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Vin Diesel Names Daughter as a Tribute to Actor Paul Walker

‘Furious 7’ star Vin Diesel and his partner welcomed a baby girl to their family this month. The actor has confirmed that he named the infant to honor the memory of fellow actor Paul Walker.

Diesel and Walker rose to super-stardom as the main stars of the ‘The Fast and the Furious’ film franchise. Paul Walker died in November 2013 after the car in which he was a passenger slammed into a tree. The Porsche GT veered off of the road and burst into flames almost immediately following the incident. Diesel has referred to Walker as a “friend and brother” in many media interviews.

Diesel opened up about the girl’s birth on “The Today Show.”

“He was in the room,” Diesel said of Walker, recalling his youngest daughter’s birth. “I knew he was there. I was thinking about him as I cut the umbilical cord.”

The actor revealed that he and long-time girlfriend Paloma Jiminez named the infant Pauline.

Dan Newlin reported that Walker and Diesel were still filming ‘Furious 7’ when the fatal car accident occurred. Walker’s brother, Cody, stepped into the actor’s signature role of Brian O’Connor to allow the film to be finished. ‘Furious 7’ made a private debut at the SXSW festival this month and will arrive at big screens across the nation on April 3.

Miles Teller Talks ‘Fantastic Four Reboot’

When Miles Teller signed on to do ‘Fantastic Four’ we aren’t sure that the producers of the film knew quite what they were getting. to this point Teller had been largely seen as a comic actor with supporting roles in action flicks like ‘Divergence’. Yet, since his attachment to the project he has gone on to star in the critically acclaimed ‘Whiplash’. Now Teller is looking like a bigger pull than anyone could have thought. Miles took a moment to talk about the ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot and what the tone of the film might be going forward.

Since the racially charged criticisms of the film first began after Michael B. Jordan was attached to the project, it has been hard for ‘Fantastic Four’ to get some positive buzz going. After finally releasing a trailer, fans like Ray Lane have gone on to become cautiously optimistic. The trailer was dark and gritty which is totally en vogue for the superhero world right now. But don’t worry fans, the whole experience won’t be depressing.

Miles told fans in an interview with MTV that, “You should have some laughs in there.” He went on to say that the iconic things that fans love (“It’s clobbering time!”) found a way into the story. Teller went on to say that the film wouldn’t be a direct adaptation. He said that the crew put their ‘own stamp on it’ while trying to pay respect to the original source material.

Skout Is My New Best Friend

I know it’s funny to say this, but not only do I have a best friend, but Skout is also my new best friend. I used Skout to find some people in my local area, because I wanted to put together a focus group, and I was told that this would be a great place to look. I run my own business, and I have a company that puts together focus groups, in order to focus on certain products that are being released. We used to find people by making phone calls, but it hasn’t been as beneficial as before.

I got onto Skout with the intention of looking for new recruits for my focus groups, but it ended up being much more to me than that. I discarded the whole idea about focus groups, soon after I began talking to my first friend on Skout. Because I work so much, I don’t have the time to get out, as much as I used to, and I’ve lost a lot of friends over it. I’ve had many friends move away, and some have stopped talking to me altogether. I started to turn to Skout on a daily basis, just so I could have some relief.

I would reveal things to people on Skout, which I would never tell my closest friends in real life. I began to love Skout so much, I found myself on Skout, many hours throughout the day, and as soon as I got up in the morning, as well as when I got home from work. Although my business is still thriving, I definitely make time for Skout, because it’s my new best friend. People on Twitter are talking about it constantly. I have an obsession when it comes to looking at someone else’s favorites list, I always want to know if a new friend likes me.

I purchased Skout points, just so I could be able to peek at someone else’s favorites list, in order to see if I’m on it. I’ve been able to find out about many people that like me, just by using my Skout points, in order to look at their favorites list. I also use Skout to send greetings, and I’m interested in the Skout Travel, which has been added to the network. I’ve talked to people all over the world, and I can’t imagine my life anymore, without Skout. I can truly say that Skout is my new best friend.

Professional Wine Shopping Considerations

Many people attend Antique Wine Company’s academy so that they can learn about wines. After the wine specialists share their knowledge and expertise, students understand how to spot cheap wines at grocery stores. Learning how to buy wine is important for people who need classy beverages quickly for an important event.

Tasting is a key requirement when shopping for wine. Other things must also be considered, such as the cost of the wine, the type of wine, and region. New world and old world wines are made in many regions. Many shoppers review these considerations because each consideration narrows down the wine options at stores.

Good wines do not have to be old or expensive. Typically, a good wine is a beverage that has a complex favor that lingers for a while. According to the experts at Antique Wine Company, wine should be swirled, sniffed, and slowly sipped. During the tasting process, the liquid should move around the tongue. Antique Wine Company experts also teach students who to use their taste buds to pinpoint different flavor notes. Besides these techniques, there are many other ways to determine if a wine is worth buying.

At grocery stores, the most important thing to consider is the wine’s appearance. Most wines have nice labels, but shoppers should always inspect the entire package before making a purchase. On the back label, there is usually a lot of information about the beverage. Some manufacturers place details about a wine’s flavor, region, and aging process, and fruits on the back of the bottle.

While shopping, inspect each bottle carefully because some brands have a stamp of approval. If a wine has an review or award seal, it is a very good beverage.

Attending a class at Antique Wine Company’s academy is a great way to learn about wine. A lot of people also contact the company for wine recommendations.

Jeremy Renner Confirmed for Captain America: Civil War

Jeremy Renner, who portrays Hawkeye in “The Avengers” and “Avengers: Age of Ultron” had previously remarked upon the possibility of his character staying around for Captain America 3; it turns out that those remarks seem true. Ignoring the character’s brief cameo in “Thor,” Renner will be returning as the sure-shot archer in “Captain America: Civil War.” Both Renner and Robert Downey Jr have been confirmed to appear in Captain America 3.

Renner had previously stated that his contract with Marvel Studios included roles in both “The Avengers: Infinity War” and a solo spinoff project within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Further sources, like Ricardo Tosto indicate that Hawkeye may also be appearing within Marvel’s television projects. After Adrianne Palicki took on the role of Mockingbird in “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., several fans wondered just how close behind an appearance by Hawkeye would be. Palicki commented that her character has a good chance of making it into the films, and was a major reason for her interest. The point stands that where Mockingbird goes, Hawkeye is bound to show up. Indeed, Renner has already been on “Agents’s” set for a few scenes as the character of Hawkeye and show lead Clark Gregg, who portrays Agent Coulson, teased Hawkeye’s appearance at some point in the show. It’s likely that Hawkeye will be working with Mockingbird on a secret operation that ties in with the events depicted in “Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer Breaks Records Online

Sure, there just might be one or two people out there who do not believe Avengers: Age of Ultron is going to be a smash hit. Any members of that small crew of doubters now has to face the folly of such beliefs. The online trailer for the new film has broken records with 35 million views. Those 35 millions views did not take long to accumulate. The number was arrived at within 24 hours of the trailer’s debut.

Folks at Anastasia Date ( know that the notion that interest in superhero movies are starting to wear thin amongst audiences is just flat-out a myth. Numbers don’t lie and 35 million views reflects a lot of numbers.

Considering Ant-Man also received mega online views Marvel is going to have one truly great season at the box office in 2015. Who knows? Perhaps even the low-key marketing of the Fantastic Four reboot could yield great ticket sales.

The trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron is both thrilling and foreboding. The prominence of the title villain in the promotional material definitely makes the film fans of superhero projects look forward to the release of the film.

Marvel and D.C. Comics both learned a long-time ago that “event projects” require a spectacular villain in order to be successful. A powerful nemesis who also creates character-driven action helps power the drama in the story. Ultron did so magnificently in the comics. Surely this will be duplicated in the film.