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Daniel Day-Lewis’ Retirement Path

Daniel Day-Lewis is a famed actor who hails from Greenwich in the United Kingdom. He’s been wowing audiences all around the globe with his strong acting chops for many decades now. That’s the reason his recent retirement has come as a major shock to so many everywhere. He’s won three Academy Awards throughout his illustrious and rewarding career. Many people were unhappy to find out that he has no plans to ever pursue acting again. The actor’s representative broke the news back in the summertime. Day-Lewis’ role in “Phantom Thread” will most likely be his last one.

Day-Lewis, perhaps surprisingly enough, hasn’t been a stranger to thoughts of possible retirement before. He thought about quitting acting for good many times before. That’s also the reason he’s gone for extended stretches of time without working on any cinematic projects. He always eventually got lured back into the craft, however. A specific role or director would entice him by inspiring him with excellent and fascinating content. Phantom Thread undoubtedly attracted Day-Lewis. The problem was a lot deeper than that, though. That’s because making the film wasn’t exactly the easiest process in the world. Production of Phantom Thread was extremely time-consuming and taxing. That surprised Day-Lewis in a big way.

Day-Lewis doesn’t appear to want to speak too much about the intricacies of the shoot. He does indicate, however, that he has zero plans to actually watch the movie himself. The Phantom Thread experience was apparently so painful to him that he feels that he’s unable to cope with it on the big screen.

The actor thinks that making his retirement plans public is a smart idea. He believes that doing so can help set boundaries for him in the future. If people know that he’s in retirement, they won’t wait for him to come back as much. He was uncertain about the idea of telling the world his news. He believed, however, that it would help in the long run.

Excitement Grows As “Star Wars” Questions Are Set To Be Answered

The release of a new “Star Wars” movie is always a moment for celebration among fans who often spend years awaiting the next installment of the record-breaking movie franchise. In 2017, the release of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is a source of excitement among fans who are looking for a number of questions to be answered which were left unresolved by the last installment, “The Force Awakens”.

Despite the excellent box office and critical response to “The Force Awakens” many experts and fans have been looking back and hoping the next installment helmed by Rain Johnson to add a little more depth to the franchise after the fast pace of the last movie. The Guardian has produced a number of questions fans are hoping will be answered by “The Last Jedi” which were left open by J.J. Abrams 2015 movie which did not provide a large amount of backstory about a number of the main characters.

Fans of the franchise have recently been vocal about wanting to explore the background of the character, Rey who seemed to be one of the most powerful users of the force seen in the space opera series despite not receiving any training. Rey’s origin has become one of the most debated on message boards by fans who have been questioning her ancestry in a bid to explain strong powers and the fact she seemed to have a large amount of knowledge about the dark side of the force.

Another question fans are hoping will be answered is the background of Kylo Ren, played excellently by Adam Driver in “The Force Awakens”. Despite becoming an impressive villain from his first appearance in the movie, Driver’s character had a little backstory to explain why the son of two of the franchises iconic characters had turned to the dark side and the mysterious figure of Snook.

Here’s what you need to know about lifeline screening

As much as the adaption rate of a healthy living lifestyle has been a keen matter of interest to a large population, health concerns are one of the unavoidable life’s phenomenon. Issues addressed in a healthy living lifestyle include frequent gym visits, dietary changes and a lot of water intake. However effortful the changes in lifestyle are, are they significant enough? Do they go a long way in eliminating health issues in your body? If they do, how sure are you? Read more reviews on Glassdoor to know more.

Research conducted in the past show that most of the medical issues that tend to be fatal and on the rise, such as cancer, are a slow time ticking bomb in our bodies. They, therefore, recommend that frequent overall body check-up is conducted to ascertain your well-being.

Lifeline screening conducts cost friendly and non-invasive screening to ascertain and detect any body anomalies. Using technology advancements in the medical field, Internal body organs are examined and assessed using techniques such as sonography to visualize the internal condition of organs.

Other than ultrasound other most commonly used technologies are magnetic rays’ technology, electronic cardiograph, and finger stick blood screening.

Finger-stick blood screening facilitates detecting a variety of conditions using some blood chemical compounds as the sample. A blood sample is taken from the tip of your finger which is tested for blood sugar by screening glucose, elevated liver enzymes checking for any liver injury, HDL (good cholesterol), LDL ( bad cholesterol ) which are both screened from the lipid panel.

Ultrasound is used to check for calcium deficiency by checking bone mineral density. Heart disease and stroke can also be ascertained using this technique by screening for carotid artery disease. Internal bleeding, one of the world’s leading causes of death, which unexpectedly occurs due to accidents, is checked via an aortic aneurysm screening.

Cancer is a health menace spreading too fast across all age brackets with reasons for its causes still unknown. CT scans also known as MRI are used to establish the presence of tumors growing internally that may be both cancerous and malignant.

Electro-cardiograph ideally checks overall heart functionality.

Here’s exactly what you need to prepare before a life screening;

For proper illumination of rays and other respective techniques, it is advisable that approximately two days before your scheduled scan day, consume light meals. On the actual day, ensure that you have taken nothing before four hours before your scan.

Attire to avoid/wear during a lifeline screening

Loose fitting outfit of light fabric is highly recommended to boost your flexibility as required by health professional conducting the lifeline screening. Before donning the two-piece cloth, ensure that no ointments have come into contact with your skin to avoid likely reaction that may lead to medical complications. In addition to creams, completely avoid jewelry and belts.

What do I stand to Benefits from a lifeline screening?

Confidence in personal health and a comprehensive guidance on how to avoid possible medical complications. If any complication is detected, solutions are sorted Justin time.

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Greg Secker’s Take on Forex Trading and His Successful Career

Forex trading is no doubt a lucrative investment venture, but people who are new in the trade often find it overwhelming. Although it seems complex, Greg Secker advises people who are new in the industry to understand the basics first. He trusts that a little determination could result in healthy profits. Greg admits that although forex trading is not simple, it is also not like undertaking a brain surgery. All it takes is to understand the ins and outs of the industry, and you are good to go.

Before diving in, it is essential to determine whether forex trading is right for you or not. As a forex trader, you will have to monitor the charts and have to be a fun of complex trading. If not, then this might not be ideal for you. On the brighter side, there are software programs that analyze charts on your behalf. Now that inflation in the States is causing a decrease in the dollar’s value, the United Kingdom’s forex market is an intelligent choice.

Greg Secker’s career in the forex market

Greg wears many hats; he is a philanthropist, a public speaker, a master trader and many others. His vast experience in forex adds value to his advice regarding the industry. Mr. Secker began his career in Thomas Crook Financial services. Later, he moved into the forex industry, by running a new business known as the Virtual Trading Desk. It was the first company that offered an online real-time trading stage.

It was not long before Greg made his name and was appointed as the Vice President of the Mellon Financial Corporation. Later, he joined a major Fortune 500 investment bank located in the United States. At the firm, he was privileged to work with some of the leading traders around the globe.

Throughout his career, Greg has used the strategies that he has learned while traveling around the world. That is how he managed to grow his trading account to the point that he now runs his trading firm. His firm is known as Learn to Trade. Greg has held various seminars and workshops where he has mentored over 200,000 individuals.

Igor Cornelsen’s Tips on How to Succeed in the Brazilian Foreign Market Sector

Brazil’s economy presents a perfect opportunity for investors to take advantage of the rapidly growing economy. Foreign investors in Brazil have already begun reaping a lot of benefits following the end of economic turbulence in the country. The end of this economic turmoil means that the healthy business ties with China would benefit investors significantly.

For those who have never invested in foreign trade, it is essential to understand some basics before investing your money. Ensure that you know what to expect and skills to avoid losing. If you have never invested, it is now your time as Cornelsen has detailed out the process of successfully investing as well as the strategies to employ to ensure that you succeed. Take a look.

  1. Understand Currency Restrictions

Brazil holds strict currency control policies. In Brazil, nonresidents are required to search for authorized banks to exchange their currencies. Since currency exchange rate varies, one should take advantage and gain profits. However, it is essential to understand currency law basics.

  1. Network with Natives

The country has many entrepreneurs. For one to succeed in Brazil, they must network. Since Brazilians have a welcoming culture, Igor Cornelsen advices investors to take advantage of this and connect with the natives. Since 25 percent of residents between 18 and 64 years self-started their business, it is effortless for one to invest in the country.

  1. Prepare for misfortunes

Although the foreign investment industry is rapidly growing in Brazil, it is still delicate. Therefore, investors should be ready to meet several red tapes. With that said, it is important to stay a step ahead of the red tapes to avoid the unnecessary ones.

Ups And Downs in Foreign Investment

Cornelsen argues that Brazil is the best place for foreign investment as the nation has undergone ups and downs in the industry. Although Cornelsen left the country to play golf in Florida, he could not stop monitoring the foreign investment industry. Through Igor Cornelsen investment firm, foreigners can overcome the challenges in the sector.

The strict regulation and underperformance of the Brazilian government make investments in the country a nightmare for many investors. However, the policies don’t set exchange rate, and thus there is a great potential to reap benefits in the country as long as you follow Igor Cornelsen’s advice.

End Citizen United: Bringing Politics Back To The People

Since it was established in March 2015, End Citizens United (ECU) has been relentless in its support for progressive political candidates and groups sharing similar views as ECU.

Though ECU started with the aim of ending the notorious 2010 Supreme Court decision that gave too much leeway to individuals, corporations, and unions with deep pockets in the political process, the struggle has now gone beyond overturning that decision.

In the last couple of years, funds, within the limits of the law, are regularly channeled to help certain politicians in their quest to win elections.

Supporting Jason Crow

ECU, along with other like-minded PACs, have thrown their support behind Democratic challenger Jason Crow in the 2018 6th Congressional District elections.

This is in a bid to unseat the fifth-term Republican Congressman from Aurora, Mike Coffman. So far, Jason Crow is in pole position to win the Democratic Party primaries.

Crow is clearly the favorites of political groups with progressive leanings as shown by the list of his top donors. Apart from ECU, other PACs favorable to Jason’s candidacy include, Serve America Victory Fund, Blue Rising, and Progressive Choices PAC.

So far this effort has seen the Attorney Jason Crow haul in more than $400,000 in campaign funds.

Going Against Speaker Paul Ryan

A major news to recently come out of ECU is the public backing given to Randy Bryce. Last month the ECU publicly announced that it is supporting Randy Bryce for Congress.

His opponent is no less a personality than Speaker Paul Ryan. This public backing by ECU has further raised the profile of Bryce and made him a very formidable candidate in the Wisconsin congressional race next year.

Backing Randy Bryce was a logical choice for ECU. Over the years, Bryce has made a name for himself consistently speaking out against the ills of Washington politics. He has come out strongly in support of reforms that would put the people first in the nation’s politics.

Paul Ryan, on the other hand, is a known Washington player beholden to big corporations, interest groups and extremely rich individuals. That has made it impossible for him to think of the people first. His politics are too far-rightist to bring the change clamored by ECU and organizations with similar interests.

Battle Ground 2018

In next year’s election, ECU hopes their advocacy would ultimately bring an end to money as an important factor in politics.

The first step is to support and help the election of many progressives who share these views to Congress. Then the process of lobbying for laws that would mitigate the impact of the Citizen United ruling would begin.

End Citizen United is not taking anything for granted. This is why in just two years of existence, ECU is now one of the most well-organized groups with an articulate vision to root out vested interests in politics.

ECU’s strong social media presence indicates they work hard at engaging with all like-minded individuals and groups no matter their locations.

The Facebook page has over 300k likes and is constantly updated with relevant information. The strong social media presence is also obvious on Twitter. Almost 40k followers and over 4k tweets indicate an organization determined to engage with all segments of the society.

For ECU, the battle for the soul of the nation’s politics is one that must be fought non-stop. Eternal vigilance and consistent tweaks to strategies are central to this battle. Watch:


Neurocore’s Innovative Treatments Give Hope To Those Suffering From Depression

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers uses innovative assessments and training programs to help people improve their concentration and enjoy a good night’s sleep. With their data based approach, Neurocore has become a national leader in applied neuroscience. There are multiple Neurocore Brain Performance Centers throughout Florida and Michigan.

Neurocore offers people a number of different brain diagnostics tests to help analyze their brainwaves. Some of the tests include; Heart Rate Variability, Electroencephalogram, and Integrated Visual and Auditory Continuous Performance test. The biofeedback and neurofeedback training that Neurocore offers has helped people deal with ADHD, PTSD, TBI, headaches, sleep disorders, stress, and depression, among other issues. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Depression is an illness that Neurocore treats very seriously. Depression affects millions of people every year. Here is a closer look at this important issue.

Multiple Types of Depression

Major Depressive Disorder involves someone having low self esteem levels and dealing with sadness for multiple days. Seasonal Affective Disorder occurs when someone is sad due to a lack of sunlight. Other types of depression include Postpartum and Persistent Depressive Disorder.

Depression Can Be Inherited

For many people, a traumatic event such as abuse, the death of a loved one, or financial problems can cause depression. However, data has linked genetics to depression. People who have family members that have went through depression are more likely to deal with it at some point.

Depression Can Hurt Your Physical Health

Research has shown that depression can cause headaches, stomach problems, and cause people to have shortness of breath.


There Are No Specific Symptoms For Depression

Symptoms of depression can differ from person to person. Common signs that most people with depression go through include; feelings of sadness, lack of sleep, and weight loss. Other people might suffer from high functioning depression where it appears that someone is doing okay, but on the inside, they are seriously hurting.

Depression Can Be Treated

If you are suffering from depression, try to treat it early on before your symptoms get worse. Common treatment involves a mixture of therapy and medication. With increased financial support towards depression research, more treatment options should become available. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

How to Use One login to Protect Your Company Data

As a businessperson, what have you been using to protect your data? Most companies have been using passwords as a means of controlling who accesses its data.

However, in the recent days, the data breach has been the order of the day. Passwords are no longer tenable in protecting your firm, precious information.

With the development of technology, password bumps and data leaks are the order of the day. Hackers are now able to break into your computer systems and release the list of passwords and usernames on the open web. If this is the circumstance, how then do you ensure that your business data and information is still safe?

The Use of Biometrics

With the current trends, firms will be forced to use “something that you are” or biometrics to secure their data rather than the traditional passwords. The use of biometrics can be divided into two-behavioral and physiological.

Physiological biometrics will include everything from voice to fingerprints, iris and facial pattern recognition. Behavioral biometrics will consist of things like keystroke dynamics, navigation patterns, hand tremor and whether you are right or left handed.

As you will note, behavioral biometrics lack the uniqueness characterized with the physiological techniques. As such, you cannot use these factors as the only basis of authentication. As such, you will have to use these methods alongside other information like hardware attributes, device data, and IP address.

The opportunity presented by one login here is for you and your security team to come up with the best combination of behavioral biometrics, physiological biometrics and password authentication that will improve data access management strategy.

OneLogin facilitates these methods through their integration system. The system allows the user to save the employees data on the directory. In case of any change, the data is synced and sent to the envoy directory. All that you will be required to do is to ensure that the system you are using is well integrated. In such a case, any changes that happen are sent to the envoy.

The Beauty of the Mighty Fortress Church

Minnesota is home to many spectacularly beautiful houses of worship. This area has a great many church buildings, as the state hosts over 50 Catholic churches in Sterns County itself, with many other churches of other denominations all over the state. The design of these buildings ranges from the highly traditional to the very modern, and many boast very ornate designs.

Here’s our top picks of some of the most gorgeously designed churches in Minnesota.

The Church of St. Mary’s in New Tier. This pretty church in the Beaux-Arts Style was built back in 1909, but its vibrant beauty, in bright red with pale brick accents, is as amazing now as when it was first built. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

The Assumption Chapel in Cold Spring. This charming little chapel was build in 1951, to replace a chapel that was destroyed by a tornado. The chapel has a charming Gothic style and sits on top of a lovely wooded bluff.

The Mighty Fortress Church, Crystal, Minnesota. This beautiful church offers a clean style in red brick, with stone detailing. The building resembles a kind of modern fortress that offers peace and shelter, which is a perfect style for a house of worship.

The Mighty Fortess church is a welcoming house of worship that offers church goers a place of true community. People from all faiths and all walks of life are welcome here, as this is a place that meets each believer exactly where they are in their walk.


Bishop Thomas Williams is the Senior Pastor at the Mighty Fortess Church, and he has served in the ministry for over 30 years. His mission in his Christian walk has always been to offer hope and the love of God through the message of Christ. This is a message available to everyone, as the love of Christ offers healing from the many distressing problems of life in the material world.

It is the ongoing mission of the Mighty Fortress Church to offer the hope of salvation to all who come to this beautiful church, housed in a sheltering building made with hope and joy. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on

Meet Shiraz Boghani: United Kingdom’s Hospitality Business Magnate

Having received an accolade as the hotelier of the year in 2016, Shiraz Boghani is not only a renowned business entrepreneur but also a philanthropist. Almost than 50 years ago, Shiraz, who hails from Kenya, moved to the United Kingdom to pursue his career as an accountant with KPMG (formerly Thomson McLintock & Co). Many years later, now a Fellow of Chartered Accounts in parts of the UK, Shiraz prides in being the chairman and the Founding Partner of the Sojourn Hospitals LLP.

In the last 30 years, Shiraz Boghani has industriously worked in the hotel industry. His hard work has borne fruit evidenced by the 19 trading hotels that he now manages in the UK. Being a dynamic entrepreneur who pioneered London’s limited service branded hotels has helped him build a large business network. It is as a result of this well-established hotel network that he has sustained since the early 90’s that he managed to be awarded the Hotelier of the Year at the Asian Business Awards 2016.

Apart from the chairmanship, Shiraz Boghani is also a Partner of Sussex Care Limited. Recently, Boghani developed and hurled an elegant Hilton London Bankside that has been valued at £121m. Hilton London Bankside is located in the lively Bankside of London. Other hotels that have been established by Shiraz Boghani include The Grand Hotel & Spa, The Conrad London St James, and Holiday Inn London.

Shiraz is the Managing Partner of the Splendid Hotels Group. Through his effective management, the dedicated certified accountant has created in Splendid Hotels Group the fastest growing privately-owned hotel groups. Shiraz Boghani has zealously strengthened and also improved the hotel industry. His knowledge and creativity has created a robust hotel industry in the United Kingdom and hence bringing about high competition.

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The partnership of Shiraz Boghani as a joint chairman in the Sussex Health Care has promoted standards of excellence in the institution. Through his many years of experience in and exposure different fields including management in hotels and accounting knowledge, Shiraz provides both administrative support which has helped to improve the services of the healthcare center that is mainly focused in in care home services.

Shiraz Boghani has grown to become a philanthropist during his career. His support towards the Aga Khan Foundation, a UK registered charity group, is profound. He also contributes substantially towards the Aga Khan Development Network worldwide. In addition, Shiraz has made key contributions towards various benevolent organizations.

Shiraz is an adversely equipped management leader and business entrepreneur. He has outstanding relations with major financiers in Europe.

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