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Bruce Levenson’s Business and Sports Careers

Bruce Levenson is very well known in the world of both business and sports. However, he has became a household name due to his involvement with sports. He is one of the owners of the Atlanta Hawks. However, he also is known for being a philanthropist. Nowadays, there is going to be a major change to his career. The Atlanta Hawks will be changing ownership very soon.

As a businessman, Levenson has been extremely successful. He was one of the individuals who built United Communications Group from the ground up. This enterprise really did take off, in a very dramatic way. There are a number of different media outlets throughout the nation that are owned by United Communications Group.

Once he attained his business success, he did not merely hang on to all of his earnings. Bruce Levenson has also become known as a major donor to various organizations. These organizations include The Hoop Dreams Foundation, Birthright Israel, and BBYO. In addition to being a donor, he has even worked directly with a non-profit organization. In the past, he actually was the president of the I Have A Dream Foundation in Washington, DC. This organization assists those in poverty to have to opportunity to earn a college degree.

In 2004, Bruce Levenson made a major career move. Rather than being involved only in the communications industry, he became involved in the world of professional basketball. He became one of the owners of Atlanta’s NBA team, The Atlanta Hawks. Levenson and the group of individuals that own the team also own the home court, Phillips Arena. However, Phillips Arena is not merely a venue for professional basketball. Phillips Arena has often been used as a place to hold other types of events. For instance, concerts are sometimes held inside the stadium.

However, there are big changes underway. The team recently has went through the process of being put up for sale. Not only that, but the buyers have been found! Another very well known businessman, Anthony Ressler has arranged the sale to take place. This transaction has also taken place for the astonishing price of 850 million dollars. Interestingly, one of the new owners will be an individual who used to play professional basketball. When this sale occurs, it will be the first time in more than 10 years that Time’s Levenson has no involvement in the NBA. However, Bruce Levenson will have made a profit on the team. The 850 million dollar sale price is more than four times the price that the team was purchased for back in 2004!

Bruce Levenson has had a very long, distinguished career in the business arena. In addition to being very successful, he has also been very generous. His partial ownership of the Atlanta Hawks has been an integral part of his career. Even though he is moving on from that chapter of his life, it was a very successful and profitable career move for Bruce Levenson.

Looking For A New Real Estate Business Model? Check Out

Getting started in the real estate business can be quite challenging. There may be long stretches of time that no sales are made. However, it’s possible to do something about it. Most people in the real estate business stick to charging a six percent commission on their sales. The 990 Company gives you an opportunity to separate yourself from the crowd, with a fee structure that allows for lower fees. This can result in dramatic increases in your sales.

The 990 Company is available to realtors for a fee of 200 dollars a month through the 990 sells homes plan. Through this company, you will have a lot of the loose ends of your business taken care of. Your listings will appear on The 990 Company website. In addition, The 990 Company offers you trademark protection. The founder of the company has also compiled educational materials that are available to the real estate agents. One can potentially learn a great deal from reading this information. The company also offers what is needed to successfully promote your listings.

The 990 Company was started by a man named Greg Hague. He has an educational background in law, and he has been licensed for selling real estate since he was only 18 years old. He has worked in real estate for all of his adult life. First, he started out with the family real estate company. Hague then became the founder of his own real estate company. However, it was his second real estate company that really took off. The name of this company was WHY USA. He had great success by breaking real estate tradition. He began charging fees significantly lower than the standard of 6 percent. The fee he charged was not commissioned. Instead, the fee was fixed at only 990 dollars. Due to the lower prices, clients began flocking to him. He began making large amounts of money with this new company. His success became very widely publicized in the world of real estate, as it used a very non-traditional business model. He was talked about in books about real estate.

Then, he began taking advantage of his notoriety. He began distributing advice on a site called In addition, he founded a new company that used the same principle he used to attain such a high level of success. His new company, The 990 Company grew and became wildly successful. Clients still get to enjoy the lower fees, and his real estate agents are able to have very high levels of success. This real estate company is available in areas throughout the country.

Greg Hague developed a very successful real estate business strategy. However, he is not the only one who can use his ingenious strategies. You can do it too! For only 200 dollars a month, you can be using Hague’s brilliant strategies and have a highly profitable real estate business.

Sergio Cortez And The Experience Of Impersonating The Greatest Pop Icon That Ever Lived

Sergio Cortez and The Experience Of Impersonating The Greatest Pop Icon That Ever Lived
When MJ died in 2009, the news hit the entertainment industry hard. This is because Michael hadn’t only been a musician; he had been the head of a revolution in pop culture, an inventor, entertainer and an icon in every sense of the word. The worst part about the death was that he had been gearing up for his comeback tour, one that millions had already paid for in advance. This means that there were millions of people that were left with a yearning to see the star perform.
One Spanish man seems to have found a way of helping people relive their fondest moments of being in the presence of the pop idol. This is Sergio Cortez. Born and raised in Barcelona Spain, Sergio started getting interested in the work of Michael Jackson at a very tender age. The fact that he does resemble the king of pop also played a role in guiding him towards becoming the best MJ impersonator the world has seen in a while. After the death of Michael, Sergio started thinking of ways in which he could help the fans of MJ relive the experience of being in the presence of the master illusionist and entertainer.
Sergio formed a dance group that focused on rehearsing and performing MJ songs solely. Two of his brothers acted as his backup dancers. The fact that in addition to looking like Michael, he also sounded like him made his work much easier. After lots of practice and rigorous social media campaigns, Sergio started getting bookings for shows with people that wanted to see the real MJ performing.
The most amazing thing about Sergio Cortes and his performances is how well he has mastered the moves and vocals of the real MJ. As a matter of fact, people that attend his shows say that they do feel like they are once again in the presence of MJ himself. Sergio has since moved from Barcelona and settled in Brazil. Here he has a huge following of people that just want to relive the MJ experience.
Sergio spends most of his time rehearsing and improving on his stage performances. When he is not working, he will be busy promoting his act or relaxing in his private residence. The personal life of this upcoming star is as secretive as that of the pop icon himself. Sergio truly is a rising star that is fun to watch.

A Few Interesting Facts You Should Know About Handy House Cleaning Service

Handy has completely revolutionized the way house cleaning is done nowadays. Founded by two young men, the company makes it possible for anyone to order a home cleaner using just a few taps on the iPhone. In fact, many refer to the service as the Uber of house cleaning only different because it does not come accompanied by extravagant rates. Similar to Uber, Handy is a phenomenal market place that takes care of everything including scheduling and payments of both the demand and supply ends of the market.

The brand has been growing really fast and soon after it started operations, it managed to raise not less than $12 million in just two rounds. The funding was led by two well-known companies; Highland Capital Partners and General Catalyst Partners. The two partners were optimistic that the company would continue growing tremendously owing to the fact that it had experienced a growth of sixty-percent monthly for three months in a row. At the time the company was getting the funding, it had more than fifty employees and thousands of freelancers who were completing not less than ten thousand jobs in a month. It was also operating in thirteen cities and had managed to open offices in Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago.

A few months after the funding, the company made an announcement that it had bought another cleaning business by the name Exec for a price that it did not disclose but that was less than $10 million. With the phenomenal cleaning service, customers can get convenience, and it takes away all the unreliable and sketchy maid services and cleaning agencies by replacing it with an easy to use mobile app and website. The customer simply enters their zip code, the rooms they need to be cleaned as well as the exact time. After that is done, the customer is given a price quote, and if they like the price, the card or payment details on file are charged and the customer does not have to worry about being overcharged or the cleaner being undercharged.

Handy does a thorough screening of its freelancers, and it performs background checks and many references so as to get the best among the thousands that apply. The company says that only three percent of the total professionals get employed. On a light note, the management says that getting accepted in the company as a freelancer is harder than getting into Harvard.

As of October 2014, the company had managed to hit over $1 million in bookings per week as well as a run rate of $52 million from $3 million. It also managed to improve on the professional hourly wage with the average being $18 per hour. The growth was attributed to the fact that people have accepted the new way it was offering the service. Prior to that, it had also re-branded itself and done more aggressive marketing. The company remain committed to offering the best home care services though the biggest profit chunk comes exclusively from house cleaning.

Superlawyer Dan Newlin is a Super Benefit to the Community

Superlawyers are an elite group of all types of attornies in the U.S. who have proven success in their law practices. Only five percent of all attorneys ever have a chance to be a Superlayer, and Attorney Dan Newlin was chosen last year. Mr. Newlin has only been practicing law for 15 years, but he is a dynamic personal injury attorney who is winning millions of dollars every year for his clients.

Attorney Newlin practices law in Orlando, where he first began, He also has a small office in South Florida only two hours from Orlando, and two years ago he opened another law firm serving Chicago where he grew up. Public service has been his passion throughout his entire career.

Dan Newlin’s Personal Career

At 16, Dan Newlin went to work as an EMT in East Chicago where he grew up with his family. At 21, he advanced to being a beat cop in Chicago where he liked being in touch with the people on a daily basis. After only four years on the Illinois force, he transferred to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department where his ambition took over and he began to be recognized by his superiors. Dan was promoted to detective and then to special forces for tourists. He received several awards for his actions, but he wasn’t satisfied, yet.

Mr. Newlin went to Florida Law School for two years and in 2000 he graduated, passed the bar and opened the Newlin Law Firm, Mr. Newlin was now able to help people who had been seriously hurt and needed help to go forward, and he admits that this was where his passions were. Now he had the legal tools to bring justice for the public, and he was using them with great su.ccess.

Attorney Dan Newlin slowly began to build his law firm with a team who was as committed as he is, and with his enthusiasm and aggressive skills as a trial lawyer, success began to follow him. The talents that he had developed as an officer and a detective, he was using in his law practice to benefit his clients and the media was noticing. After only a few years, he was winning larger settlements that were making statements for the people he was representing.

Dan Gives to the Community Outside the Courtroom

But, Dan Newlin is not solely concerned with his practice and what he can do in the courtroom. He is also interested in helping charities, especially in the Orlando area. He founded the Miracle Project where he selected the Palmer Hospital this year, and six children who were fighting cancer were brought by Mr. Newlin to spend the day with Evander Holyfield, a champion fighter. Attorney Dan Newlin believes in supporting his community and being chosen a Superlawyer is one way the public cab see his success.

Sergio Cortes Has Been Able To Impress Many With His Skills

Sergio Cortes Has Been Able To Impress Many With His Skills

When Sergio Cortes was just a child he began to have a great deal of respect for Michael Jackson. He liked the way that the man was moving and how confident he was in himself, and Sergio Cortes wanted to be like that. And years later he was able to become just like the man as he started to impersonate him. Sergio Cortes has put a ton of work into perfecting his skills and becoming someone who looks and acts just like the singer. He wants to pay the singer an honor by doing this, and many people have come to think of him as the best Michael Jackson impersonator because of how much work he’s put into doing things.
Sergio Cortes loved Michael Jackson since he was a child, and it has to feel great for him to be able to take on the legend’s life and become more like him every day. It has to feel great for him to be able to offer to people a bit of Michael Jackson even after the singer has passed. Sergio Cortes has done all that he could to become great at impersonating the singer, and many people have recognized him for that. They’ve come to respect him for what he has done.
There aren’t too many people in the world who would be able to take on the life of another and live it out as if it were their own, and the talent that Sergio Cortes has should not go unnoticed. He was able to capture the look and actions of Michael Jackson, and he has been able to impress many people through doing that. He should be respected by everyone who sees him because of just how hard he has worked to make himself into a great impersonator of the man.
Michael Jackson himself would be proud to know that Sergio Cortes was impersonating him if he were still alive to see him. Sergio Cortes has done a great job of taking on the life of the singer, and everyone who sees him will find themselves impressed by him.

Escape To London To A Rental

Escape to London to a rental

You have everything set for your big London vacation to the places that you are going to visit all the way down to the perfectly pick wardrobe and your passport. The only thing you have not decided on is where you are going to stay during your visit. If you are planning to remain in London for more than a few weeks, then it would be a wise decision to book a rental. London apartments are excellent because they tend to be cheaper than high-class hotels, but you would still receive a hotel experience.

When most people begin the process of booking a rental, they immediately begin a search on a search engine and click through various websites. Well, now you do not have to do that because there is a website that you will never have to go through a search engine to book your London trip. is the perfect site to find London rentals because the website has everything well organized and categorized. This website is great because they know all of the essential info about the rentals that they put on their site. They have all of the rentals that are rated the best in London, and all you have to do is choose one.

A rental that is a feature on this site is the Simply Sheek Apartment. Guest will be able to enjoy rooms that are both comfy and luxurious. The Simply Sheek apartment comes loaded with a fabulous pool and a full stay of the art gym. Guest can also enjoy the quick access to Bond Street, which have some of the greatest shopping malls, and the West End theater are nearby. Guest can also enjoy amenities such as Wifi, private parking, patio, and much more.

Another great rental that is listed on this site is the Bright and Modern Duplex. If you are the kind of person that enjoy a warm and welcoming place, then this is the rental for you. The greatest thing about this place is its location. There is a 5-25 minute walking distance to The Big Ben, Oxford Circuit for shopping, London Eye, Hyde Park, and Waterloo just to name a few. have many other great rentals just like these on their site. You are going to wish that you have foud this site sooner because it certainly make the booking process less stressful. When you are ready to make your escape to London. LondonEscape is the perfect site to make that happen.

Andy Wirth And The Clean Power Plan

Andy Wirth and the Clean Power Plan

Humanity is faced with a new era full of emerging economies and a lot of opportunity. Reno has made great strides in campaigning for clean energy. A publication in the Reno Gazette Journal reported that last week, the city council of Reno threw its support behind the Clean Power Plan. This is an initiative that will help our country turn away from the impure coal power and adopt renewable and clean energy. The council became one of the many private companies that voted for the Clean Power Plan.
The issue of clean energy in Reno is a political one. Reno has poor quality air, increased cases of forest fires and drought. The reality of Reno’s carbon foot print is partly to blame for these incidences. Despite having the best geothermal and solar energy in the region, we continue to burn coal as a source of electricity. The vote of confidence by the members of the City Council is also an opportunity to partner with international companies like Microsoft, Apple and Tesla. These companies are not only impressing upon us to adopt clean energy but are at the same time presenting new job opportunities in our region.
Andrew Wirth was born on 25th July 1963. Wirth is the CEO and president of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, a parent company of Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley ski resorts. Wirth is the grandson of the director of US National Park Service, Conrad Wirth. Wirth has been in the hotel and mountain resort industry for a period of 25 years. He started his career in 1986 at the Steamboat Springs Resort. Wirth has severed in a couple of leadership and marketing positions at the Steamboat Corporation. Wirth became Intrawest’s chief marketing officer and the vice president in 2007. Steamboat was taken by Intrawest in 2007. Wirth later left Intrawest to work as the CEO and president of Squaw Valley in 2010.
Wirth possesses a bachelor of science from the University of Colorado and also went to Edinburgh University which is based in Scotland. Wirth has acquired several professional and community service awards such as Steamboat Business leader of the and the community five awards.

James Dondero Has Done Great Things In His Career

James Dondero has been a great leader in his company. He serves as the president of Highland Capital Management, and he has helped to make the company a great success. He has used his many years of experience to help to guide him to do great things for it, and people have come to hold a great deal of respect for him because of all that he has done. He is a fair man who knows how to do things well in his career, and he is someone who many people have come to look up to for the kind of success that he has had in his career.
Not too many people get to the point in their career where they are able to help found a company, even if they have years of experience in their field, but James Dondero was able to do that. People can look to him and see all of the ways that he has done things differently, and then maybe they will be able to have that kind of success themselves. It is always great for people who are just getting a start in their career to have someone to look up to, and James Dondero of is a great man for them to be thinking of.
James Dondero knows how to deal well with the work that he does. He knows how to handle the company that he is president of better than most other people would be able to, and he has proven himself to be highly qualified for every job that he has done through the years. He is the kind of man who will take on a challenge easily. He’s the kind of man who will work hard until a job is completed just the way that he wants it to be, and that is part of the reason that he has been able to accomplish so many great things.
Being ambitious and wise are two things that can lead to a good career, and James Dondero has always been both of those things. He has always given his career his all, and every company that he has worked for through the years has benefited from that. The company that he currently serves as president at has been able to do great because of how well he is at managing it, and everyone should look up to James Dondero when they are trying to think of a man who has done great things in his career.

Dan Newlin: Representing clients with mind and heart.

How many personal injury clients can say their attorney saw their situation from a first person experience perspective. The clients represented by Dan Newlin and his law firm have been served by an attorney who has seen what accidents, negligence and personal injury cases bring to the victims. Dan began his career life as an EMT in New Chicago, Indiana. He saw first hand what serious damage injuries cause both physically and emotionally. He took this experience with him to his next stop,as a police officer. He relocated to Orange County, Florida and served as a Deputy Sheriff. While in this position he entered college and law school. With the real life experiences as EMT and law enforcement officer he took on the practice of working for accident and personal injury clients.

Insurance companies employ every means to keep settlements to a minimum, despite pain and suffering of victims. Dan uses his skill,s education and real life experience to counter claims that minimize the stress and trauma of victims. Dan seeks justice and compensation for his clients. Lost wages, loss of mobility and emotional trauma that persists long after the accident can rarely be fully replaced but a just settlement often begins a healing process.

Dan Newlin and Partners has assembled a team of experienced professionals and specialists who conduct investigation in depth to make sure their cases is won. They share the same dedication to clients that inspired Dan to enter law after his EMT and law enforcement experience. They have to date won over $200 million for clients. They are licensed to practice in Florida and Illinois.

As a law enforcement officer Dan realizes what an unjust arrest or accusation can do to someone’s career and personal life. Recently Dan Newlin and Partners began defending clients arrested or accused unjustly of criminal behavior. They apply the same diligence and persistence in these cases as they do in personal injury law and they win for their clients.