a movie with stellar reviews, Chadwick also acquired a role as Thurgood Marshall. Prior to this he played James Brown. Before playing James Brown he played Jackie Robinson. It is safe to say that he has been inducted into Hollywood as a leading actor in the urban community. The fact that he was able to play “Black Panther” in a Marvel comic book movie is going to make him a crossover success with a new audience.

Ian King the Legendary Cryptocurrency Expert and Investor

About Ian King

When it comes to investment, cryptocurrency trading and entrepreneurship, the name Ian King is very dominant in those sectors. Mr. King Banyan has a significant role in contributing to the Banyan Hill Publishing. Before joining them, Ian worked as a desk clerk with the Salomon Brothers. He also played an essential role with different firms which included Citigroup and the hedge fund based in New York where he was the Head Trader.

King is a graduate of Lafayette College where he received his undergraduate degree for the Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Due to his burning passion for investments, Ian King realized that there was an increased opportunity in the field of cryptocurrencies. He decided to start his advisory firm where he offered services to the upcoming investors who wanted to invest in the industry.

It is for this reason that Banyan Hill Publishing saw that it would be the best to partner with Ian King hence got him to work for them as their cryptocurrency expert. King was able to publish a read in where he talked about the cryptocurrency market and bitcoin broadly. He suggested in one of his articles that, as much as many investors and experts talk about the end of bitcoin business, the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are to stay as they are the future. Ian King mentioned that the cryptocurrency market just begun and states that in the future, most people will start trying to learn about them. The cryptocurrency expert has suggested that the markets for these currencies are likely to expand as it is seen to be at a tipping point. Read more:

What is a Cryptocorn?

There are a lot of non-traditional investors who want to invest in the new blockchain technology that is coming up so that they can be able to solve problems in the real world. However, the number of companies that use this technology is lower than their demand and this, according to Ian King is creating a financial mania. There is a spike in prices due to investors trying to work their way to the ground floor. The increase has never happened before which is believed to be the cause of a new crypto unicorn that has come to be known as a cryptocorn.

Why is Ian King referred to as a cryptocurrency expert?

As earlier stated, Ian King Banyan is known to be an expert in the field of finance and specifically in the cryptocurrency market. He has an experience of over two decades in the finance market. King has impressed people with his knowledge in the cryptocurrency trade which he is practicing as a profession. Investopedia owners asked Ian King to be one of their contributors which made him rise to the list of top contributors on their website. He owns a program aimed at helping individuals to understand the cryptocurrency world. Follow Ian King Banyan on Twitter.

Are the Cleveland Browns looking to trade the #1 overall pick?

With the NFL Scouting Combine in full-swing the focus of the media is once again on the Cleveland Browns who have the #1 pick in this year’s NFL Draft. The struggles of the Browns in recent years have been well documented, and coach Hue Jackson has to imagine he’s on the hot seat after a disastrous 2017 campaign in which the Browns failed to win a single game. While it doesn’t take an NFL insider to point out that the Browns are in desperate need of a quarterback, what remains unclear is if Cleveland believes the answer to their quarterback woes will be available in this year’s draft. Thus, the idea of swapping the #1 overall pick for a combo of later selections has gained considerable steam in recent weeks.

Steven Ruiz predicts in his mock draft for USA Today that the Browns will swap the coveted top pick to the Denver Broncos for a smorgasbord of picks and cornerback Aqib Talib. It is widely believed the Broncos would then use the first pick to select Josh Allen, the signal-caller from the University of Wyoming. Many scouts see Allen as a high-risk, high-reward prospect. His physical intangibles and arm strength are unmatched in this year’s class, but the fact remains that Wyoming plays in a traditionally weak Mountain West Conference and Allen’s career numbers are less than eye-popping. It would be an even larger risk for a struggling franchise like the Browns to gamble on Allen, so it would make sense for Cleveland to ship the top pick to Denver and spend their remaining draft capital fortifying the rest of the roster.

So if not Josh Allen or any of the other quarterbacks in the draft, who will be taking snaps under center for the Browns in 2018? That’s a tricky question that will largely depend on where pending free-agent Kirk Cousins ends up. While he’s the first choice for the Browns, there’s some other intriguing free-agent quarterbacks out there. One name that has been floated around is former Cincinnati Bengal A.J. McCarron who has familiarity with Head Coach Hue Jackson from his stint as the Bengal’s defensive coordinator, however this would be a less dynamic signing that may not energize the Browns fan base. As we move closer to the draft, the whole league waits patiently to see what the Browns decide to do with the top selection.

Rick Shinto And His Invaluable Contribution For The Growth Of InnovaCare Health

The irresistible leaders and executives that we meet today are always going to focus their attention on others, and not just on themselves. They succeed because they’re all about helping people with service or a product. That way, they improve the lives of others through their work. One of the few people today that have shown remarkable success in providing service for all is CEO Rick Shinto, who’s been in the industry of corporate service for some time now. He is the CEO of InnovaCare, and with the work that he’s done with CAO Penelope Kokkinides, InnovaCare Health continues to be a provider of the best Medicare Advantage plans that help both patients and physicians get the most benefits out of their insurance.



Rick Shinto’s Work History

There’s a rich past in the work history of Rick Shinto before being in full service for InnovaCare. He used to be the CEO of MMM Healthcare, Inc, as well as the CEO at Aveta Inc. Dr. Shinto’s work experience is also impressive in the fact that he was able to offer 20 years of his profession to full clinical service to various groups and entities, enhancing his skills in the medical field and learning first-hand information that right now had unfortunately been outsourced to automated online software.

In the experience of Dr. Rick Shinto, it’s way better to experience things first hand, and his empirical work experience right now gives him the edge over others who are always going to the books and ignoring on-the-job experience.

That 20 years of experience also involves some operation healthcare work in the field of managed care. From 2008 until 2012, he was also responsible for the growth of Aveta. Inc as the company’s President. His holistic management has also been successful in driving up the expansion of Aveta that no other executive had been able to do before.



The Awards

What is a good leadership performance without an excellent robust award? In the case of Rick Shinto, one prominent award that he got was the 2018 Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare, an award given by Modern Healthcare.

Get More Information Here.



About Innovacare, Inc.

InnovaCare, Inc is a private-owned company that has built a reputation for being a highly integrated organization that serves about 470,000 members. InnovaCare Health’s mission in its operations is to always provide the most sustainable and affordable models of medical insurance and other healthcare needs for its patients.

InnovaCare is redefining healthcare management to meet the challenges of today’s complex healthcare environment.