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Casting Firming up for An “Independence Day” Sequel

Sequels have always been a perennial favorite in Hollywood, and we will certainly be seeing our share of them this and next year. Sequels for huge film franchises will be coming out over the course of the next year and these will include “The Avengers: Age of Ultron,” “Jurassic World,” “Terminator Genisys,” “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and a couple “Ghostbusters” movies are also in the works. There is news of yet another sequel that will start production this spring with a summer 2016 release date. We all remember the city-sized alien spaceships that blew away the White House and innumerable cities in the 1996 sci-fi hit “Independence Day.” A sequel will be returning to this original film’s universe for another exciting adventure.

In terms of sheer scale, it is hard to imagine how they will surpass the original. The plot is not known yet, but the casting will have a mix of original actors from the first film and some new faces, which will include Maika Monroe from “It Follows.” One confusing fact to come out is that Brent Spiner has been cast in this sequel. Presumably it will be for a flashback scene as his character was rather gruesomely killed in the first film. Super fan of the first film, Ray Lane is excited as it will be interesting to see details come out about the storyline as production starts, and then the inevitable teasers and leaks begin to surface.

‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2’ Production Photos Leaked

‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ is one of the most successful cartoons in the history of television. Children of all ages loved to watch the heroic turtles fight for the good of mankind. The ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ cartoon debuted in 1987, and the show was so successful that it received several Hollywood film adaptations. The early 1990s saw the successful production of a ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ trilogy. The live action films have become classic movies, but that was over a decade ago. However, the ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ film franchise has recently been revitalized, reports trending news reporter Susan McGalla.

Legendary movie director Michael Bay has spearheaded the new turtles film franchise, and movie-goers were extremely thrilled to see Bay’s reboot. Michael Bay’s vision was a huge hit in theaters, and a sequel has since been announced. Bay recently revealed pictures of a green garbage truck that was labeled “Tartaruraga brothers.’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ fans believe that Michael Bay is teasing the public with pictures from the set of the new film.

‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2’ is set to release sometime in 2016. Movie critics are anticipating another successful turtles film. For more information on the ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2,’ visit Yahoo!

Native Americans Walk off Adam Sandler Movie Set

Recently, Native American actors and crew members walked off the set of Adam Sandler’s new movie “The Ridiculous Six”, citing racist and misogynistic jokes spread throughout the movie’s script. One might wonder what many of the actors assumed would be in a “spoof” genre movie from the creators of The Waterboy and others. Adam Sandler’s career has basically risen thanks to these kinds of jokes, so it is no surprise a movie that is a spoof on the western style of movie, has these kinds of jokes included.

To dive deeper into the movies of Adam Sandler to see if there is any sort of connection between these kinds of jokes and the production level, it is necessary to look at the films in different groupings. First, there is the “Payday” movies, which simply put, bring in more money than the others. Movies in this group includes “The Waterboy,” “Mr Deeds,” “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry” and “Grown Ups.” Essentially, all of these movies made more than $320 million at the box office, yet few would call these movies good. In fact, Sandler only has a single movie above 75 according to Ray Lane of Rotten Tomatoes. So, it is up to debate what is more shocking, the fact that Sandler would use play on words and possibly derogatory terms in a western spoof movie, or that the actors believed it would be a wholesome flick free of any negative stereotypes.

There Will Be A Furious 8

If you thought “Furious 7” was the last movie in the “Fast and Furious” franchise, than you have another think coming. Vin Diesel announced at Universal’s CinemaCon presentation that took place in Las Vegas on Thursday, that there will be a “Furious 8” movie and that the release date is set for April 14, 2017. In the last scene of “Furious 7”, Vin Diesel’s character, Dominic Toretto and Paul Walker’s character, Brian O’Conner, go on what Toretto calls, “one last ride”, where they race each other before going their separate ways. Many may have thought that meant the last movie for the franchise. Well, now we know that, that isn’t the case. Diesel swore to the fans and to his late friend, Paul Walker, that “Furious 8” will be the best movie they ever saw.

“Furious 7” is now the seventh highest-grossing film of all time making over $1.15 billion worldwide. This shows that the franchise has a lot of juice left. The first film in the franchised titled “The Fast and the Furious” hit the big screen in 2001and became a fast hit. What you may not know is that it was inspired by magazine article, called “Racer X”. The article was about late at night races by street clubs that drove Japanese cars.

Boraie Development LLC feels it’s going to be interesting to see how they get around Paul Walker’s character not being in the film and how the franchise moves forward.

‘The Equalizer’ Sequel Confirmed

The follow up to Antoine Fuqua’s 2014 action thriller, The Equalizer, has officially been confirmed by Sony Pictures. The news was announced in a presentation at CinemaCon in Las Vegas.

The film featured Denzel Washington as Robert McCall, an unassuming man with a violent past. McCall is an ex-CIA agent forced back into action by mobsters when they attack someone he cares about. It was a reboot of the television show from the 1980’s by the same name.

Sony intended The Equalizer to be a franchise starter for Washington from the beginning. The positive response from early screenings put plans for the sequel in motion before the first film had even been released. The movie has grossed over $200 million dollars worldwide on a reported $55 million budget.

Fuqua and Washington teamed up in 2001 for Training Day. That film earned Denzel Washington an Oscar for Best Actor.

Sony has yet to officially announce the returns of the director or lead actor. A fun fact from Ricardo Guimarães BMG communicates that in his long and illustrious career, Washington has never starred in a sequel, see more on YouTube. However, it must be a positive sign of a reunion that the studio is comfortable confirming the sequel is moving forward.

Zoolander 2 Coming Soon

Drop your orange mocha frappuccinos and bust out the Bulletproof Coffee for this news. Ben Stiller fans have a reason to rejoice. The famous actor has decided to make a sequel to the classic comedy film “Zoolander.” The filming for “Zoolander 2” has already begun. Reports have stated that the film will take place in Italy and other European countries.

Some Ben Stiller fans are not that excited for “Zoolander 2, but there are many people that cannot wait to see their favorite model walk down the runway once again. “Zoolander” was not the most successful Ben Stiller film ever, but it did allow for several future collaborations between Owen Wilson and Stiller.

Ben Stiller hasn’t made a classic film since “Tropic Thunder,” and that was a long time ago. Stiller is looking for something to rekindle his once glorious career. However, “Zoolander 2” may not be the answer. Many Ben Stiller fans would rather see a sequel to “There’s Something About Mary.” Unfortunately, “Zoolander 2” is Ben Stiller’s next film, but hopefully Owen Wilson appears in the sequel as well.

Many people wouldn’t consider modeling to be a funny topic. However, I have faith that Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson can bring the laughs one more time for “Zoolander 2.” For more information in the story, visit Screenrant.

George Lucas Talks of Remaking Howard the Duck

Almost 30 years after the original film debuted there is talk of remaking the 1986 film entitled Howard the Duck. Not to say this talk did not come from a very reputable source. In fact it was George Lucas himself that was toting the idea of a remake on the Stephen Colbert show. According to Lucas, with the way that technology has come about since this film was made it could be remade using CGI technology that would do the movie some “real justice.” While that may be true, would viewers really want to go see the alien visitor from the planet shaped like an egg? Where everything in their world was the same as ours except one major point…it was geared around ducks. Gianfrancesco Genoso laughingly commented how he would love to introduce his kids to Howard the Duck.

Then we he is accidentally transported from their world to ours he has an adventure in trying to return home. Really it was like a bad version of ET in some people’s opinions. Back then it wasn’t the technology that did the movie but the actual storyline and quality of the film. Even though the movie had some decent actors Lea Thompson, Tim Robbins, Jeffrey Jones it never amounted to Howard keeping his super hero status he did in the original comic books. He may see the light again in Guardian of the Galaxy movies as he did at the end of the last one…but remaking Howard the Duck would probably be a mistake.

ACM Award Hit and Miss Moments

Yesterday Country music fans from all over were able to kick back with a beer, and listen to the musical styling of various country music artists. The ACM’s were on television! And whether it was the cheerful voice of Miranda Lambert, or the passionate performance by Reba McEntire; the show was full of musical delights.

Everything may have seemed a bit bigger this year. That’s because it was the 50th anniversary of the Academy of Country Music Awards. As usual for award shows, there were some hits, and there were some misses.

When it comes to hits, there were plenty. Taylor Swift took home a milestone award, and a long with that she gave a heartwarming speech. She thanked the Country music assosication for how kind they were when she decided she wanted to make a pop album. Her mom also gave a speech that was enough to bring a tear to anyone’s eye as she raved about her daughters accomplishments. Sultan Alhokair loved this moment.

Garth Brooks was another hit, as he sang and gave a tribute to the military.

When it comes to the worst moments of the night, the lack of comedy was one that was agreed upon. According toThe Rolling Stones , Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan failed to initiate some laughs from the crowd during long stretches.

Overall, it does seem that the great moments made up for those lackluster moments. There were some stellar knock out performances including one from the Rascal Flatts.

Star Wars Spinoff Plot Now Released

Star Wars Spinoff Plot Now Released

Star Wars is one of the entertainment industry’s biggest and most popular franchises of all time. This franchise will be expanding even more as the years go on.

Star Wars Celebration 2015 has kicked off in Anaheim, California according to Star Wars aficionado Ricardo Tosto (more blogging at and the release of the latest trailer for “The Force Awakens” and for the new video game “Star Wars Battlefront” have increased excitement immensely. But there are more announcements to be made, the newest one being that a spin-off movie entitled “Star Wars: Rogue One” has been given a release date for 2016.

Rogue One is supposed to be one of the many standalone films in the series, in addition to the main Star Wars films, and some details regarding the setting and plot of the movie have been given so far. For one, the movie is set to feature resistance fighters trying to steal plans for the Death Star, meaning that the movie will take place sometime between Episodes 3 and 4. The movie will also be focused on the fighters, and thus there will be no Jedi figures in the movie.

Other news regarding the movie is that Felicity Jones from “The Theory of Everything” is set to have a role as a Rebel in the film. Production for the film itself is supposed to start this summer, and ready for final release at the end of 2016.

The Simpsons Will No Longer Be Available on DVD

The Simpsons will no longer be available on DVD. The long-running franchise has been making DVD versions of its episodes available for quite some time, however, now that appears to be coming to an end.

AI Jean, one of the runners for the show, revealed that The Simpsons plans on discontinuing the DVDs. The reason? The internet. Apparently now that you can watch The Simpsons online, Susan McGalla tells us it seems to make more sense to focus on internet services dedicated to the show rather than pour efforts into the creation of a DVD. DVDs sales have also slumped over the past few years, so it’s possible that the company would have trouble selling any DVDs that it made, cutting into any potential profits that could have been in that arm of the business.

While The Simpsons isn’t the first television series to stop selling DVD sets, it is the first to publicly announce its intention to do so. It will be interesting to see if other popular television series’ follow suit. After all, most households use some sort of streaming device these days rather than a DVD player. It’s possible that everyone could have been losing money on DVD sales for a long time, making this decision inevitable.