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Todd McFarlane Meeting for Actors for Spawn Movie

Todd McFarlane Discussing Movie Roles for Spawn

It’s been known for some time that a reboot of the movie “Spawn” was in the works, but now it’s officially time for the casting calls to begin.

Todd McFarlane has been given the honor of being the man in charge of directing the reboot to the comic book character, and started off by first going to his Instagram to confirm that the casting process has started. As of now, there are no known roles for the movie yet, but he has thrown some names around such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx for key roles. DiCaprio is seen as an interesting choice, since most of his roles tend to be involving more prestige materials.

What’s interesting about the movie is that McFarlane has definitely suggested that it will be a more “twisted, psychological affair,” and even more interesting is that Spawn won’t have a speaking role. What’s more, the movie is also supposed to be grounded realistically and Spawn will be the main supernatural part of the whole movie. He also said that the main character of the movie will actually be a guy named Twitch, who is a private investigator.

Spawn is a cult comic that involves Al Simmons, a hired assassin who is betrayed and killed by his bosses, and comes back to Earth by literally making a deal with the devil, as a Hellspawn. As a result, the character turned into an anti-hero. Being a reboot, it should be known that the original comic was made into a movie adaptation in 1997, with Michael Jai White as the leading role of Spawn. The movie itself was pretty successful, but was rated PG-13 and as a result had a lot of explicit elements from the comic removed for audiences. Furthermore, the movie had a lackluster script and was topped off with heavily hammy acting. Still, it remained a cult favorite among many fans.

There’s no official release date for the Spawn reboot, but 2019 seems to be the year that McFarlane has in mind for release.

Lime Crime The Latest Craze

Lime Crime diamond lip crushers has been flooding our news feed for quite some time now. These sparkly iridescent liquid lipsticks can be worn alone or over another lip color to give it a brand new look. Their diamond crusher lipstick videos went viral, as various participants tried the lip colors on, and pressed their lips together producing the glitter phenomenon. This was the first product to ever have this sort of capability and with such success. They have truly delivered a spectacular product with its diamond crushers lipstick. It can be purchased in five different shades, and there is surely a shade to fit every personality.

Lime Crime has a variety of products that range from lipgloss to extreme colored hair dyes. The hair dyes were very popular among the younger crowd because of the vibrant bold colors that are not harmful to the hair. In reference to the makeup these lines of products have also been geared toward the teen audience in the passed; using packaging such as “little velvet tin boxes” filled with lipgloss, and their all time famous “unicorn glitter” which is a loose glitter eyeshadow.

The brand has recently began to appeal to a larger audience with its newest diamond crusher lipstick. These lipsticks have created such a craze that other brands have tried to replicate this glittery lipgloss. A few close contenders would be Follacure Luxe as well as Color Castile. Both of these brands have produced these lipsticks with the diamond crusher effect, however the old saying of “you get what you pay for” would definitely apply to these replicas. Lime Crime is a vegan brand that is all natural, with no harmful chemicals. They also takes pride in the fact that they use no animal testing in the creation of their products.

Equities First Holdings News: Partnering and Financial Assistance

With the world that we are living in now, we can all easily say that we are not happy with the news that has been being talked about. However, we can say that we are happy with all of the kitty memes, puppy memes, and especially those funny Trump memes. Right now it may be hard to find the good news though, simply because there is so much bad news that can be talked about right now. If you are tired of that, continue reading this article that only has good news on the Equities First Holdings company. The EFH company has made themselves known as being great with partnerships, partnerships that last through the decades. They are now partnering up with ETC company and will be funding the ETC company with big projects. Are you now happy that you were able to read this great piece of news without having to hear anything bad?

The Winter Movies That Bring in Crowds

A lot of people are going to appreciate what is available when it comes to the new 2018 movies that are being released. This year starts off well with movies for kids like “Peter Rabbit” and action-packed superhero movies like “Black Panther.” This is a season where any of the biggest movies are released because these are the times where people pack theaters. When it is cold in the winter months people want to get out of the cold so they crowd the movie theaters for big openings like the third installment of “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

A large number of people are excited about how the movies are becoming much more in tune with what is going on in society. It is much easier to embrace movies like “Black Panther” with a Black Lives Matter movement going on. It is easier for movies like Wonder Woman to thrive when there is a #me-too campaign about sexual harassment that is occurring.

So many of the movies that are being unveiled in recent years have a lot to do with what is going on in society. Positive changes are coming, and a lot of the change has to do with the large amount of excitement that is part of the world of movies where people are able to get away. If there is any chance for people to move away from the things that are holding them down for a couple of hours they will typically use a movie to do it. This is why these movies are set to break box office records. These are forms of entertainment that take people to another world for a moment.

Large numbers of people are going to be excited about the way that they are able to watch some of their favorite movie stars in movies that are uplifting and entertaining. The winter season always brings in a big crowd, and some of the Blockbusters that are typically held off for the summer are showing up right now. Movies with a springtime feel like “Peter Rabbit” are already in theaters. The third “Fifty Shades of Grey” is perfect for the Valentine’s Day crowd. There is also a great amount of pride for Black History Month with Black Panther.

How to Make Use of Talkspace

If you need home-based therapy in a way that is right for you, it is time for you to make use of Talkspace. Talkspace has been created for people who would like to be able to get therapy from the comforts of their own home. It allows you to easily download an app and begin to use it for your own convenience. You will then be matched with a therapist who is the perfect choice for you. This is the reason so many people have utilized Talkspace and are happy with the decision that they have made because of this.

In recent months, online therapy apps and sites like Talkspace have grown in popularity by about 80 percent. The reason for this is due to the fact that people want a better way to get the mental health help that they need. Most therapists locally have long wait lists, which can be problematic when you’re trying to see someone for help and have to wait weeks or even months just for the first appointment. Plus, if you do not have health insurance, local therapy can be expensive and not fit into your own budget.

This is why Talkspace is a better choice and can be exactly what you need to feel better about the situation that you’re dealing with at the moment. This is the main reason why so many people have chosen Talkspace and are thrilled with what it has done for them. This is why it is a good idea for you to take a look into this amazing app and download it for yourself so that you can begin using it at your own convenience and know that it is totally different from any other type of therapy that you might have used in the past for help.

Black Panther is Set to Break Box Office Records

Marvel’s newest comic book adaptation Black Panther, is yet to be released in theaters but it has already drawn in major positive reviews from the industry’s top critics. Many media publications such as the Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly and The Los Angeles Times that were invited to the screenings of Black Panther have gushed that the film is “revolutionary” and is “unlike anything you’ve ever seen before”. These blurbs were featured in a few promotional television spots just before the film debuts in IMAX and 3D across 3,800 U.S. screens. The Marvel film will also be shown in Kisumu, Kenya, as an early screening just a few days before its worldwide release on February 16, 2018.

The film was directed by Ryan Coogler, who directed Fruitvale Station in 2013 and stars Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa a.k.a. Black Panther; Lupita Nyong’o as Nakia; Michael B. Jordan as Erik Killmonger; Dani Gurira as Okoye and Martin Freeman as Everett K. Ross. Black Panther was very well-received on Rotten Tomatoes, it achieved a ‘certified fresh’ rating and a high approval score of 97 percent. The rave reviews and extremely positive advert blurbs had played a part in helping the superhero flick’s pre-sale tickets reach record breaking sales within its genre. One can only assume that the Disney distributed and Marvel produced Black Panther will become an explosive box office hit.

The premise of the story centers around T’Challa returning to his African homeland after the events that transpired in Captain America: Civil War. He returns to the technologically advanced nation of Wakanda and becomes appointed as their new king. Shortly after, King T’Challa becomes bombarded with members within his own nation trying to dethrone him. A few surprising foes devised a plan to commit Wakanda genocide and King T’Challa has no choice but to fight as Black Panther once again and prevent any wars and atrocities from happening to his people as well as his motherland.

Retirement Planning Before the End of the Year: David Giertz Has Some Thoughts

Before thoughts of holiday celebration consume your year-end planning, you can significantly improve your financial position by considering some retirement saving tips before the official end of 2017. Even if you have not given your retirement fund a second thought this year, there is still time to make a difference in your ability to retire when planned.

One of the most important things to ask your financial advisor about is whether you are required to take any minimum distributions from your IRA or company retirement plan before the last day of 2017. You could be penalized up to 50 percent for failing to take the required distribution if you are of a certain age. You also need to be careful in finding out whether your IRAs are aggregated for purposes of determining the minimum distribution amount. It is important that you give your financial advisor the entire picture as to your retirement saving plans so that you do not inadvertently violate IRS rules and regulations. In addition, it matters what type of IRA you are aggregating. For example, if you inherit an IRA, you only aggregate them when they are all inherited from the same person. This includes IRAs in the separate names of a mother and father.

According to David Giertz, You may decide that you want to take more than the required minimum distribution from your IRA, which is entirely fine. It might even make sense for planning purposes to take more of a distribution in one year than another. Be sure to discuss these scenarios with your financial advisor so that you do not end up paying more in taxes than necessary. After age 70, it becomes increasingly important to be aware of these rules and make sure that you are not forgetting to include all of your retirement plans in your analysis.

In calculating, the required minimum distribution, you should be using the IRA balance from the last day of 2016 for distributions in 2017. There are different tables that are used for calculations, and the process can be very confusing for someone who is not an experienced financial advisor.

Michael Burwell Takes His Financial Prowess To Willis Towers Watson

Michael Burwell is a highly experienced finance professional. He prides himself on learning his trade at one of the best consulting firms in the world, PricewaterhouseCoopers, PwC, the global conglomerate based in the US. A graduate of Michigan State University and a certified accountant, he has spent over three decades with PwC. He rose through the ranks to serve in key leadership positions in the firm.



At the height of his career at PwC, he worked as the Vice Chairman in charge of finance. Recently, he was appointed to serve as the chief financial officer of Willis Towers Watson. The publicly-traded company is a top-rated global financial advisor that also offers brokerage services and a wide range of capital solutions to global customers. Michael Burwell brings extensive experience in finance and accounting to the stable including transformation, transaction services, audit, and valuations.



Michael Burwell adopts a results-oriented strategy to motivate his teams and drive growth. Michael Burwell has a strong commitment to clients. This aligns perfectly with the firm’s policy of providing exemplary financial solutions to corporations and individuals around the world. He is excited to join the management team at Willis Towers Watson. Besides strengthening the leadership, he hopes to grow the collaborative principles that continue to guide the success of the company.



Willis Towers Watson leverages capital to provide solutions that unlock the potential of global institutions and drive performance. The CEO of Willis Towers Watson, John Haley, was at hand to welcome the new CFO. He expressed his excitement and confidence in Michael Burwell’s expertise. He reiterated that the new CFO joins the company at a crucial time. The firm is looking to complete its integration efforts and puts more focus on long-term growth strategies.



Michael Burwell has a proven track record of achieving results that drive business performance and growth. He is credited with the rapid growth of PwC’s Detroit operation at the beginning of his career. He is adept at financial analysis, accounting, mergers and acquisitions, internal controls and leadership. Additionally, he is an influential team leader who adopts pioneering strategies that ensure client satisfaction.



Michael Burwell hopes to streamline the internal functions of the organization to achieve strategic effectiveness and draw the value from a diverse range of assets. Besides the Willis Group and PwC, he is also associated with the Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center where he serves on the board. He has also contributed to the National Republican Senatorial Committee among others. Find Additional Information Here.


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Talk Fusion Provides Enhanced Dashboard

For the past decade, one company that has continued to provide very innovative products and solutions to its customers is Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is a leading provider of video visitation and chat services that have been used by thousands of customers across the world. The products and services that the company provides have given its customers a convenient way of connecting like never before. Learn more:


Traditionally, Talk Fusion has been known for its video chat services. The service that the company has provided give a company or consumer a very clear image that can be used to make two parties feel as if they are located near each other. The company, and its CEO Bob Reina, have continued to look for new ways that they can enhance the service or come up with additional products that they can provide to their customers to give a better overall experience.


The company recently announced that it would be adding new products to its already strong product and service line. One of the newest services that the company will be adding is a new produce dashboard that is compatible with the already existing Talk Fusion product line and video suite. The new dashboard will give a business owner a clear look that will be very user friendly. The dashboard will allow a user to make a call, monitor the progress of the call, see who is in the call with them, and a variety of other valuable services.


Talk Fusion is not only providing new products and services to its customers, but it is also finding ways to make them more affordable through efficiency. While there are competing companies that can provide video visitation services, Talk Fusion continues to provide the best overall service at an affordable price.


The company has also taken many of their products and services to the next level. This includes providing customers with the ability to use the Talk Fusion services for social networking purposes. The company can allow an organization to build a personalized social network on the new dashboard, which will allow members to communicate directly and learn more about each other. Members who use the dashboard for the social media purposes will also be able to send messages to each other while they are offline through text messages, video messages, and email. This can help to keep people connected even when they can’t live chat.

Neurocore Helps Mental Health Patients without Prescription Drugs

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a problem that most children do not like to experience. This mental condition often creates a lot of problems for children on a personal level. Some kids have problems with focusing in school while other children deal with lots of stress. Each of these conditions will disrupt a child’s ability to think correctly or to control themselves in an acceptable manner. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Normally, a child would have to get diagnosed to see if they have any mental health issues. Once a mental health ailment has been discovered, a child would then be prescribed medication. Then they will have to take their meds for a very long just to manage their condition. However, there is an alternative treatment called Neurocore that can help children to eliminate their mental deficiencies without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

Neurocore has been around since 2004. The organization was started to help find drug free solutions to the mental problems that they experience. One of company’s central focus is to deal with mental health issues at their core. This is why the organization focuses on various techniques that are designed to readjust a person’s brain.

Mental health conditions typically result from a misalignment within the brain. When a person’s brain activity is not functioning in the right way, it creates problems for them mentally. People who suffer from depression, anxiety and poor memory are just some of the candidates that can benefit from Neurocore corrective therapies.

One type of corrective therapy offered by Neurocore is called biofeedback. This process teaches patients how to breath deeply and it helps to center their thinking to a more positive state. They also use neurofeedback processes which charts a patient’s brain activity. The company offers a treatment that uses films to help realign a person’s thinking.


Patients are hooked up to electrodes that are connected to a special movie player. The electrodes are placed on their head and various parts of their upper body. The movie that is playing in front of a patient is something they want to see. While the patient is watching the film, they have to be careful about what they are thinking.

The electrodes can sense when a patient is not focusing on the movie or when their mind starts to form negative though patterns. The film will shut off once this happens. It will not start back up again until the patient calms down or starts to think more positively. This process has been met with success. Many people like it because they do not have to take prescription drugs or have to deal with potential side effects from pharmaceutical substances. Neurocore has a great track record with healing patients from mental ailments and eliminating their need for medications. Read more about Neurocore at