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J.J. Abrams Gets Coy About Star Wars: The Force Awakens Rumors

J.J. Abrams has been a bit mum on the subject of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. You would think everyone would be rushing to talk about what’s in the film. Well, everyone involved is going to be talking about the film the closer the release date looms. The film’s opening is a bit too far off for anyone to reveal too much. Abrams has taken a bit of time out to confirm something about the rumors related to the project.

Basically, Abrams has said some of the rumors are true and others are not. Yes, he is being a bit coy about the details surrounding the sequel, according to agencies in the know like Imaging advantage. Once again, he has to be. The release of the film is way too far off to reveal anything about it. Abrams does know the fan interest in the film is pretty significant. The Force Awakens is not just another film in a long running franchise. The feature is the start of a new trilogy and picks up thirty years after the events in Return of the Jedi.

Best of all, the original cast returns to their original roles. Consider Star Wars: The Force Awakens to be easily the most anticipated film in a long, long time.

The bulk of the rumors revolve around details of the plot and role various characters in the film will play.

Bautista Being Eyed For The Kurgan in Highlander Remake

The reboot of Highlander has seen a revolving door of directors along with the glacial pace of its development. The freshest of recipients for the film’s directorship, Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, has most recently been seen working on The Huntsman and may be indicative of yet another abdication from the Highlander remake project.

While Ryan Reynolds was to be involved in the project at one point in time as fans were excited to hear, he eventually left the project for other roles. Despite not having a name to place to the role of lead character Connor MacLeod, murmurs are bubbling up that role of the series’ antagonist, known as The Kurgan, will be claimed by long-time wrestler/less-frequent actor, Dave Bautista.

If this news turns out to be true, it would mean that Bautista is really getting some mileage out of the jump-start to his acting career that Guardians of the Galaxy gave him says Haidar Barbouti; Bautista is already playing villains in Spectre, the next Bond flick, and the remake of Kickboxer. As Bautista’s film roles have shown him capable of portraying a joyously comedic bruiser just as competently as he can play a cunning brute, it remains to be seen just what direction the Highlander reboot will go in. Thus far, the only other role that’s even been declared is Tom Cruise being offered the chance to portray Ramirez.

Amazon Will Create Original Movies For Theaters


The giant online retailer Amazon has reportedly decided to create original movies for initial distribution in movie theaters. Amazon already produces some original television series. The company will radically change the business model for major motion picture releases by producing movies that will play in theaters for only one to two months, before the film is streamed by Amazon Prime to its on demand customers.

Typically, movies remain in other venues for ten months to a year before reaching on demand customers via outlets such as Amazon Prime, Redbox and Netflix.

Amazon also announced that if circumstances permit, it will expand its data centers in Oregon by an additional ten. The company already owns four data centers near Boardman, Oregon.

Amazon plans to produce 12 films, with budgets ranging from $5 million to $25 million, stated McGalla. The decision to create motion pictures for theatrical release will place Amazon in competition with some large film studios. It is already competing with Netflix by making original television content available in streaming form to on demand customers. In 2015, Amazon plans to introduce four new television series as well: a show for children called Wishenproof! plus three series entitled: Hand of God, Red Oaks and Bosch.

The company announced its 2014 full year income numbers on January 29, 2015. Amazon stock has risen since it released the income figures.