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The New Breed Of Actors

Sergio Cortes is one of many men of generation x taking the look and style of their childhood hero’s. For most Mr. Cortes is one of many men of generation x taking the look and style of their childhood hero’s. For most this task is beyond easy but to achieve fame in the process is a different task. Due to his recent reveal in the YouTube spotlight information on the new star is little but as most of his multi music genre counterparts are. So far this mans reputation has served him well with already building the needed income to perform tours across country. His personal info in short is born in Barcellona Spain with date of birth in July of 1971 but that info is only assumption. His style of recreating the king of pop artistic moves is spot on with him controlling the crowd with enough force to insure his fans return with more future seers of his work. With his ever growing media outlets it is safe to say that for the time being Cortes is here to stay. This only being true as long as he maintains his passion an dive to move himself to perfect his skills over the short term career. Will there be a day where Cortes is no longer popular of course. A internet star only last so long even with a stable foundation to thrive off of. But that time is far from the present an the odds of having this star become another burn out is not know at this time. Cortes appears to be in good health with no major stories of massive drug use or other scandals floating threw the web or media outlets. With a trim frame an pale skin he does match the king of pop in physical statues. Their is no info on family or relationships but he could just be well reserved about his personal life to avoid massive amounts of unwanted attention. He does not seem to be in poor mental condition with a stable career but this has been proven wrong before with past stars under severe pressure. To see this man make his bones without collapse would be seen with glee. I can only hope that this star sees a bright future without failure in too short of a time.

North Korean Defector Yeonmi Park Brings Hope and Inspiration

Yeonmi Park has lived through many incredible experiences in just 21 years. She was born in North Korea, a country that is shrouded in mystery and under the harsh dictatorship of Kim Jong Un, who inherited his leadership from his tyrannical father, Kim Jong Il. The people in this country have very little freedom or exposure to outside ideas. When Park was very young, her family had a position of prestige, but then her father was arrested for cooperating with the Chinese government, and she and her mother plotted their escape while he languished in a labor camp. They hoped to flee the country as soon as possible, then find a way to get Park’s father out.

When Park was 13, she and her mother made it to China. The connections they had made it possible for them to get across the border despite the vigilant guard standing ready to shoot anyone trying to enter. Once they arrived in China, however, their troubles were far from over. Shortly after arriving, a man tried to rape Park. She resisted, and in order to protect her, Park’s mother volunteered to be raped in her place. Both women became victims of the thriving human trafficking trade and were sold.

Their fortunes changed a little when a man offered to buy Park’s parents if she would be his mistress. Sadly, her father died shortly after his arrival in China. Park became more determined than ever to find true freedom, and she and her mother joined a tiny group that made the arduous journey across the Gobi Desert. When they reached the other side, it was the first step toward finally being allowed to live life on her own terms.

Today, Park is a human rights activist who works tirelessly to expose the evils of North Korea’s oppressive regime and to inspire those who are still there to work toward change. She is troubled by the fact that Western media focuses more on Kim Jong Un’s wacky behavior than on the cruelty he imposes upon his people. She noted that educational system includes a lot of brainwashing against people in other countries and that citizens have very few choices. The simplest decisions, from what to wear to what music to listen to, come with huge restrictions, and many North Koreans are completely unaware of how many options are available to those in other countries.

One of Park’s earliest inspirations was the movie “Titanic.” When she saw a black market copy of that blockbuster as a child, it demonstrated to her just how open the world truly could be. She wants the people she left behind to experience that kind of freedom, and she hopes that those living in liberty throughout the world will help to create a tidal wave of change. She encourages people to see North Koreans as fellow citizens of the world and take a stand in helping them to enjoy the same freedoms that so many people in other countries enjoy today.

Free Mobile Service, Is It True? Only FreedomPop Knows For Sure.

If you have been reading up on all the current news, you might have seen that Digital Trends recently reported on FreedomPop and how they started to alpha test free mobile service in the UK.What would you think of a company that offered free talk, free text and free data service on a global level? Most people would like the idea and maybe even be skeptical of any start up company who offered this service. The thing to remember is, that this service is being tested by a highly established company. FreedomPop is turning the mobile world inside out and upside down with their new announcement of the free alpha testing. Since FreedonPop partnered with the Dutch carrier KPN, they are at the perfect time to expand their share of the market into places like France, Spain, Germany and the UK.

According to the reports, they are planning a global launch on for later this year. The company is currently calling and emailing people who requested more information on the plan. They will use this alpha test to collect feedback and make adjustments before going global. Preparation for the official launch is a great use of the alpha testing plan. In America, FreedomPop is famous for the plan which comes with 200 minutes, 200 SMS messages and 200 mega bytes of data. Some of their other plans do require a monthly investment such as their Premium 1GB Service and their Premium 2GB Service. You can get current pricing by going to the article link below. That same report tells us that there is a small sign up fee for the alpha test shipping and there are other optional services like Premium Voice. The company is also allowing testers to pick their number from a selected number of available numbers.

FreedomPop’s Co-Founder Steven Sesar did announce that more and more international markets will follow once they work our the initial kinks. The company’ aim is to bring free and low cost cellular service to a world wide market. The good news for American tourists is that they will be able to use the plan that is linked with the country they are in. For example, if an American visits Germany and their is a plan there, the FreedomPop phone will allow the American to use the German mobile plan to place their calls and more.

John Textor – An American Business Leader

John Textor is currently the Executive Chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation, a creative driven, IP and digital production company, established for the specialized production of high-impact applications for computer-generated human likenesses for utilization in entertainment, education, life sciences, and telecommunication. Textor heads up big name digital productions in movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Transformers At World’s End.

In 1987, John Textor earned his Bachelor of Arts in economics from Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. In 1997 John Textor both co-founder and became the Managing Partner of Wyndcrest Holdings, a private equity firm which specializes in acquisitions and PIPEs. Wyndcrest Holdings is a Florida based company which focuses on the internet, telecommunications and entertainment. John Textor became director of The Parent Company as well as Baby-universe, an internet retailer of children’s products in 1999. In 2002, he became chairman and in 2005 he moved up to chief executive officer (CEO).

As an experienced executive, John Textor had also been the Chairman and CEO of Sims Snowboards. Textor was jointly responsible for corporate finances and strategic planning for Michael Swerdlow Companies and founding director of Lydian Trust Company/Virtual

In 2006, John Textor became CEO and the chairman of Digital Domain along with Digital Domain Media Group, its parent company. These two companies have completed countless visual effects for over 80 large scale feature films where 25 of them were under Textor’s direct leadership. Some of the films John Textor produced directly include Tron: Legacy, Transformers, Real Steel, and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. John Textor also led the company to achieving an Academy Award for the very first believable digitized human actor in the film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which in 2009, received the CLIO advertising awards and the Achievement in Visual Effects award. said that after his work was completed with Digital Domain, John Textor left and became the executive chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation. Under his leadership, John Textor has also produced several virtual versions of celebrities such as Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, and Tupac Shakur at the Coachella Valley Music Festival of 2012.

China Enacts a New Environmental Law

The Asian countries are known for prevalent environmental pollution. China, India and many other countries are known for the many industries that produce large scale products being sold globally. After the effects of pollution were felt in China and other countries, the country has finally managed to formulate environmental laws that would in future bring the environment degradation activities to a stop. The move has brought speculation in the world as analysts like Frans Schoeman see the move as China’s way of cleaning its name in the world pollution radar. Despite the fact that the law went through, the country still has a long way to go in effectively implementing the law. The laws face challenges in implementation even though there are efforts being made to make it felt by the citizens.

Conflict of Interest
The passing of the law was a good thing for China, but not all stakeholders were happy at the move. On the same note, the persons whose companies are the victims perpetrating the depletion of resources, will not support the move. In fact, they work to ensure that the implementation of the laws fails.
Being that the people who are supposed to implement the law have interests that would be hindered by the law, they frustrate the efforts to bring the law into life.

Challenges of the law
EPL ignores Citizen Rights
The EPL is discerned as one of the most rigorous in the history of environmental protection in China. It fails to acknowledge the basic right to a surrounding fit for life. Many countries including Russian have made provisions in their constitutions and acknowledged rights to environmental quality. Although the new law clearly grants citizens like Frans Schoeman the right to acquire environmental information and participate in environmental control, they are not allowed to bring lawsuits against the government. An efficient public environment conduct of a lawsuit is needed to provide a satisfying compensation to those affected.

Bureaucracy in Government Structures
Environment protection in China is mainly exercised by various bureaus formed. The government provides guides to these bureaus but don’t have a full control over them. Local governments, however, take the full grip of these bodies such that they do not even have the power to inflict extreme penalties to individuals violating the environment. The bureaus also are not in obligation and are less likely to be held responsible if they fail in their duties.

Amending the challenges facing the law
The government has made an effort to limit judicial interference by government officials who normally influence the judges and dictate to them on how to make a ruling on court cases including those affiliated to the EPL. The recent laws passed by Chinese legislators are aimed at imposing heavier fines on companies polluting the environment. The law has a clause that allows for detaining company bosses for fifteen days if they don’t complete environmental impact assessments.

Environment protection in China should be prioritized just like other important state mandates like economic growth and the one-child policy.

A Brief IntroDuction To The Legendary Career Of Baritone Brian Mulligan

Brian Mulligan is one of the top baritone opera singers in the entire world, and that’s why he is often Brian Mulligan is one of the top baritone opera singers in the entire world, and that’s why he is often referenced as Baritone Brian Mulligan. Brian is a well educated and classically trained man that was born in Endicott, New York. Brian’s educational background is nothing short of impressive. He had the honor, and he earned the right to attend both the Juilliard School and Yale University. Both of these schools are considered to be at the very top in terms prestige and educational training.

The Juilliard School is where pure performers like Baritone Brian Mulligan go to hone their crafts. Brian attended Juilliard which is located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. What makes Brian’s education there being a special point in his personal biography is that Juilliard is considered to be the best performing arts conservatory since its establishment in 1905. Brian Mulligan’s legacy that he’s worked so hard to forge had its beginnings in a performing arts conservatory that has a reputation that is so good that merely being accepted to the school makes a person like Brian a rare and quality performer. Brian met his primary and current voice instructor named W. Stephen Smith while attending the Juilliard School. The dynamic between the two is amazing considering such an accomplished opera singer still uses his same voice coach from school.

While Brian was still attending the Juilliard School he made his performance at the Metropolitan Opera. His performance piece was named Die Frau Ohne Schatten. His debut performance was in December of 2003 which means Brian’s career is still in its early stages despite being so decorated. After his performance at the Metropolitan Opera, Brian proceeded to perform some of the greatest pieces in opera at some of the most famous international opera houses. He made a debut at Yeletsky in Pique Dame at Opernhaus Zurich, a debut as Marcello in La Boheme at the Houston Grand Opera and Prometheus in Die Vogel at the Los Angeles Opera, and those performances are just a few of many.

Baritone Brian Mulligan is at the top of his game as an operatic singer, and he’s recognized the world over. He is perhaps loved most internationally in Ireland where he holds a duel citizenship there and with the United States. In Ireland, Brian Mulligan is more than a singer. He’s even been named as one of the elite Irish Americans in several publications.

The Ethos and Values of Lime Crime Cosmetics

Doe Deere is a girl that single-handedly masterminded the Lime Crime Cosmetics brand when she arrived to America from Russia in the late 2000’s as a student of fashion in New York City. As opposed taking the drab route with cosmetics that most of the popular companies have taken over the years, Doe Deere’s line of cosmetics focuses on the exotic, forbidden and feminine world that tends to be lost or used sparingly in women’s fashion and cosmetics. A common trend for girls with very fair skin to complement their skin tone with brighter tints of makeup, while pastel colors and neon-tinted colors tend to be lost in most makeup palettes, leaving a huge market opportunity for Lime Crime Cosmetics to take over and revolutionize the industry in the process. Lime Crime is a brand that complements girls with very fair skin in the best possible way.

Lime Crime Cosmetics has created a brilliant makeup empire since its initial inception in the late 2000. With an extensive collection of lip liners, nail polishes and loose pigment along with an assorted variety of eyeliners and lipsticks, she has created the single largest and most extensive line of feminine-inspired makeups and has created a legion of followers who rebel against society’s norms tend to gravitate towards the exquisite.

The reason that Doe Deere decided to name her cosmetics company Lime Crime is because it is often seen as taboo for very soft, cute girls to wear exuberant and exotic bright colors for makeup. In the spirit and ethos of true punk rock culture, Lime Crime Cosmetics is an industry favorite for women who have a very cute and soft look to them.

Lime Crime Cosmetics is a company that is inspired by mythology and fairytales. The same, exact fairytales that Lime Crime’s founder Doe Deere was exposed to as a child living in Eastern Europe. Her ability to combine the whimsical and magical with the quality and range of cosmetics that her adult consumers crave enable her to make every, single girl that their cosmetic company addresses look and feel and their ultimate best.

For most girls, makeup becomes a very drab and routine act that they are forced to partake in as adults on a daily basis. It is almost as if the roles of experimentation and beauty have been stripped away while looking as normal as possible tends to be a consistent theme for most wearers of cosmetics. Lime Crime Cosmetics takes a very different approach to most other makeup companies. Lime Crime Cosmetics tend to focus their collections on the idea that every, single element of a woman’s makeup collection should be exotic, exuberant, fine and radiant. Lime Crime Cosmetics has succeeded in adding new life to a particularly typically dull set of rules that the cosmetic industry mindlessly adheres towards.

Businesswomen in the Corporate World Today

I like the way that women are progressing in the world today. I think that Susan McGalla is someone that has championed the entire race of women that are doing things in the corporate world today. She has had that discipline from commencement day up until today when she has become the branding expert that she current is. I think that people will embrace her and become motivated by her because she has made a name for herself in the business industry.

As a profession that teaches marketing Susan McGalla is one of the biggest examples of success in the world for female executives. She didn’t go to a well known college, but she has been able to make it to the position of CEO twice. She had helped build brands, change consumer trends and make the world much better place for female executives. I believe that every female that rises to the top will eventually have an opportunity to open doors for someone else. That is why her reign with American Eagle was so monumental.

Businesswomen today still have a harder time than most men when it comes to getting into corporate positions, but there is a lot to be said for the progress that McGalla made. There are more positions for women to acquire because someone like Susan McGalla has proven herself. She has sparked a lot of conversation about the clothing industry and the way that females have a much better chance to targeting other females in the clothing industry. This can explain why she was able to transition from American Eagle to Wet Seal, a clothing store for women. I think that she had the ability to market better to a female crowd because she had the insight to do this. She is a woman that knows about things that women will like. This is natural instinct, but that is not the only thing that Susan McGalla has done.

Over time she has proven that her background is diverse. She wasn’t confined to just managing a company where female garments were found. Right now she is the Director of Strategic Planning for an NFL team. This is a long way from clothing for women, but it shows one thing. It proves that she is a marketing expert. She has the ability to move beyond the gender and simply focus on marketing.

I have seen people in the corporate world that have come up in the world and lose their ground. The thing that I have admired about Susan McGalla is that fact that she is a fighter. In all my years of teaching I have never seen someone that is so incredibly passionate about marketing. This has made me a stronger teacher. It has given me the ability to inform other women about what can do in the workplace. I teach both men and women, but I feel a special need to let both sexes know that Susan McGalla is one that has improved workplace equality.

Marc Sparks: More Business Than Usual

Big things come from Texas and big dreams as well. The story of Marc Sparks is the epitome of bare-bones success, attributing his achievements to a strong faith in God and a positive attitude during the toughest of times. The closest to a college degree Sparks ever received was a high school diploma from his native Austin in 1975, but he immediately thrust himself into the business world by creating various startup businesses.

Sparks is indeed a self-made man through his successful endeavors in real estate, capital investments, and telecommunications, but he is no stranger to failure, keeping him humble. To his credit, Sparks has either purchased, sold, or maintained ownership in the following companies:

Timber Creek Capital (2000-Present) – Private equity firm that provides entrepreneurial assistance with services to include: capital, office space, equipment, legal and accounting, graphic art and web development, customer service knowledge, banking, sales and marketing
GlobalTec Solutions (2001-2005) – Provider of decision and analysis products
Splash Media (2004-Present) – One of the largest media marketing services in the world specializing in video production, SEO, SEM, and programming services
Reliant Healthcare (2006-2011) – Physician-sponsored healthcare management company with additional focus on inpatient rehabilitation and healthcare operations
Agency Matrix (2007-2011) – Provider of business office solutions through automation and user-friendly tools
Cobalt Real Estate Services (2009-Present) – Commercial and multi-family residential property sales and management in the state of Texas
Blue Jay Wireless (2012-Present) – A prepaid telecommunications provider for consumers with little or no income and have credit problems
Boxstar LLC (2014) – Advertising on shipping labels
Cardinal Telecom LLC (2014-Present) – National cellphone distributor
Bonn Oir (new in 2015) – A handcrafted vodka manufacturer
Uncle Marc Food Delivery (new in 2015) – Food delivery service for area restaurants

Sparks’ relentless enthusiasm and boundless energy have earned him many accolades in business, but his philanthropy is well-known in charitable circles. Over the years, he has dedicated time and money to The Samaritan Inn (a homeless shelter in Texas), Habitat for Humanity, The American Can! Academy (a network of magnet schools), and has established the Sparky’s Kids foundation to assist underprivileged youth.

Sparks mentoring program to budding entrepreneurs supplies valuable leaderships skills and tools for success. Some of his many business tips include:

Have faith and pride in your product or service.
Keep things simple and to the point.
Have a business strategy in mind at all times.
Offer something unique to the public in order to stand out from competitors.

In the fall of 2014, Sparks published his business how-to book, They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path to Outrageous Success. He also tells his story of how he was a ‘C’ average high school student who became a serial entrepreneur on a shoestring budget and little resources. The book is available in hardback, paperback, and digital form online and at major retailers worldwide.

Sparks has a work ethic that is unprecedented and his character is infectious to those around him, His never-say-die attitude and unlimited urge to give to others is guaranteed to keep his ventures thriving in the years to come.

FreedomPop Shifts Mobile Focus to Freemium Model

The world of wireless mobile technology has been changing year after year. It wasn’t so long ago that being able to even go on the internet with your phone seemed revolutionary. Now phones fit in our palms, wireless technology is everywhere, and customers want more than ever for their money. With telecom giants working rapidly to get their corner of the market established, we’ve seen the telecom market become more and more opening to upstarts and new ideas. FreedomPop, a tech start up out of L.A., is now quickly rising to the front of the mobile world thanks to their unique blend of features and affordability. These positives made them a hot topic in the M&A world for much of 2014, however CEO Stephen Stokols finally put all of the rumors to rest.

According to reports the team at FreedomPop saw advanced interest from several of the top telecom companies out there. Stokols told reporters that they received a $250 million offer but that they decided it would be ‘premature to sell’ at this point. What this shows is that the company fully believes in their product and they know that there is major profit somewhere around the corner. This faith in their product should tell you everything you need to know about the once tiny start up. However, you should know where this faith comes from. Let’s take a look at what makes FreedomPop so intensely interesting.

What FreedomPop does is offer a product to their customers that is fundamentally free. Subscribers to the service get a certain amount of mobile talk, data, and text all for free. Anything past those initial services are subject to charges. Customers can also pay for expanded plans, optional insurance for their phone, and some other bonuses that’ll make their mobile phone the product that they need. FreedomPop is able to offer these free services thanks to the deal they made to acquire mobile data at wholesale rates. The savings are then passed on to their customers.

With the M&A talks completely out of the picture the team at FreedomPop was able to push forward and focus on raising more investment money. Partech Ventures brought in an additional $30 million to the company in order to help with growth going forward. The investments will service as the primary financial means for the FreedomPop global expansion.

Right now FreedomPop is coming up on one million subscribers and the talk in town is focused on their expansion to Asia and the United Kingdom. A soft launch into the UK has already occurred with a launch in Southeast Asia planned for sometime within the next six months or so. These expansions will cause explosive growth for FreedomPop.